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Well one of the most challenging things here was to decide on Luna’s mother look. Wile she needed to look very close to Luna, I didn’t want to confuse the readers.

Well, She had a design from were I draw her back in Chapter 1 (just before Luna’s first change) and then briefly at the end of Chapter 2 (When Laura sees her), but my style of drawing doesn’t quite match today what I drew back then. To be honest the trick was on her hair, much of which is Luna’s original style from old drawings I’ve done of Luna -while now- Luna has a more rounded look to its hair 😛

Also much is on her face expression. Her face marking is a tribe thing. As for the guy…well, all what you need to know about him is just displayed on the page 😉

Page 29 will come on Nov 16 (two weeks from now), and hopefully after that will go back to weekly pages for a while.

Thanks in advance to all supporter and remember I’m always posting all the extra stuff, including Collie’s transformation comic at my Patreon.

Until then, Howls!



19 thoughts on “Page 28

  1. A Heartfelt and extrodanarly touching scene, made this month a little bit brighter in my eyes and I thank you for that. *Insert something witty but it’s too early in the morning*

  2. So I WAS RIGHT!!!…right? ^__^;

    Either; can’t wait to see what comes next. (Well; of course I can wait, just cool to see the comic is still going is all >^__^< ).

  3. Huzzah!!! We finally see what Luna’s parents were like. Very heartfelt this scene is, makes me happy inside.

  4. @Adolf_Minigan
    Always nice to read from you, thanks!

    I see some Wolverine dejavu, eh? 😀 thanks.

    @Alex Longden
    “Extreme”? Sarcasm much? 😛
    In any case thanks for reading!


  5. My pleasure, Leo! I am one of your original fans from the early 2010s who still checks in now and then. Great to hear from you. Hope life is fairing well for you now.

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