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And so we end another chapter in Luna’s story!
And as usual we’ll have a break on the story updates until the new chapter arrives.

Things I’ll do in the meantime: write the story, work on the web-site adding stuff for donators including all HD pages from this chapter and possible previous ones .

Then, work on chapter 5 cover among a few other things. So yes, the break is needed for me to continue in the best shape possible.

-Estimated date of return: October 2 (Chapter 5 Cover)
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And so, we’re just one page away from finishing this chapter! This one got a few revisions and I’m still not satisfied with…but you can only wish to make it better next time 🙂

And I did a video capture work of the sketch process for this page (you can see it here below) so for once and after ages I’ll be updating alphaluna’s YouTube channel later. I’ll make more of these in the future.

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Page 45-46

Phew, double pages are a pain. But worth it, due this same reason I skipped the shading process or the page would’ve taken too long and in a way I like the way it looks in B&W.
Besides, there are a few pages in the beginning of this chapter that still need to shaded, work that I hopefully update once I have this chapter done (pretty soon!) , I’m woking on the layout right now, so it could be 1 or 2 pages more!

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A day late, had stuff to make and gave to this page some extra care. But now enjoy the new page!
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It’s been a while I know, I know. I should explain myself, and first and foremost ask for forgiveness. I owe the readers of AL so much and the affection that I’ve gotten is the reason I’m back here inspired to work and try again to pursuit dreams of youth. Thank you.

But as in other instances I don’t have much to say about the reason of this latest hiatus. But let’s try to elaborate, my mental and physical health hasn’t been the strongest during the past months and being in a state of depression didn’t help either. For over a year I’ve suffered of tinnitus (a high pitch sound that never ends that can drill your head insane) that comes and goes, migraines that make me feel light-headed with plugged ears and sleep disorders that make you feel alienated to the real world… so yeah, kinda of a bummer. 4 doctors and 10 exams later there is no true culprit… so … shrugs, let’s keep trying these pills just in case.

And let’s remember I’m not that young anymore (35) and the lack of energies can be an issue.
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But I’ll show some previews of those projects soon, next week to being to taste what I’m cooking here.

For now and probably to the end of this chapter (Page 47 or 48) there won’t be Donor’s pages, maybe I’ll upload the HD versions for download but they won’t be released ahead of time. This is because it wouldn’t feel right to charge right now after the huge absence I had. The system should be back for Chapter 5.

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Page 40

Well…of course I wouldn’t kill Collie! ^_^ Well… at least not yet *evil laugh*
And yes! FINALLY….we see Fang’s Lycan form! It was time already, eh? it’s been like…well a few years? >_>u – Looking back I think I should’ve show him early in this form just to prove Luna -in chaper 3- that he was a werewolf for real. There are so many passages that today I’d have made in another and hopefully a better way.

Some people are wondering when the chapters end. As it’s written it should end up around page 48, it should…but we’ll see bout that when we get there.

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Page 39

So, hum… things gets serious.
I won’t say anything, and people who donate for pages ahead shouldn’t too. I mean it >_> (Don’t make me ban you!) . But relax, you only have to wait till Saturday to see what will happen, let’s cross fingers that Collie…hum, what was I saying?.

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PS: Has someone read the manga “Wolfboy” what a letdown ending >.> , the art was great, the story way too crazy and dark and shocking for my own taste…. but the art…. oh well. It was about a werewolf but it could’ve been so much better :/


Page 38

There were a lot of close-ups in this page… but I like how it come out 🙂
Just let’s hope Collie…. *runs away to avoid spoilers*

Page 39 & 40 avilabe for donors! 40 is kinda special…you’ll know why when you see it 🙂

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