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Well, it’s been a while, isn’ it? Prepare yourself…this is gonna be a long talk…

My site was gone for good…almost. Yes, I had the most terrible end of the year when this happened at same time I was way too worried with my cat rehab (Shiro) when my second cat, Koshi -believe it or not- suffered another type of “injury”…

It does sounds like a bad joke. Like something I’d came up to a teacher as to why I didn’t do my home work. As if god -even as an atheist- had a sick sense of humor just to test my sanity. “You don’t deserve to have a pet, just give up” or something. And in my mind it sounds terrible, terrible piteous.

But it happened.I was dumbfounded. I had taken Koshi, my 3 month old cat for a check up because he was sneezing endlessly for a couple of days already. The vet, out of nowhere had used a needle with antibiotics when I was expecting a syrup recipe or something,

But hey, I thought he knew he was doing. A couple of minute later when I arrived home I noticed his back left leg was convulsing and hurting him. In minutes he had lost all nervous connections from half of his leg and down.

Days later after several different Vets meetings.. still, as I said,I was dumbfounded, depressed, tired, buying gift because it’s xmas and I need to lift the spirit of my family who are my elderly grandmother (she is 90 this year) and my always cranky, back hurting, slow walker, blind father (who is past 80).

We’re a small family along with my mother…. and this is something I never ever talk, because at the end of a horrible week or day you just want to read something and let you imagination run wild and not come here to read about me as I was someone of importance of about RL issues.

Fantasy liberate us and make us happier, it make us think, and feel something for imaginary characters, it makes us connect with a part of ourselves that always deeply desire for something more. That’s why I draw. But I also draw because of love for what I create.

But that state of mind doesn’t work at all when my real life surroundings crumbles, emotionally I just collapse. In simple words, if I feel like shit I can’t draw shit. It sounds angsty I know, but I can’t help it. It’s what it is.

So yes, the site took about a month to get back. It took more than it needed because my mind and willpower to do anything was by the floor and video games was my alcohol.

When I finally had the energy to look up the cause of this mess I realized not only one of my site was hacked and used for hosting a phising site, my hosting also had terminated my account because of miss-communication between my paypal and the hosting, something I miss-read through the emails because I thought the first problem was the cause.

It was a clusterfuck days later. I had to ask for a new hosting and a backup restore crossing fingers that they still had one. As you can see, they did. And this was a big relief.

So yeah, sometimes when it rains it also pours on you. For all the people who cried because 2016 was a bad year because of celebrities deaths and worldwide terror attacks, I feel you. But just be thankful that nothing bad has happened you. But if it did, I hope the new Luna pages in the future can bring a smile to your life.

Still I ask for forgiveness. I didn’t even notice people from my Patreon about what exactly happened and why to this day I have not delivered the HQ files after the pledging month. I’ll be working on that the coming days. But be assure during my absence the last month was not charged for current Patrons.

Anyhow. Nowdays Shiro is better , he walks and even plays a lot and has recovered immensely. I still can’t thank enough to the people who helped me with him. In the other hand sadly I can’t say the same for Koshi, only time will tell. No vets, no money will help him, only time.

Again, sorry to put you though this horrible mess of text that you didn’t need to know about. I’m not fan of venting what I do for the right reason, I hope you understand. I’d wish to feel I have everything in order and continue working on my projects with all the willpower in my life, but everyday I always ask myself if it even is worth it. I hope you think it is.

On that note I leave you with this page (31) which in a way also talks about the will to keep living for the ones we care about. I hope you like it.



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  1. Well, can only hope things get better, that is truly some terrible luck. You have good reasons when you need time away from everything, and I’m sure most everyone understands. We all need to vent sometimes, but we all do it in different ways. I certainly don’t write anything about it online either, as I keep reality and fantasy separated from one another. Just don’t forget: you do have friends, so if you ever need to talk about things don’t be afraid to do so. It’s a rough world, you don’t have to take the pounding alone no matter what. Happy to have you back my friend.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the things that has happened and hope that this year is better for you. I have had bad year once too, but remember that you have your friends and your fans, followers, extended family whatever you think of us and by no means do you need to apologize. Sometimes the best thing to do is talk about it, never try to take everything on your own when you dont have to, one its not healthy and two there is always someone who is willing to help. and glad to hear they had a back up its a start to a better year already.

  3. To think I was having my own personal issues this year both in terms of physical not to mention mental health inside and outside of school. Not to deny my own problems but, I am immensely grateful for you sharing yours with us. I am trying with all my might to not give up on my future and forgive myself for my past mistakes that I still feel and regret everyday. With a critical turning point of my life right around my corner…Thank you for giving me the motivation to not give up from here on out and anyone can overcome the obstacles presented before them. The fact that my favorite artist has prevailed countless times has assured me of this.

    *internet hug*

  4. You matter Leo! Do not say your issues are minor to fans coming here to read your comic. It’s called character development into one another’s lives. I wish you a blessed new year and that you can focus on your work without anymore curses from god or universe.

    *wolf hugs*

  5. For some of us it is a habit to bottle up our frustrations and concerns because we don’t want to feel like we are burdening others with our problems.

    But there comes a time were you need to turn the emergency pressure valve and share your thoughts with someone rather than letting the stress and worry build to dangerous levels.

    Believe me, I’ve seen what that kind of psychological-overload can do to a loved-one.

    So, know that we are here and happy to listen to anything you have to say.

  6. Shit. That was a awful way to end 2016; the year that kept on fudging us over.

    I do wish little Koshi will get better and that RL situations gradually improve. 2017 is going to be a trying year for most of us so lets try to get through it together with love and safety.

    Until then; take care Leo.

  7. It’s ok. Sometimes life will give us rain but the rain eventually clears up and we get a sunny rainbow day! Don’t worry ^ ^ I’ve had these types of things happen to me, like when I had a mental break down but I’m still here. It takes time.

  8. I’m glad you were able to get everything straightened out. I was also worried when the site went down. I hope for the best for you Leo.

  9. I am glad things are going better for you now. I figured something had gone wrong and that you would find a way to fix it in time. Your pages have always brought out feelings within me and I adore your hard work. May lady luck show you some love.

  10. I figured you’d finaly had enough of us and quit glad i was wrong iv watched this comic since i was a little kid i still love it i hope you do better sorry lifes gotten bad Godspeed

  11. i am not going to rush you or be critical of you, i love your work and you do it basically for free (I have bought your comics though, muy bueno) you take your time, mental health, over all health and furbabies are always more important. you have nothing to apologize for, glad you and Luna are back.

  12. Sad to hear all that happened, its hard to deal with bad events in family and yes I include pets as family. All that going on and a Christmas period to deal with must have been horrific.

    It’s good to see you back, hope you can muster the energy and enthusiasm back into your life (and the comic of course :P) and I’m wishing you all the best.

  13. I understand how feeling depressed can hurt your creativity. Best of luck to Koshi.
    Take however long you need to get your ‘groove’ back, Leo. We’ll be here.

  14. I feel terrible for you Leo take as much time as you need you earned for all that hard work you done for use we sincerely hope you get better Leo.

  15. I feel like a prick for saying this, but are the still streams? or pages in development? and the thing i dont feel bad asking is, ‘is everything okay now and how are your cats/are they better?’

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