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Hey there.
First and foremost I want to address directly to @bigbadwolfgirl57 comment on my previous page. And it’s about my last hiatus from back in December until April this year.

Well, the thing is I didn’t quite make any big explanation of what happened during that period when I came back because I mostly thought ,most of you were aware I was in a difficult time.

Yes, I was mostly busy from December to the end of Febraury because I took care of my two cats: Shiro and Koshi due very bad circumstances with both of them.

To facilitate the understanding of what was like, I’m gonna share this album with you guys, there are videos and photos during different times of those months:

Shiro was hit by a car and crushed his hip in pieces, by miracle he survived and maybe, just maybe it would have been easier for us and him to just end his suffering. But he showed me so much love and courage that I just decided to take all chances and try to save him, his spine marrow was fine despite all so there was a chance for full recovery.

The process was not easy because the injury caused an infection that wasn’t properly treated by the first vet, so I had to travel to Santiago (2 hours from where i live)for better medical treatment.

It was a 4 hour travel to check on him almost every day waiting for his recovery, pay the bills and expect the soon surgery when the infection could be removed, firm papers, talk with the doctors, the usual. Once the surgery was done I only had to care for his post recovery, but at same time something happened.

Like some kind of stupid joke, my other cat was sneezing too much so I took it to another vet who accidentally pinched his sciatic nerve from his back leg ….which paralyzed his leg. It was like a cold bucket in my head. So I had to take both of my cats to Kinesiology recovery that you can find on some videos at that gallery.

Yeah, it was a very rough time. Also, from December to February we have Summer and Santiago is know to have one the hottest times during that season. Not the best time for me to just sit and draw, when you’re sweating just by breathing, seriously.

After the recovery during March I only had to take care for the meds and I was really Really glad to see both of my cats have an amazing recovery, specially Koshi who’s back leg was completely healed. Shiro in the other hand walks and run comfortably, but gets easily tired and has some pain issues so he sits in awkward positions and ended up getting a weird breathing congestion that now is part of him. Despite this, he works mostly as a normal cat and I’m glad I did what I did.

I also have to address and say thanks again to all the people who helped me when paying the bills, it wasn’t an easy task. The surgery and med costs were around $2500 so I was afraid was taking a big with no return risk.
So thank you , all of you : Andy Lewis , Cynfall, Berry White, Aegis, Violet, Darius, Ziten Xu and many other that I’m probably forgetting.

Besides all that during March I could finally settle down and start to think on what to do in the coming future and have a time to enjoy with my family because my cousins from Brazil and Switzerland were around.

Sadly on April 9, just when I was drawing to resume my work my only grandmother passed away. It was a very hard time, because she was always the bond that kept our family together. It was a painful time specially for my mother, so I decided to move back and support my family for the time being. Losing someone in an unexpected manner is pain difficult to endure.

Yes , the first thing you saw here was on May, but that is because most of my work started a month before and that page was posted before for Patreons as I usually do. Alpha Luna is just a piece of the cake I work each month and if you hop into to any of my streams you’ll see how active I am. I dont post the url stream here, ’cause AL is a pg13 comic and on the stream I may be doing drawing most of the time that are not AL related.

I wish I could say AL is the main thing I do, but that is not the case and have to live out of commission works and more. But I’m just glad that despite the slow burn that it is, there are still people here who like it enough for me to continue drawing it.

Beta Collie will be posted soon next month and also other Chronicles comics will also be available in the future as they are now being posted at Patreon.

Again, thanks to those who support me.



22 thoughts on “Page 34

  1. Some good clarification for those out there who might not keep up on other media platforms. Rough time indeed, glad that everything generally worked out for the most part. Great to have you back either way you cut it, and hope that those here will continue to support your endeavors and future difficulties that may arise.

    Beautiful page on top of all that, great moment for Luna as she reaches a crossroads in her life.

  2. It’s always easier to take a life than to save it.

    I think it was the right thing to fight for such a cute little life, instead of throwing it away. We can wait and read later. 🙂

  3. It must have been a difficult time I agree but I’m glad you’re moving on. Many people don’t understand that artists also have lives and that they have other matters to attend

  4. Its great to see that you are so open and giving your readers such an explanation to everything that went on.

    Some people cant understand how much spedific events can pull someone down – just before someone wants to strangle me, this isnt meant ill, these people never had experience such an situation and so its sometimes even not meant bad when they say they cant understand the situation (i had my own share of such dialogues when my last dog went blind from one day on another).

    Its great to hear how you handled all what happend in these past months and that it didnt take you down – something that can happen very quickly.

  5. I understand. Real life always comes first no matter what it is. I’ve been reading AL for a very, very long time, from before you remade it. It’s that good to me. If I had the funds I would do more than write on here how much I enjoy your work. Do what needs to be done in your life. Losing someone is hard, especially family. I wish you and your family the best.

  6. @ Leo God bless those cats of yours,Leo, I wish for you the best and only the best for your and your hurt pets. I wish for them a soothing day. To get rid of their aches of infection and for Shiro a calm rub comfort it. But, best of luck to you Leo. And also I’m making a comic of my own but I think it’s going downhill. I would like some tips the great artist so called “Leo”.

  7. Not good. Looks like Leo is on another long hiatus again and may have bitten off more work this time than he could handle. D: He’s no where online on any of his accounts and I don’t think anyone knows where he went right now.

    Unfortunately guys looks like we’ll have to check every month or 2 again to see if/when he comes back again. It’s a shame cause Leo finished a massive 8 month break in March and seemed to be in a good groove lately. Unfortunately I think the amount of commission work this time did him in I hear. 🙁

  8. He is gone for now that is certain; when he decides to come back is up to him. Most likely, it was something in his personal life that needed addressing and he has the right to do so. Hopefully it’s nothing dire but that will always take priority over his art. To those who will always follow even if he’s not creating content, please continue to do so since we have no idea what he might be dealing with. Either way, we can only move on and let him have his time.

  9. @Werewolfdragon

    Leo will resume working and posting regular art in September. Health issues resulted in him taking a break for a bit. You can still catch just about everything he’s up to on his Patreon or on his Picarto.

  10. So, did Leo up and leave again? Didn’t he say on his deviant art he was gonna put up the collie comics and AL Chronicle comics up for us on patreon for purchase? It’s this type of stuff Mr. Leo does that pisses off so many people and it’s no surprise he’s literally losing fans over the year and the communication with his base is so bad. I been following this for YEARS and honestly I don’t know any other artist let alone TF artist that does this with so little communication on what the fuck is going on. I do know on patreon he said he would return in August but that didn’t last long apparently I heard. I respect Leo for the many years of work he does but honestly I think he just doesn’t care as much about art as much as he used to and that happens. Sorry guys but we need to be brutally honest with the breaks he does these days….I think he’s getting more lazy and his interest is fading. 🙁 I don’t know if I can be around waiting anymore.

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