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AL Chapter 5 – Page 38

Luz gives to Luna her few last words and love before the inevitable departure…

So first things first, I believe 2 pages each month will be the standard from now on. That means 1 page every 2 weeks. I know I sad 3 before but I was trying to cover more ground when actually my deadline (for the book publishing in my country) was a tad further down the line that I initially thought. In any case this way I can bring more quality pages instead of rushed ones. As always, I do work on many art projects besides AL, so I hope you also understand. This also helps me to not now burn out in the way. You don’t want more hiatuses, neither I do >_>

Well, in other projects. I’ve also pushed “Fang’s Journey” coming to the Store as a Digital book for next month. Looking back it didn’t make sense for me to push so many sales together after “Beta Collie”.

So, again, a reminder for my Country fellow people (from Chile) I’ll be publishing BOOK 3 this coming year, for the Comicon of Santiago next year! Stay tuned!

And as always keep howling!


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5 thoughts on “AL Chapter 5 – Page 38

  1. Normally, I don’t make comments like this. I never was good with words and half the times when I’ve tried to it would come out as rambling gibberish. But over time and after reading your work for as long as I have, I felt compelled to finally write something up. And maybe it ties to the drop in attention I’ve been seeing on the site over time. It would seem like that from the number of comments left here with each page. As someone who also struggles immensely with discouragement and finds it difficult to keep long projects going, I can’t help but feel worried sometimes that you might end up giving up on all this. Obviously I can’t read your mind so I might be completely wrong. Still, better to be overtly careful just in case, right? I can’t think of a fancy or moving way to say this, but I hope you keep going because there’s still people here that enjoy reading this. You’re definitely lasting longer than most others would, despite all the setbacks and long hiatuses. I hope I’m not coming across as too dramatic here. It felt like something I needed to say…

  2. Thanks for your kind workds @Az I genuinely appreciate them.
    The thing is I completely understand the lack of response since the site has become and old relic over time, most people like using other channels such as facebook, twitter or like being part of big communities that can hold many comics at once (such as to be open with feedback.

    That’s why I say hosting a comic on a personal site feels like an old type of social sharing that people visit, read and are gone. Maybe I should re-invent the website, but right now I just don’t have the time or vision xp

    But yeah, I’ve come back recently and I’d wish people could be more open to comments so I know I’m working not as in vain.

    BUT Thankfully now I receive feedback from many places and not just this site alone.
    I have people at my Facebook pages commenting too, discord, twitter, deviantart or directly to my email and even…. from the real world 😛

    People who write me down and remember me they are waiting for Volume 3 (printed version) on my country.

    So… while I know my art is not as popular as others I still try my best at my own pace for those who talk to me through all these channels 🙂 so thanks again for your concern ^^ you’re one of those who I feel owe them to keep working 🙂

    Anyway, I’ll keep fighting and drawing is all I can do for now 🙂

  3. I from Poland. This comic is Mega Cool! This only espanol and English version ; (.


    Mój ulubiony komiks! Niestety jestem z Polski i mało rozumem angielski, ale i tak śledzę tę stronę i oglądam komiks (coś tam z niego wiem). Ciekawa reguła i postacie. Bardzo piękne rysunki. Polecam ten komiks ^^.

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