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Well two days later and people were already crying I was out for months again :p
Relax, sadly the reasons are more heart breaking to me. My cat Shiro was ran over by a car and the past week was hell for me, he survived but was heavily injured and his left hip broken into pieces. Despite this, his marrow spine seems to be good and there are hopes for him to recover but it will take a lot time, money and surgery procedural.

So there is that, some people offered to help me with the bill that ascend to roughly $1500 , but to be perfectly honest the people who are supporting me through Patreon are already helping me in that regards and you don’t have do any more. For those who may want a direct suport, there is always my paypal account

Oook, back to the comic.
Out of all story elements to discuss …Some people were wondering why Luz is naked and Luna is not :p – Just goona paste what I replied to one of the posts before:

” Any comic is for you as the reader to construe and some questions can have multiple answers
I could say ” it’s because this is what Luna sees in her mind, how she feels as human and what she was wearing before changing and Luz doesn’t wear anything because of little memories she has of her besides her face” Or it could be how Luz is more of a spiritual character character where Luna is still rooted to our human perceptions… and.. I think you get the idea.

As for this page, I think it’s much more clear now what The Fang Necklace power was all about, eh? 🙂

Take care!



31 thoughts on “Page 30

  1. No worries M8, just drop us a sign now and then 😉
    I prefer morse code. Jokes aside, its great how your doing hopefully that tide recedes enough for a proper respite.
    Best of luck (^-^)7

  2. But leo you scared the hell out of every one leaving the last page on a cliff hanger like that. But besides that it’s a great story please continue it and I hope your cat gets well soon im really sorry for you that you had to go though that hell

  3. No worries, Leo! I will be here when you recover from this bad time. Sorry to hear about your cat, wishing he fights through this. Mean people are the worse.

    Hang on, Luna! Remember what your ancestors and parents have taught you. Be strong gal!

    Thanks for the insider on the necklace at last.

  4. Please keep working! 🙂
    sorry about your cat,but don’t shock for long time.I recommend you to continue Luna’s story and stop for a while to take care of your cat,and come back again…I can wait,and hope that many others can too! right? (Yep)

  5. @Fatman101
    I’ll try to bring in Wed, if not Thursday, if not Friday…I think you know me by now :p – Thanks for the flattery ^^

  6. Leo is fine, odds are most likely that he’s simply dealing with some real life things that demand his attention. Most likely involving Shiro. He’ll get the new page up as soon as he feels ready to do so 🙂

  7. It’s been quite a while since I’ve said anything on here but I’ll say what I always say. I love your work Leo, if I had funds I’d donate.

  8. we all wish you well Leo and we all hope Shiro will be alright, just do what you always do, blow the socks off of us =)

    with lots of hearts werewolfan112

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