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So, hum… things gets serious.
I won’t say anything, and people who donate for pages ahead shouldn’t too. I mean it >_> (Don’t make me ban you!) . But relax, you only have to wait till Saturday to see what will happen, let’s cross fingers that Collie…hum, what was I saying?.

In other news, I’d like to promote a friend who is trying hard to reach his goal to produce a digital book, his work is really something special, his Indiegogo page is here:

And you can watch his video below 🙂

That’s about it. See ya soon 🙂

PS: Has someone read the manga “Wolfboy” what a letdown ending >.> , the art was great, the story way too crazy and dark and shocking for my own taste…. but the art…. oh well. It was about a werewolf but it could’ve been so much better :/



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  1. Finally #2! I love the detail on Luna, she is almost moving her mouth when speaking. That look in her eye at the end. WOW!!! Job well done.

  2. Leo: Are you talking about Wolf Guy? I liked it until I got closer to the end of that series. I am told that this modern update is not the original. The original goes back to 1970 and that there was an anime done on it in the 1990s. Would love to see and read the original to make my mind up. Wish it had more werewolf than wear pants and stuff.

  3. Wolf Guy… I used to like that manga until it got too mature for my taste and then that wtf ending. A prime example how not to end a story.

    As for the new page I know it has nothing to do with the comic but I can’t help but think of one of the organizations in Gundam Wing. And I’d like to correct a small grammar problem but that can wait until the page is released to the public.

    Lastly, Leo are you hoping to start up color pages again? And if so do you have any idea on how they’ll be made available, I’m assuming they’ll be a separate donation item.

  4. Given the downward motion of his claws, and snapping of her hair elastic, I assume he raked her down her back.

    Roll 1D8+11 for damage.

  5. @Adolf Mingan
    I’ll have to look up for the original manga. Probably way better xp. Thanks for your art feedback.

    Yeah I also cringed when rapping scenes were used without a real point and just for shocking value. One thing is about telling a mature story, another is about being just crazy and dark for the sake of it.
    And I have a feeling he got cancelled or run out of ideas when he had to the end the manga.

    You can always email grammar corrections 🙂
    No, I’m not. The color work I’m look for is for another project.

  6. Everyone Collie does not die she is protected by Luna as it is very apparent in the slides… That blood is luna’s blood… Well all see Saturday… Maybe PS I’m not a Donator its just a observative theory. :p

  7. Reading Wolf Guy right now, don’t mind the dark tone of the book (I tend to like a gritty story) I’m only a few volumes into the story so I give a fair review as of yet, though I will say I was hoping the book would be more of a creature feature than werewolf vs bullies. Toss in vampire or another werewolf for the guy to fight already.

    I will give the main character of Wolf guy this, the story gives him plenty of reasons not to like humanity in general but after the fist chapter, he seems to go out of his way to avoid killing.

    Back to the main story:
    Very expressive page, I’m holding out hope for Collie but it really not looking good for her.

  8. Leo, I have been a loyal fan for many years now; and I just want to ask you; What the hell?

    Colleeen?? NOOOO! D: I’m FREAKIN’ OUT RIGHT NOW!! D:

    But, amazing job with the art none-the-less 🙂

    And, I’m just kidding, I think that this will make things SUPER interestant! 😀

  9. SteelRaven: I liked the dark tones seeing as I was/am into reading mature manga early last year and still current. I thought Gang vs. one of last Werewolves in that story was fine. Not everything has to be spun the way Hollywood does it. I kind of sympathized with Akira Inugami at some points. Maybe the direction loses pace in some places. I still would love to see the original manga written by another artist than the duo who rewrote this series.

    Everyone else: The authors of the 2007 re-adaption are Yoshiaki Tabata and Yuuki Yugo. Original author and illustrator: Kazumasa Hirai & Hisashi Sakaguchi

  10. Hey Leo,
    the expectation is killing me!

    Btw, thanks for releasing the next page on saturday. I wouldn’t be able to wait for one whole week.

  11. This will get messy. If something like that winds up turning collie in to one of them. Then the threat is much greaver and dangerous then thought possible (though I already know this can get worse anyway so it does not matter.)

  12. Me:Lets get my sniper out and scope around.
    I’ll just wait here and-
    (Hears a cry of No)
    Better go prone and see if i get anything.

  13. Wolfguy? I’ve read it, but it had some moments which made me felt “ick”…but I guess that was the creator’s intention. At most, I liked the drawing style and I can say it hooked me more than the story itself since I am a sucker for werewolves.

    Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for the next update!

  14. I’m sure that if the Duke was here, he would say “It’s Time To Kick A– And Chew Bubblegum, But I’m All Outta Gum.”

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