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So yeah….The Feels! Or so I hope… 🙂
Luna and her mother share a long waited reunion!

Why is this happening? well the ending of chapter 2 may shed some light to this 😉
Is Luna dead? is this the end? All of that to unfold next WEDNESDAY 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Page 29

  1. Well damn, da feels are back…

    and as for everyone else, have a wonderful day… or night… idk what you got but yeah.

  2. Looks like things jumped from Harry Potter 3 to 7 part 2, though a werewolf may still tell her to eat some chocolate 🙂

    Harry Potter joke aside, I seriously doubt she is dead/will choose to stay dead, also why is her mother naked?

  3. Luna: I see dead p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ werewolves…

    Love the design of the facial paint and gave me some feels to pierce the cold weather. Luna, I’m pretty sure you’re fine since it’s implied that when you die you go nude and you still have your clothes on (No fan service for you.)

    I’m sorry

  4. First off, yay, regular updates! Second, Luna’s not dead, and she’s going to come back to herself and beat the baddie. I hope. ?

  5. Hey @Leo,

    Is the fact the mother is not clothed and Luna clothed a symbol of who is dead vs. alive or is it meant for fan service? Sorry if the question offends you, but I am just curious. It seems very much the first option.


  6. @Fatman101
    If that is your answer then yes 🙂 – Any comic is for you as the reader to construe and some questions can have multiple answers
    I could say ” it’s because this is what Luna sees in her mind, how she feels as human and what she was wearing before changing and Luz doesn’t wear anything because of little memories she has of her besides her face” Or it could be how Luz is more of a spiritual character character where Luna is still rooted to our human perceptions… and.. I think you get the idea.


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