Ok, Where do I start reading this comic?

If you’re not up to read some info about the comic below and just want to skip and start reading, just click on the Archive button located at the Top Menu. Once reading clicking over every comic page will make it advance one page forward until you reach the latest page updated so far.

The Archive page contains all the pages published on the site so far and it’s updated every time a new page is added.

If you’re eager to know when upcoming pages that have not been published yet will be uploaded, check the Calendar.


So… What is Alpha Luna ?

Alpha Luna it’s an online serialized comic-manga made by Leonardo Vidal Fern├índez, it’s not a professional publishing and for now it’s not attached to any major international publishers around the world, still at the moment it’s open to any kind of publishing opportunities you may offer (For direct contact with its author send an email to licantro (at) gmail.com) .

The comic has been printed only on its original languague (spanish) in Chile and it’s only sent on demand by Mythica Ediciones for Latin American Audiences.


What is Alpha Luna about?

Alpha Luna it’s the story of Luna, a 19 years old girl still in her last year of school, a bad temper tomboy girl for many that happens to be – for her own surprise- a werewolf. During her time of discovery her only friend Collie, a nerdy kind of girl, will get along to her issues and lastly Fang, a werewolf guy who looks for Luna in order to become the new Alpha of a lost clan of Lycanthropes, of which Luna is descendant. The story has a manga style with supernatural elements thrown in a modern setting, deals with drama, action and humor aswel and it’s also made for werewolf fans… because there are stories were Werewolves are more than monsters… amazing creatures first.


Ok, I just finished reading the comic, what’s next?

You probably got to the latest comic page published so far, the comic is an ongoing series. When not on breaks AL is updated with a new page regularly once a week. If you wanna know which days exactly I do update, check the calendar section which is also updated regulary, there is not an specific hour, pages can be added during the day or night.

And If you want to be updated at any time the comic gets a new page added you can follow me on Twitter at @alphalunanet , Like Luna’s FB Page, Google+ or subscribe to the RSS feed if you happen to have a RSS reader.


BUT… I want to see Mooore!

You can get Upcoming Pages ahead of time in the Calendar Section when The Comic is being updated, which are HD resolution with an extra pic, also you can get some extra stuff like sketches, old designs and some colored comic pages only for donators. Plus, you’ll be helping to keep the site alive! You can click here for more info about it.

Have you seen my gallery at Deviant Art? There you’ll find all the pics related to the comic, some illustrations and designs.


I want to contact you! Comission you!…. hug you..?

You can contact me at my email licantro (at) gmail.com . You can send me any Fan Art to that email and I’ll be happy to post it at my DA gallery.

I only take a few commissions and it depend on the subject, send wathever idea you have to my email.

I live in Chile, so any chance to meet me is kinda difficult. But anyhow thanks for reading so far and stay tuned to know more about ALpha Luna!