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Welp, time flies and I couldn’t work on the third page the same month of May. While this second page was posted in fact also in May I forgot to mention that it’d be up first at Patreon. So forgive me if you only saw one page last month.

I’ve had a lot on my plate and to be honest you’ll probably only see one more page after this one this month of June, one of the reasons is because I’m working to finish “Beta Collie” which you can already see the preview at my Deviant Art Gallery here.

Also last month I posted the First of the 3 AL Chronicles I worked on between 2012 and 2015, it was a collab effort between the Guest Artist and me. The first is centered around Collie and is a prequel before the eventos of Chapter 1 “Collie’s Spirit” that you can find at the support button on top, or here

The other two Chronicles are right now being posted at my patreon page (1 page each week) here

Well I really hope you enjoy this page as the other works I’m working on ^^



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