AL Chapter 5 – Page 38

Luz gives to Luna her few last words and love before the inevitable departure…

So first things first, I believe 2 pages each month will be the standard from now on. That means 1 page every 2 weeks. I know I sad 3 before but I was trying to cover more ground when actually my deadline (for the book publishing in my country) was a tad further down the line that I initially thought. In any case this way I can bring more quality pages instead of rushed ones. As always, I do work on many art projects besides AL, so I hope you also understand. This also helps me to not now burn out in the way. You don’t want more hiatuses, neither I do >_>

Well, in other projects. I’ve also pushed “Fang’s Journey” coming to the Store as a Digital book for next month. Looking back it didn’t make sense for me to push so many sales together after “Beta Collie”.

So, again, a reminder for my Country fellow people (from Chile) I’ll be publishing BOOK 3 this coming year, for the Comicon of Santiago next year! Stay tuned!

And as always keep howling!


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AL Chapter 5 – Page 37

Hey there wolves!

So Luna is again with her mother, this team having this new “hybrid” appearance that I call “anthro” form in the comic. Since last page . I didn’t mention but this is actually the first time she is looking like this. It’s something I’ve always depicted in covers and just pin-ups of Luna, but never in an actual comic page :p – Welp, it took some time. Eh?

What matter now is that Luna finally understand what she is and she is totally ok with that. Feeling the uneasiness of her own persona fade away is a great feeling , “this is who I am and this is what I can do” , for a character who didn’t have memories of her own childhood is an important thing. It’s a feeling that mirrors a bit what I, as the author can relate to. Is funny to think that for many years I questioned my sanity on my own art and thinking to just give up and with that throwing away the identity of who I am as a person. It’s really difficult to reach adulthood and beyond and still don’t feel like you’ve achieved the things you thought you’d had by now, and it’s difficult to say “I’m ok with who I am” when so many people will tell you to be someone else.I think is a good thing to keep your head up and keep moving forward with passion and confidence. Aaand… Welp, anyway… sorry for the derail.

Ok, I’m gonna be honest. I’ve had to move and move the update on the Alpha Luna Chronicles that will be up on the Store very soon. “Luna’s Strength” will be available first, let’s hope tomorrow. If not Monday.  The other : “Fang’s Journey” should be available through mid or late October. I’ve decided to make a better cover for that one, thus why I moved it for later.

In term of PAGE UPDATES: Here is the thing. There WILL BE 3 new pages EACH MONTH. Always Patreon receiving the page first and a week later here. And for now Saturdays seems to be the perfect day for

SO: October 13, 20 and 27 (pages 38, 39 and 40) > Public Release Dates

I’ll always be taking the first week of each month off.

That’s all for now! I’ll be making a new post in any case with the release of each Alpha Chronicles on the store. Until then!

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Page 35

The Site is back and with that I want to thanks to all the people who cared about me and my well being. Big thanks to Takyoji who managed to bring back the site from the dead, without his help this would’ve not been possible. That said the site may not be working 100% and some areas may not be working as intended because we moved from one system to another comic format, this time with wordpress.
Due all this the art here and there may not be up to standards and the mobile version may need some rework, but what is important is that the site and Alpha Luna is alive again! 🙂

In other news Patreon is on hold until I resume my work here again, so don’t despair, I’ve been arting for some time since I’ve been away and AL has been neglected, I know. But soon enough “Beta Collie” will be available for purchases as I promised last year, after that I’ll be resuming works with AL.

So have some patience and we’ll be back rolling and howling again. Thanks to you all and any positive input will be welcome. Thanks wolves 🙂


Page 34

Hey there.
First and foremost I want to address directly to @bigbadwolfgirl57 comment on my previous page. And it’s about my last hiatus from back in December until April this year.

Well, the thing is I didn’t quite make any big explanation of what happened during that period when I came back because I mostly thought ,most of you were aware I was in a difficult time.

Yes, I was mostly busy from December to the end of Febraury because I took care of my two cats: Shiro and Koshi due very bad circumstances with both of them.

To facilitate the understanding of what was like, I’m gonna share this album with you guys, there are videos and photos during different times of those months:

Shiro was hit by a car and crushed his hip in pieces, by miracle he survived and maybe, just maybe it would have been easier for us and him to just end his suffering. But he showed me so much love and courage that I just decided to take all chances and try to save him, his spine marrow was fine despite all so there was a chance for full recovery.

The process was not easy because the injury caused an infection that wasn’t properly treated by the first vet, so I had to travel to Santiago (2 hours from where i live)for better medical treatment.

It was a 4 hour travel to check on him almost every day waiting for his recovery, pay the bills and expect the soon surgery when the infection could be removed, firm papers, talk with the doctors, the usual. Once the surgery was done I only had to care for his post recovery, but at same time something happened.

Like some kind of stupid joke, my other cat was sneezing too much so I took it to another vet who accidentally pinched his sciatic nerve from his back leg ….which paralyzed his leg. It was like a cold bucket in my head. So I had to take both of my cats to Kinesiology recovery that you can find on some videos at that gallery.

Yeah, it was a very rough time. Also, from December to February we have Summer and Santiago is know to have one the hottest times during that season. Not the best time for me to just sit and draw, when you’re sweating just by breathing, seriously.

After the recovery during March I only had to take care for the meds and I was really Really glad to see both of my cats have an amazing recovery, specially Koshi who’s back leg was completely healed. Shiro in the other hand walks and run comfortably, but gets easily tired and has some pain issues so he sits in awkward positions and ended up getting a weird breathing congestion that now is part of him. Despite this, he works mostly as a normal cat and I’m glad I did what I did.

I also have to address and say thanks again to all the people who helped me when paying the bills, it wasn’t an easy task. The surgery and med costs were around $2500 so I was afraid was taking a big with no return risk.
So thank you , all of you : Andy Lewis , Cynfall, Berry White, Aegis, Violet, Darius, Ziten Xu and many other that I’m probably forgetting.

Besides all that during March I could finally settle down and start to think on what to do in the coming future and have a time to enjoy with my family because my cousins from Brazil and Switzerland were around.

Sadly on April 9, just when I was drawing to resume my work my only grandmother passed away. It was a very hard time, because she was always the bond that kept our family together. It was a painful time specially for my mother, so I decided to move back and support my family for the time being. Losing someone in an unexpected manner is pain difficult to endure.

Yes , the first thing you saw here was on May, but that is because most of my work started a month before and that page was posted before for Patreons as I usually do. Alpha Luna is just a piece of the cake I work each month and if you hop into to any of my streams you’ll see how active I am. I dont post the url stream here, ’cause AL is a pg13 comic and on the stream I may be doing drawing most of the time that are not AL related.

I wish I could say AL is the main thing I do, but that is not the case and have to live out of commission works and more. But I’m just glad that despite the slow burn that it is, there are still people here who like it enough for me to continue drawing it.

Beta Collie will be posted soon next month and also other Chronicles comics will also be available in the future as they are now being posted at Patreon.

Again, thanks to those who support me.


Page 33

Welp, time flies and I couldn’t work on the third page the same month of May. While this second page was posted in fact also in May I forgot to mention that it’d be up first at Patreon. So forgive me if you only saw one page last month.

I’ve had a lot on my plate and to be honest you’ll probably only see one more page after this one this month of June, one of the reasons is because I’m working to finish “Beta Collie” which you can already see the preview at my Deviant Art Gallery here.

Also last month I posted the First of the 3 AL Chronicles I worked on between 2012 and 2015, it was a collab effort between the Guest Artist and me. The first is centered around Collie and is a prequel before the eventos of Chapter 1 “Collie’s Spirit” that you can find at the support button on top, or here

The other two Chronicles are right now being posted at my patreon page (1 page each week) here

Well I really hope you enjoy this page as the other works I’m working on ^^


Page 31

Well, it’s been a while, isn’ it? Prepare yourself…this is gonna be a long talk…

My site was gone for good…almost. Yes, I had the most terrible end of the year when this happened at same time I was way too worried with my cat rehab (Shiro) when my second cat, Koshi -believe it or not- suffered another type of “injury”…

It does sounds like a bad joke. Like something I’d came up to a teacher as to why I didn’t do my home work. As if god -even as an atheist- had a sick sense of humor just to test my sanity. “You don’t deserve to have a pet, just give up” or something. And in my mind it sounds terrible, terrible piteous.

But it happened.I was dumbfounded. I had taken Koshi, my 3 month old cat for a check up because he was sneezing endlessly for a couple of days already. The vet, out of nowhere had used a needle with antibiotics when I was expecting a syrup recipe or something,

But hey, I thought he knew he was doing. A couple of minute later when I arrived home I noticed his back left leg was convulsing and hurting him. In minutes he had lost all nervous connections from half of his leg and down.

Days later after several different Vets meetings.. still, as I said,I was dumbfounded, depressed, tired, buying gift because it’s xmas and I need to lift the spirit of my family who are my elderly grandmother (she is 90 this year) and my always cranky, back hurting, slow walker, blind father (who is past 80).

We’re a small family along with my mother…. and this is something I never ever talk, because at the end of a horrible week or day you just want to read something and let you imagination run wild and not come here to read about me as I was someone of importance of about RL issues.

Fantasy liberate us and make us happier, it make us think, and feel something for imaginary characters, it makes us connect with a part of ourselves that always deeply desire for something more. That’s why I draw. But I also draw because of love for what I create.

But that state of mind doesn’t work at all when my real life surroundings crumbles, emotionally I just collapse. In simple words, if I feel like shit I can’t draw shit. It sounds angsty I know, but I can’t help it. It’s what it is.

So yes, the site took about a month to get back. It took more than it needed because my mind and willpower to do anything was by the floor and video games was my alcohol.

When I finally had the energy to look up the cause of this mess I realized not only one of my site was hacked and used for hosting a phising site, my hosting also had terminated my account because of miss-communication between my paypal and the hosting, something I miss-read through the emails because I thought the first problem was the cause.

It was a clusterfuck days later. I had to ask for a new hosting and a backup restore crossing fingers that they still had one. As you can see, they did. And this was a big relief.

So yeah, sometimes when it rains it also pours on you. For all the people who cried because 2016 was a bad year because of celebrities deaths and worldwide terror attacks, I feel you. But just be thankful that nothing bad has happened you. But if it did, I hope the new Luna pages in the future can bring a smile to your life.

Still I ask for forgiveness. I didn’t even notice people from my Patreon about what exactly happened and why to this day I have not delivered the HQ files after the pledging month. I’ll be working on that the coming days. But be assure during my absence the last month was not charged for current Patrons.

Anyhow. Nowdays Shiro is better , he walks and even plays a lot and has recovered immensely. I still can’t thank enough to the people who helped me with him. In the other hand sadly I can’t say the same for Koshi, only time will tell. No vets, no money will help him, only time.

Again, sorry to put you though this horrible mess of text that you didn’t need to know about. I’m not fan of venting what I do for the right reason, I hope you understand. I’d wish to feel I have everything in order and continue working on my projects with all the willpower in my life, but everyday I always ask myself if it even is worth it. I hope you think it is.

On that note I leave you with this page (31) which in a way also talks about the will to keep living for the ones we care about. I hope you like it.


Page 30

Well two days later and people were already crying I was out for months again :p
Relax, sadly the reasons are more heart breaking to me. My cat Shiro was ran over by a car and the past week was hell for me, he survived but was heavily injured and his left hip broken into pieces. Despite this, his marrow spine seems to be good and there are hopes for him to recover but it will take a lot time, money and surgery procedural.

So there is that, some people offered to help me with the bill that ascend to roughly $1500 , but to be perfectly honest the people who are supporting me through Patreon are already helping me in that regards and you don’t have do any more. For those who may want a direct suport, there is always my paypal account

Oook, back to the comic.
Out of all story elements to discuss …Some people were wondering why Luz is naked and Luna is not :p – Just goona paste what I replied to one of the posts before:

” Any comic is for you as the reader to construe and some questions can have multiple answers
I could say ” it’s because this is what Luna sees in her mind, how she feels as human and what she was wearing before changing and Luz doesn’t wear anything because of little memories she has of her besides her face” Or it could be how Luz is more of a spiritual character character where Luna is still rooted to our human perceptions… and.. I think you get the idea.

As for this page, I think it’s much more clear now what The Fang Necklace power was all about, eh? 🙂

Take care!


Page 29

So yeah….The Feels! Or so I hope… 🙂
Luna and her mother share a long waited reunion!

Why is this happening? well the ending of chapter 2 may shed some light to this 😉
Is Luna dead? is this the end? All of that to unfold next WEDNESDAY 🙂

Please Share , Howl & Comment !


Page 28

Well one of the most challenging things here was to decide on Luna’s mother look. Wile she needed to look very close to Luna, I didn’t want to confuse the readers.

Well, She had a design from were I draw her back in Chapter 1 (just before Luna’s first change) and then briefly at the end of Chapter 2 (When Laura sees her), but my style of drawing doesn’t quite match today what I drew back then. To be honest the trick was on her hair, much of which is Luna’s original style from old drawings I’ve done of Luna -while now- Luna has a more rounded look to its hair 😛

Also much is on her face expression. Her face marking is a tribe thing. As for the guy…well, all what you need to know about him is just displayed on the page 😉

Page 29 will come on Nov 16 (two weeks from now), and hopefully after that will go back to weekly pages for a while.

Thanks in advance to all supporter and remember I’m always posting all the extra stuff, including Collie’s transformation comic at my Patreon.

Until then, Howls!