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Well…of course I wouldn’t kill Collie! ^_^ Well… at least not yet *evil laugh*
And yes! FINALLY….we see Fang’s Lycan form! It was time already, eh? it’s been like…well a few years? >_>u – Looking back I think I should’ve show him early in this form just to prove Luna -in chaper 3- that he was a werewolf for real. There are so many passages that today I’d have made in another and hopefully a better way.

Some people are wondering when the chapters end. As it’s written it should end up around page 48, it should…but we’ll see bout that when we get there.

That’s for today. Take care and thanks for your support! πŸ™‚



693 thoughts on “Page 40

  1. Somehow I knew this was going to happen.
    Fang was out for a while (since the end of chapter 3), so I thought he should show up soon.

    This is great! Now we have a true Werewolfs vs Werecats fight!!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *Girly squeal
    FINALLY!!!!!!!!! FANG IS BACK, AND IN FULL WOLFY GLORY!!!!! ^+^ AND COLLIE’S ALIVE!!!!! You’ve made my day Leo, thanks a lot!!!!!!!

  3. That is a marvelous angle you got there on the frame Leo. Glad to see you have shown Fang in his wereform now. I did like some of your earlier ideas from that other site that were roughs before being made official. It all pans out nicely even if your early ideas were just thoughts at the time.

    Llevar en, bueno seΓ±or!

  4. man that was a close one, at first I thought you were going to kill collie off, but then fang swoops in out of nowhere and saving her at the last second and I was like “SAFE!!” when I saw this page today, and now I hope that anima gets his furry ass kicked!

  5. WEREWOLVES ASSEMBLE XD. Sorry could not help it. My heart sank when I saw Luna yell NO :(. I tolltaly forgot about Fang ugh stupid me I should of known he would be there. Even if he pisses of Luna at times he’s still is a good friend. What about that boy anyways that was changing into a werewolf also? Well awsome Art as always Leo you never ceases to amaze us how awsome you are to all our hearts ^^ SORRY AGIAN HAD TO FIX MY TYPOS sheeesh :/

  6. Holy shit that was too close and good thing fang saved colie and now the anima has made fatal mistake by pissing off two werewolves I sure as hell wouldn’t want be that royally screwed bastard

  7. Picks in radio chatter by its no use of any communication.
    Me:Guess there jamming my cons,i guess im on my own.Figures.
    hears a loud thump.
    Me:What The Hell is going on now,im trying to do Sentry Duty hear.
    Sees a Couple of Werewolves in the distance.
    Me:4 hostiles in the open,looks like I need wait and see what’s happening

  8. Slaps Fang on nose with rolled up news paper.
    Fang,Fang, Fang. Haven’t cyou been taught, never turn your back to an enemie? That’s a rookie mistake.

  9. As I’m reading all of this, what I’m really curious about is how everyone else at the school is going to react once they figure out Luna’s secret, because you just know it’s going to happen sooner or later.

  10. So I’m sure it’s dark out, but are there any people around there? I mean if I were to hear someone yell no I’d figure something was wrong. Lol or if I were to see them I’d book it x)

  11. Patience Gabe, that is how reality works. When Leo is done with the pages he will then know when to close this chapter out. In the meantime, find something else to busy yourself over.

  12. Thanx for the share. Glad to see Leo’s got other projects he is working on besides his main project. Funny! I have Amon Tobin and Pink Floyd going through my mind when viewing these.

  13. @Lakehaven4690

    Lol so much for that “stay in school” thing xD
    Pshh, werewolves don’t need school!

  14. Delayed due to commissions and other stuff, said Leo 9 days ago. So maybe it is taking him time to get the next page organized for release here.

    *crosses fingers for Saturday*

  15. hey leo you ok their, I hope there is no problem with the process on the pages your working on I mean i’m pretty sure everyone else has got the same question as i have here.

  16. @chist

    I’ve already checked it like three or four times and it still doesn’t show at all, is there anyway I can do to see it?

  17. Yeah, we know about page 41… You can access it since the 20th September…
    So Leo is starting to be late again.

    Personnally, I donate every time to have pages as soon as possible, and page 42 should’ve be released for donators several days ago. πŸ˜‰

    And don’t start talking about patience to me. I’m one of those who waited almost a year between the release of two pages.

    If I say “he’s late”, it’s mostly to say “I hope that he’s not doing another laΓ―us for 8 months without saying anything to us first”.

  18. you guys should see these webcomics until Leo puts his up.

  19. Hey leo, I hope you aren’t doing that thing like you did like last time because if you are then how am I suppose to whats going to happen next!

    p.s. sorry for being rude and what not, I just want to know whats going on there?

  20. TSG, we get it, you’re impatient. It’ll be a few more days, according to his Twitter, which y’all should be reading if you’re itching to see it so badly.

  21. Dude, no you don’t get it…
    Just because somebody points out that Leo is late on his own schedule doesn’t mean that this person is impatient…

    I too have been through more than one of Leo’s hiatuses…

    Personnally, I can wait for as long as it will take.

    BUT, I hope that Leo will not change a “just a week late” into “another 10 months hiatus”. That’s what I’m sayin’ here, y’know?

  22. It seems Leo has fallen behind due to sickness, do not worry I know Leo will have a new page ready very soon

  23. Oh oh here goes the long list of comments again πŸ˜› feel better Leo! It seems everyone has been getting sick where I am too πŸ™

  24. Well I gone to disapointed, Mad Angery and now worried. If anyone lives close to him or know how to contact him Tell me he is okay. I am very very worried. He reminds me off a very good friend of mine on Second Life Malluch Cleaver. I built an asylum for her and got 2 responses back when I told her but now I have not herd from her for a very very very long time. Now Leo is gone:(. I hope he is okay no one can replace him. I made a Uber sized Luna Diaz in sl. Call me nuts but I like big muscular flffy she wolves^^. Leo Please be okay.

  25. mr leo are you ok i waring about you.
    this work you have is cool is really batter well you are very cool and great arthur of this books

  26. Thanks for the Update Leo!! We all hope that you get better soon! Much thanks again for creating and maintaining such an amazing webcomic!! :3c <3

  27. He IS sick and has a number of pending commissions on top of his webcomic. I’ve been in correspondence with him over the last week. At least he is keeping us updated on why the comic is late; in the past he has disappeared without warning or explanation.

  28. Wish you Impatient jerks lay off leo I dont sit around watching this web site I do other shit too. Leo is the best author and yeha I got the hots for a Anime girl who doesnt. Lest in second life I have her ^^. Leo take your time get better dont push it I respect you as much as others do.

  29. Leo I wish you are okay. Everyone worried about you – you diappeared without any information what happened to you. Good luck form Russia ^_^

  30. As usual Leo is a giant prick and takes ages before updating and doesn’t even give us the courtesy of telling us whats up.

  31. Leo is not superman, we have to understand him and his problems, dont be jerks and learn a little bit of patience.
    You are great Leo, keep on the good worke, hope you’ll get well soon.

  32. @Anon
    Dude if you would read the twitter updates you would know it said he’s recovering from the flu :/ he was sick so cut him some slack

  33. he leo i hope you get wel soon and i can’t wait for the next part with fang, luna and collie but if it has to wait so be it i don’t mind but i give you my good luck from the netherlands

  34. @Anon your a complete moron cause just what Crescent said look at Twitter and I didnt even look but I still didnt give leo a hard time. SO LAY OFF HE IS MY IDOL >:( This is everything I dream about ^^ Sexy Luna Wolfy.

  35. @deadpool28
    WTF!? We Might die from this! Y’know,i question why we even have these,stuppid and uterly disturbing trobles on these comic pages?I Grow impatient of this,does anyone feel the same way,HM?
    Well until this conflict is ova,STOP BEING A COMPLETE DOUCH AND STOP BEING GAY!!!!

    @Everyone else
    My apologiezes but i get so annoyed by this.

  36. @ Desertdune

    I agree but is the term “gay” really necessary?
    Using gay as an insult really irritates me. Honestly, would you like it if I used who you are as an insult? Probably not.
    Anyway I feel the same, people just need to wait.

  37. Lesuri-San, stop being such a -dune- really, omigosh! Like, that’s totally -deserted- of you to take that tone with some poor kid on the internets!!


  38. @ NinpoFuujinRyuujinRaijin!

    Tone? What tone? I was just asking for a bit respect xD
    I don’t like it when people use my sexuality as an insult. This is the last place I’d expect something like that.

  39. How fucking ignorant are you people? For those that wonder where Leo is, his Twitter is to the right of the comments. For anyone asking where the next page is because you’re paying for it, YOU PAID FOR EACH PAGE INDIVIDUALLY AND YOU SHOULD HAVE DOWNLOADED THEM WHEN YOU DONATED. The minimum for each page is 25 cents BTW, but every little bit helps and if you prefer not to donate, you can wait.

    Quit being assholes to Leo; it’s normal for people to get sick.

  40. @NinpoFuujinRyuujinRaijin!
    I think your the Ninfupop around here you know what im running about.So what if you say that stuff,and i know im Britsh but it’s not nice to say those things to people.
    I agree and im with you on this,you don’t get alot of peeps saying that to one another.

  41. @ Desertdune

    Thanks for understanding πŸ™‚

    And btw… I love the word peeps x) I think of those marshmallow bird candies lol.
    You’ve brightened my day πŸ˜€

  42. well good one thing mr leo work very great but the next one did not come out i am sad and still waiting for that page mr leo are you there.

  43. @the people who are getting pissed off at other for being impatient; Leo made a promise to keep up on the pages if people started paying. as far as i can tell, a lot of people are paying because they really love the comic. the problem is, how far back is leo going to get? how many people have continued paying for pages every week and never know if they will ever get to see the pages? i also think a lot of people don’t think about how poor health benefits may or may not be where leo is. i know i’m from the US, and in my mind, until i actually think about it, it doesn’t occur to me that leo may not be able to get preventative care to keep from getting the flu. i have personally never heard of a flu being so bad it took a month to get over it. also, people don’t always think to go straight to twitter, especially because depending on if he has a lot of followers, his posts may be burried under those from other people. what Leo may find as a good idea is one of those little feeds that can go right under the comic with everything else so everyone can see how he’s doing before they comment. and if they still don’t do that, they really are just ignorant jerks that should be ignored because they are probably doing it for the attention.

    @the people who are unhappy about leo being gone so long; i am going to basically repeat what i just said in a different format. i can understand your frustration. i check this site every wednesday and saturday because that’s when it is supposed to update, and my heart sinks everytime i see the same page that was here last week and the week before. unfortunately, you have to think about it this way: what if instead of taking a month break to get better leo works himself to death? and yes, it is possible. i read another comic called springiette, and a few months ago the author got very sick, but she was so dedicated to her fans that she didn’t take the time to rest, and by the end of the week she was in the hospital on her death be and still trying to work on the two comics she does along with all her other side projects. the difference is that her fan base told her that they wouldn’t put up with her killing herself to get a few more pages of her comic up. I can aslo sympathise with your frustration of Leo never updating on how he is doing on the site of the comic. like i said in the other run on paragraph, he might think of investing in a feed for the sit that can conect to his twitter, but show only his own posts. i say invest, but i’m pretty sure they are free =p. unfortunately, he doesn’t have one, at leats not yet, so instead of pushing and whatnot to get new pages, if you REALLY like luna and would preffer leo stay alive to make more pages and chapters and books, instead of killing himself over three or four more pages, you will just have to check his twitter feed. if you’re really good with codes and such, maybe you could also find and suggest a few feeds to him so that you don’t have to check his twitter.

    @those grammar natzis who i get the feeling are going to go ape shit over my lack of capitalization and my run on sentances and paragraphs and everything else; have your hay day, i don’t mind, at all. i already know my grammar sucks xD

  44. @ draaka

    You see, I tried to read it but I kinda stopped after the first half of the paragraph xD Lol
    But I’m sure you made a good point.

  45. WHOA REWIND Desertdune I DIDNT MEAN IT IN THAT WAY ASK BEFORE YOU JUDGE I AM JUST A BIG FAN OF HIS LIKE ALL THE REST OF YOU. I also got a little to protective over the people giving him crap for not being on and realesing the pages. I do know a Asian Recipe helped my parents once. anyone lives near him or can send him this site this can help.

  46. @lesuri That’s ok, I probably couldn’t, either. I’ve been pretty sick myself lately with one thing after another, so I just wanted to get it all on here… I’m not very good with words anyway. =p
    It just gets tiring seeing people who claim to love the comic just as much as eachother fight so fiercely over pretty pittely stuff. Frankly, if I had a web comic and people left comments like that for me, I would find a way to start blocking their IP addresses,lol. I mean, when did people stop teaching their kids “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”?

  47. Is that recipe tasty? I may have to try it once settled out of college. πŸ˜‰

    @Draaka: I know right, etiquette has been dying long since I was born. Thankfully both parents taught me well, that and having good memory is key to utilizing these morals/practices. Do not know why all the young adults want to forget the good times/things.

  48. @Draaka

    I know what you mean. It’s crazy how “loyal fans” can get so hostile over something like this.
    It’s always been worth the wait though, right πŸ™‚

  49. @Adolf mingan yeeeesssssssss!

    @Lesuri-San sorry about not getting your name right last time.. i read a lot of manga so whatever reason my brain now ignores San or Chan or any of those (i forgot what they are called *facepalm*)

    also, yesss, it has been! at least in my opinion! i even checked it every day when he took his year long hiatus because it was worth it! (i had just found the site the week before he did that, too!)

  50. @Draaka

    I didn’t even notice lol x)
    I remember looking at this during middle school, I’m a junior in high school now. Ahh memories πŸ™‚

  51. i’m starting to think this is going to be a multi month hiatus… with him gone this long, it’s going to be longer. i hope it’s not.. but i have this feeling the hiatus is going to drag on for a while.

  52. I personally keep coming back to read the comments haha they always entertain me and if a new comic page is up that’s a bonus!

  53. Hi all, I will leave a communicative he left on Leo’s twitter, I thank the wait and have patience during these months:
    Leonardo Vidal ‏@alphalunanet
    I’m working on commissions and recovering from a flu. Luna Will be back as soon as I can.

    P.D: Excuse my English is not good xD

  54. Leo is a faggot… He uses the same excuse everytime he wants a break! Don’t keep us confused! Just say you want a break, we know you’re tired, your just a human.

  55. @Whatever

    You realize the word faggot means cigarette right?
    If you’re referring to the word gay I’m here to tell you it’s offensive when my sexual orientation is used as an insult. Before insulting someone, learn how to use correct vocabulary.

    And if it angers you that much, find something else to do. Honestly, if you’re this concerned about a comic page, you need more things to fill your day.

  56. @Lesuri-San

    It can also mean a bundle of sticks. And they’re using a throwaway name, so in the end it amounts to merely wasted breath, sadly. But yeah, Leo needs to at least update his twitter.

  57. Staying busy searching for work and reading new manga. Finished both Ranma Β½ manga and anime last month. Multitasking through Death Note while taking on Akira, I am sold for sure.

  58. His twitter looks updated to me when I checked it top right of site. The last comment was “I’m working on commissions and recovering from a flu. Luna Will be back as soon as I can.” 18 days ago.

  59. Let’s see how to pass the time… well I can study, grind off the last 6 achievements I need for Halo CE, play Halo 4 when it finally arrives, beat some the games I haven’t finished, watch selected anime and movies from my collection, and weather permitting fishing. Well I think I’m covered, for a while at least.

  60. @Renadt

    I understand, still using those words is offensive and this certainly isn’t the place for that.

    And omg! I’m fan girling over the new Halo! I cannot wait to play it!

  61. You could create a female transformation in the style of the Being Human series (george sands), only with the means you have. Make the video, that is shooting in camera, with a real actress.

    Filmed part:

    a girl goes into the woods and getting ready for the transformation, begins to undress, until he is naked and ready for the full moon. As soon as the moon peeks from behind the clouds, the girl burst into a cry of pain and fell to the ground on all fours. You can see a close-up of her face and then…

    Frame by frame with photoshoop:

    Parts from the back, his face stretching, hands that are deformed, the same for the feet become paws and then the whole body.

    obviously with the audio.

    You could use a beauty of your area with athletic body . Maybe, a Chilean-haired Moors, or an African South American, Cuban type.


    Let me know, I’m a your fan and I really appreciate the work and effort that you do to make it more beautiful, richer and more engaging the world of werewolves.

  62. sorry, small typo.

    I wanted to say: …until she is naked and ready for the full moon…

    female werewolf transformation plz.
    Latin or African girl this time.

  63. Ok thats it!
    either leo has finished recovering from the flu and continue working on the pages like he was supposed to like five weeks ago, or am I going to where he lives and beat some sense enough to get over this recovering and get back to more updating on the alpha luna pages so I can find out what’s going next.
    p.s. sorry for sounding like jurk about it, but I don’t like being kept waiting any longer and I have reached the end of my patience level.

  64. Unfortunately, this is all too common. He will drop off the radar, citing some delay or problem, and disappear for weeks or even months. Then he’ll return, put in a good effort for a time, and the cycle continues.

    The weird thing is that I’m pretty sure he DOES check on his websites during his absences. If you look at his dA page you’ll see he has been logging on nearly every day (and commented on another’s submisison about a week or so ago). But for whatever reason he stays silent about his situation. An odd bird…

  65. here we go again! xD

    I have been reading since this comic was starting off…its a shame this is happening to it now, ah well. it was bound to stop some time.

  66. Does this all the freaking time. I leave this alone for a year cause he was on a spontaneous 5 month hiatus then i come back and he’s updating for a week then disappears again. typical….

  67. Come on! You can’t be that sick to where you can’t even post one page on this site, that’s all we ask of you. You’ve been gone for a month all ready, where are you?!

  68. You could create a female transformation in the style of the Being Human series (george sands), only with the means you have. Make the video, that is shooting in camera, with a real actress.

    Filmed part:

    a girl goes into the woods and getting ready for the transformation, begins to undress, until she is naked and ready for the full moon. As soon as the moon peeks from behind the clouds, the girl burst into a cry of pain and fell to the ground on all fours. You can see a close-up of her face and then…

    Frame by frame with photoshoop:

    Parts from the back, his face stretching, hands that are deformed, the same for the feet become paws and then the whole body.

    obviously with the audio.

    You could use a beauty of your area with athletic body . Maybe, a Chilean-haired Moors, or an African South American, Cuban type.


    Let me know, I’m a your fan and I really appreciate the work and effort that you do to make it more beautiful, richer and more engaging the world of werewolves.

  69. You all know what kind of time and effort it takes to make a webcomic, right? Have you tried doing it yourself? Here’s an experiment.

    Go find an original idea and develop a world around it. Once you do that, make a full page comic of quality matching Leo’s and post it every Wednesday and every other Saturday. Do it for years on end, then complain to him about this. Though there is the option to donate to him in exchange for extra pages, he’s not obligated to update like he does when he does it. He didn’t have to even make the comic itself.

    So please, be patient. We’re not exactly giving him a full time wage for this comic. Here’s an idea: put him on the payroll. If you pay him regularly, then who knows?

    But until you’re willing to do that, relax.

  70. Yes, we are in no position to DEMAND he works on the webcomic (unless there was some kind of pay system for bonus pages…); he can work at whatever pace he desires. He could update once a day or once a year – we can’t, and shouldn’t, dictate his schedule.

    We are expressing FRUSTRATION over his inconsistent update schedule and lack of communication. We like his webcomic, but his tendency to completely disappear without warning or reason alienates us. When an exciting story grinds suddenly and inconclusively to a halt with no clue as to when (or if) it will start again, people, quite understandably, get a little miffed. And the fact Leo tends to go AWOL without explanation makes it feel like he doesn’t give a shit about his fans (not true, but that’s the impression it leaves) Successful webcomic artists need to maintain at least a semi-regular update schedule and build a degree of respect and trust from their readers. Leo is failing to do this.

    If you’re sick of being left hanging with AL all you can a) convey your frustration to Leo (i.e. what we’re doing now) and b) stop reading it entirely and do not tell anyone about it. I’m leaning towards the latter…

  71. At least one of these guys understand how I feel of being kept waiting and etc.


  72. Leo, dont worry about the pissy pepole. RL come frist and if you have things in your life keeping you away from the time being, then thats just the way it is. The pepole that want to see where this is going to go will still be here when you get back, just dropa message even here to give us an update to the wait is all or how your doing. Till you post agin i hope things go well for you.

    You must be doing something right to have a vampire freak like my self looking in to see if you have then next part up or not yet. keep at it!

  73. Problem isn’t that he isn’t updating the comic.
    Problem is that he isn’t updating his twitter with things happening.
    After all, he said he would COMMUNICATE more so we know why stuff aren’t going as planned.
    Last tweet was 22 days ago about working on commissions. Would be less angry people if he tweeted something like:”Halfway with the commissions” or something.

  74. That’s where your wrong Alpha Luna was in a way a copy of a popular anime in that time called ‘Vampire Knight’. Except it’s a werewolf version… Need proof?!

  75. Are you kidding me – copy of Vampire Knight ?0_0 Yes it has some similar things, but it is no a copy or more than 80% of all mangas and comics are copies – method with amnasia is very popular in many stories, but they are not copies.

  76. well you guys can try these at the mean time
    -lukas journey
    -turbo defiant
    just saying, something to nibble on until Leo gets back.
    p.s. get well Leo

  77. @Gabe

    Do you have any idea much time and effort that would require? Let alone money? I doubt if everyone here pooled their resources together that we would come close to amount needed.

    Anyway… if Leo’s still sick, it’s obviously worse than the flu and I hope he’s alright. If it’s personal things I can understand (heck school’s caused the book I’ve been working on to be put on the back burner for the time being).

  78. I’m not sure he’s still sick. He’s logged on to his dA account more or less daily since his disappearance. Even if he is still sick he’s well enough to use the Internet. I’m not sure what kind of illness would preclude posting updates on the Internet but not preclude logging on. Maybe it’s a sensitive thing for him, I don’t know.

  79. There’s such thing as too sick to use the internet? Only things I could think of would be: 1) comatose, 2) paralyzed from the neck down, and 3) dead.

    And maybe he’s like me: lazy.

  80. Dirk of Paradigm Shift just began to update again after being out for two months due to a pinched nerve, like wise the writer/artist of Order of the Stick has been off line due too a broken thumb.

  81. Yes, but both of them informed their readers, made it clear they’d be out of it for a while AND kept them posted on their status.

  82. hey leo, you alright man?
    it’s already been a month sense your last update on alpha luna, so are going to be alright or something because alot of us are sort of complaining about you not doing the page updating and what not.
    so please, give us a sign or something just to let us know that your about to do more page updating.
    the reason why I’m asking this is because some of us would like to know what will happen next on this series and we want to know if luna and her friends will be able to pull through this struggle and put an end to the animas reign of terror.
    so again let us know when your ready for more updating

    p.s. you better not kill off collie because if you do,I’ll never forgive you if you do that.

  83. i dont think anything new is going to come out. I think either the writer has writer’s block and doesnt want to add anything new.

  84. we would love for an update as to when you at least project to put the new page out. Please keep us posted! This is such a good comic so far, and all of us would hate to see it end so abruptly.

  85. We don’t mean to rush but it’s almost the end of the year, please at least us an update, you’ve been gone since September. Where are you?

  86. Guys, we’re at the point where it’s clear that Leo is on yet another hiatus, which will most likely go on for half a year or so.
    When you’ve been following Leo for a few years, you know how it goes down.

    I think the power-word to explain Leo’s situation here is “PROCRASTINATION”.

    Nobody can have a flu for 2 months.

    My guess is, he felt like he did a lot of pages for now, and when he got the flu, he started to rest a little, but when the flu was gone, the need to come back wasn’t there yet.
    And now, because he didn’t told us anything yet, he feels too ashamed to even talk to us. It’s like a vicious circle. And the more he waits, the harder it will be for him when he will come back.

    That’s just sad.

  87. I don’t think he’s completed his commissions, either. I cancelled my commission with him after he failed to get back to me on its status two and a half weeks after he said he’d have something for me in “a couple of days” and that he put my commission at top priority. The sad thing is that he’d already finished the color rough draft and it looked damn impression. This was a 100.00 USD commission, mind you (no, I didn’t pay him up front).

    I honestly don’t get this guy… πŸ™

  88. I’m behind on my own commissions so I really can’t judge, I just know things in my own life tend to snowball and hope Leo isn’t in over his head right now.

  89. People, the explanation is simple. He cares more about his fanatic Deviant adherents than his fanatic furry adherants and can’t be arsed to even tell us he doesn’t feel like working on AL any time in the next 18-32 months. Set your doomsday clocks and come back after this new hiatus.

  90. Seriously guys, if your going to sit there and cry about it why dont you try paying him a sub to look at his work?

    The brutal truth is he woes us shit, I’ve been following loboleo for years and I will continue to do so, if he needs a break or has other stuff he wants to do then fine.

    So unless anyone wants to offer to start sending him a paycheck I suggest just coming back and checking his site every week.

  91. To Uatu the Watcher:

    He doesn’t owe his readers shit, yes. However, those who commissioned art from him and those who DID pay him for advance access to comic pages…

    And while it’s true he has done this a lot in the past AND he’s under no obligation to keep drawing, he could at LEAST upload a twitter saying “Hey guys, I’m really sorry but I need a break.” It’s not required, but it IS courtesy.

    Being a little miffed by his behavior and expressing this sentiment (politely) is not mean or rude. There is such a thing as being overly reverential.

  92. Possible, but it’s not serious enough to preclude him from visiting his dA account, which he has continued to do so – daily – since he vanished.

  93. I’m afraid alpha Luna will not continue because the artist has passed away not too long ago…havent you noticed already that neither leo or ziggurat have come in a while? Its because they are both gone due to the same illness…im sorry im the one who has to bring the misgivings but its for the best that i let u know what has happened

  94. hey leo, what’s the big hold up man, you said that you would be back soon right, so what’s the delay, are you going to continue the story or not because some one named Aro said that you passed away right, of course I know it’s not true and you are going to continue right?

    come on man I’m begging you on my nee’s to continue the story please, I need to know when are you going to continue the story so we can know what’s going to happen next so please shake this ill thing off right now so we can be pleased!!:(

  95. To Aro:
    Then why has Leo visited his dA account on an almost daily basis since he vanished? – Viewers can learn when a particular member has last logged on clicking on the “Recent Activity” and he has visited within 8 hours since I last checked. More to the point, he has done this disappearing act before – it is not inconsistent with his behavior.

    If he really has expired (God forbid), please link his obituary or provide some other proof. If you’re just trolling, that is a really despicable thing to lie about, even for a troll.

  96. That is simple the reason why someone goes on Leo’s account is because they have to or they lose money and we don’t want that happening now do we? IT’S his assistant trust that account won’t be on that long either

  97. To Aro:
    …How exactly does logging onto Leo’s dA account involve cash? It’s not as though any money is lost or gained when he logs onto his dA page. His premium account has 11 months remaining and even if it were about to expire it’s not as though dA could extend it if he were dead; they wouldn’t NEED to log on daily to do this. And no, your dA account isn’t canceled if you are absent after a period of time.

    I’ve known Leo for years, corresponded with him many times, and as far as I know he doesn’t have an assistant; hell, he asked if I would be willing to help out with AL right before he disappeared. Friends and family might have access to his account, but if something happened they would likely post an announcement – NOT log on almost every day and do nothing. As far as I can tell, the last thing Leo did was comment on a image on FullMoonMaster’s account:

    Again, provide objective proof – I believe he is an educator, so there would be SOME kind of announcement/obituary out there – that Leo expired or, at best, you are passing along an unsubstantiated rumor, and at worse are trolling a very dedicated and loyal fanbase with a cruel lie.

  98. *puts some roadkill on his head*



    AND WHERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL? I Wanna see some RECORDS, Mister Leo! Prove you larned how to do this webcomicking thing the legitimate way!

    Because right now, you’re doing it THE AMERICAN WAY! By procrastinating and not talking about it and ignoring the issues!

    And that’s copyright infringement! So there!

  99. to tronald:

    dud you need to take a chill pill, I’m pretty sure he is still recovering from his illness and will continue the story at some point so be patient and he will start up again so chill and wait for the opportunity in the moment as captain jack sparrow would say.

  100. @Paul jordan

    Dude, he’s done this before. The “illness” ought to be long gone. And will probably last 1-2 years, given past history.

    And no amount of sick is reason for abandoning your business, your customers, or your fans without taking 5 minutes every week (two weeks? month????) to at least say “hey, SHTF, back Sometime??”

    Also, google re: satire. Thx bunches.

  101. actually the flu can last a really long time and turn into other things. Escpecially if one does not have health care, I dont care what Leo’s case is, but I’d say there is a good likelyhood he is still sick

  102. And it is exactly as I said, but no, everyone was so protective of him. It’s clear that he doesn’t take this comic seriously, not shure he ever did. See you in half a year, when he will post 4 pages and go into slumber again

  103. And yamijenny87: No, a flu doesn’t last 2 months, and Chile is not Somalia (or the US), they have universal healthcare

  104. I checked around. He isn’t responding to emails or dA messages – not only with fans but collaborators and commissioners as well. Either he IS seriously ill, deceased (again, gawd forbid), or simply avoiding contact with anyone online (at least those interested in AL). He likely still has access to the internet since he keeps logging onto his dA account; I don’t know what else could explain his near daily visits.

    I do have one theory: I’m fairly certain Leo is in academia or at least trying to become a teacher. Maybe someone or some group in his school found out about his art online and it compromised his standing; some of it IS a little risque. Thus he’s trying to distance himself from the fandom to save his reputation. This isn’t as far-fetched as it seems.

  105. Is a link really necessary? You can find it under the Recent Activity/tab stating how long he’s been a member on his deviant art profile.

  106. Ah. But you didn’t specify it was on dA.

    Well, that confirms it. He is alive and well enough to post something on dA.

  107. hey guy’s, are we ever going to see what happens on the next page of alpha luna cause we’ve wait so long sense October and I’m worried about collie when she got scratch by that anima, shes not going turn into is she cause I hate to see friends fight at each other.

  108. Reads more like he’s telling others to stop stealing his art, hardly shameless advertising.

    Not to say a update isn’t long overdue.

  109. Checking in before end of year. Nothing yet!! I have been getting back into my Werewolves and Shapeshifters short story book. It is good reading. Looking forward to my birthday next Friday. Hoping Leo finds his motivation to work soon if not later.

    Happy Holidays, Werelings!

  110. Well its been 2 months since i checked on so im just gonna come back next year….seriously Leo you cant keep leaving everyone like this…

  111. A lot of people HAVE emailed him. He hasn’t replied – not even to people who commissioned art from him.

  112. to levin:

    no he is not already dead, he’s just taking too dame long to continue the updated pages like he was suppose to do like TWO FUCKING MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!


  114. Brown nosing does not motivate him to make comics. Threats do not motivate him to make comics. Everybody just go away and never return. Maybe complete and utter abandonment will motivate him to mend his ways.

  115. I didnt like it and it took me 107 pages I skiped a few to get to the part on the 3rd Issue when they finally show her change into a werewolf. For once I want to see a avrage size girl like her transform into a werewolf Grow big muscles and big hot butt and big breasts. Call me a sucker for snuggly big Werewolves twice my size. πŸ˜›

    If you’re just here because you have a transformation/werewolf fetish, try Peter is the Wolf instead (it has an EXCELLENT story, but lots of gratuitous transformation and sex scenes).

  117. *sigh* I am concerned about everybody… I JUST REALLY HOPE LEO IS OK CUZ IT’S BEEN THREE MONTHS, and we ask if he’s ok, (but he never responds..duh) which makes me worried! I mean seriously!!!!! Someone save Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D’:

  118. But if Leo DOES read these comments then this is for you Leo: GO LEO GO! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! PLUS I KNOW YOUR COMMIC BOOK IS NOT SHIT! I know you can Leo! CHEERS TO THE BEST COMIC BOOK WRITER EVER! Everyone: Cheers! OH WAIT! I just had an idea, what if he’s like this huge “Christmas present” which is like, a WHOLE BUNCH of pages! If that’s what you’re doing Leo, you slight dog! Way to go man! Looks like a GREAT Christmas to me. πŸ™‚

  119. @My friend is a werewolf πŸ˜‰ says
    …what is manga? You must be new to the Internet.

    And Leo is alive and healthy enough to log onto the Internet – that’s pretty much all we know. I suppose he could be in the hospital, but, once again, this isn’t the first time he’s pulled a vanishing act, so who knows? If he does come back I really think he owes us an explanation. At least something nonspecific like “health issues” or “family emergency.”

  120. Hey, Leo. Glad you found the time to post lol

    You seem mad. Although this may be a hiatus you have a right to expect mature behavior from your fans (which has clearly not been the case here)

  121. @LeonardoVidal
    How adorable. Some 15 year old virgin is pretending to be the Leo and spouted some bullshit in a failed attempt at comedy.

    I’m sure no one will notice the fact you lack Leonardo’s avatar image and the yellow text-box background indicative of a moderator. Nope. No way. No indeedy.

  122. hehe yeah after I commented I realized, now hold on a minute, would Leo say something like that? And where’s his avatar? (Incidentally, how DO you get one of those?)

    Thanks for the laugh, mysterious person.

  123. @Helioroph

    Well, I’m glad you have the courage to admit it, helioROPH.

    Thanks for keeping us entertained with such deliberately poor trolling.

  124. @ Helioroph

    Seriously, you’re immaturity upsets me.
    One, gay is not an insult and shows how stupid you are with your vocab.

    Secondly, you misspelled the name.

    @ Heliotroph

    You’re awesome

  125. Let’s return to whining about/stubbornly defending Leo’s absence, shall we?

    Who wants to take bets on when he’ll return? I give it…4 months.

  126. I say he will never return and the server / website will be shut down on a random day when he realizes that he still has to pay.

  127. guys guys, you need to calm down, he’ll come back when he feels ready to continue the story and maybe he’ll update the pages on Christmas day.

    think of this as Christmas miracle gift for each and every one of us when x-mas day arrives.

  128. @Waffles:

    @Everyone else:

  129. to snickerdoodle:

    he will come back and continue the update on this comic, you just don’t know it yet and you want to know why because I haven’t given up on him and so does everyone else here so you better give a fucking care about this comic because it’s the best comic that I’ve ever read in my life so you better have some respect for leo cause if you don’t, he’ll probably kick you out of this website or something so take a fucking chill pill and relax ok?

  130. @SnickerDoodle
    What’s really amusing is that couple of comments in a webcomic’s shoutbox managed to rile you so badly.

    The Internet: Making people enraged at the pettiest slight since 1993!

  131. @SnickerDoodle

    First I would like to point something out for you:
    On the previous pages; when you have originally tried to troll on–failed big time. You are trying to piss so many people off, by doing commenting harshly. Listen, I don’t want any trouble from you or anyone, and you have the option to leave this website and get on with your life. I’m just a fellow fan of Leo’s artwork and if I can, I would support him. Leo does disappear under the radar, but he will make it up one day. If not, he’ll come up with a pretty good reason why. Update or not it doesn’t matter because Leo has a life to live; a family, college to attend, and a book to publish. I can say that he puts his life first, and then his internet second. People are just jerks nowadays to great artists, but there are a few generous people who actually care to support him.
    You have to see that.

  132. Great artists respect their audience enough to at least say “hey, SHTF, on hiatus. ETA unknown.”

    Leo goes silent for years at a time, with nothing of the sort.

    And some people HAVE paid him for comic access, so it actually IS a very dickish thing for him to do.

    Almost STARFINDERISH, to be frank.

    Hi Frank!

  133. @Everyone


  134. At this point, I think we should Stop Feeding the Troll. If he’s serious, he’s just immature/angry/in need of medication and nothing we say will make him calm down or behave rationally. Otherwise, he’s just playing the role of the Angry Douchebag, getting his jollies off our angry responses. Either way he should be ignored.


  136. Seriously dude, no one is ill for as long as this, if you can’t deliver to your comic fans you’ll have to expect lots of angry people and If you never have time to do a comic you should just quit while your ahead :/


  138. I think something might be wrong with some of the commentators’ keyboards, they seem to be typing in all caps for some reason. You guys may want to get that checked out.

  139. @Waffles

    I belive Amanda Todd was a girl that got trolled and bullied on the interent so she commited sucide and her sucide note said she did it because she wanted to make them feel sorry they made fun of her and then the goverment starte to jerk off on it thought it was a good enough reason to have cyber bullying laws LOL

  140. @Waffles

    Personally I would’ve picked something that would have shown up better in black and white, but I’ll admit it’s not too bad.

  141. hey leo, are going to update soon?

    it’s almost the end of 2012 and you haven’t even updated a single page sense September 21st and you still haven’t done it yet and plus, there have been alot of complaints(including mine)about you not updating the pages and it’s getting everyone frustrated, one of them thinks your dead(which I know your not) so please hurry up and come back and continue the story already>:(

  142. Lawl. I called it. I called this months ago. You see?

    THIS is why I didn’t buy the ‘premium’ bullshit. I feel sorry for the people who got rolled for cash and are getting nothing for it now.

    Seriously, 7 words is all it would take: “I’ll be back in a couple days/months/years.”
    But, NOPE!
    Not even the courtesy of a reach-around!

  143. to give you an idea about what us people like, we would suggest that you draw luna with bigger muscles(you can keep the breasts).That would make her look more like the important character she is!! Besides that, your comic series is awesome leo!!!!!

  144. @Patches

    You idiot. You’re paying per file a week in advance. No one’s getting “rolled for cash” because they already got what they paid for.

    Take your sorry ass elsewhere if you can’t wait.

  145. @hg3300

    Oh believe me, I wrote this off as a lost cause LONG ago. Hell, the only reason I came back was to see what fan-boy would try and justify the spending of cash for a product they aren’t going to get.

    I imagine that people who paid for the last month of ‘advanced’ comic still haven’t received goods that were promised.

    But whatever, beat the dead horse all you want; It’s obviously not bringing the interest back to Leo, that’s for sure.

    Also, you can keep your faggotry and snide comments to yourself. Though I am glad to see that even rabid fan-boys can sometimes surprise you with coherent and semi-intelligent sentences. At least up until the point where the start insulting complete strangers for no apparent reason…

  146. Waffles, we’ve been relaxing and waiting since late September. Perhaps Leo is so “in touch” with his inner wolf that he’s hibernating for the winter?

  147. @James-Polymer:

    He’s busying, I’m sure of it. I mean he does have a life other than the Internet–his life doesn’t revolve around updating this webcomic. Leo is more concern about his colledge, work, and family. I would say, let him take his time and just chill out. There’s other werewolf comics on the web, and if there’s not any that suit your tastes then, that’s fine. Make your own or atleast, find something else to hold on. A good comic like this takes time, and good artist like him have issues–we all have issues that we are handling. Surely enough, we payed him to do draw things for us, but it’ll take some time to get everything squared away.

  148. Yes, he has other priorities which take precedence over the webcomic. That’s completely understandable. Here’s the problem: He didn’t tell us he needed a sabbatical. He didn’t warn us that there would be few (if any) updates for the foreseeable future. He just flat out disappeared. And it ISN’T the first time he’s done this. A simple twitter or post saying “I’m sorry, I’m really busy. Won’t be back for a while” would have made a world of difference – a simple courtesy he hasn’t extended. He isn’t returning his emails or messages, either; I don’t think anyone in the community has been in contact with him since he vanished (beyond a brief exchange on dA regarding plagiarism of his work a month back). While he is under no obligation to contact us, it IS disrespectful not to at least let his fans know what’s happening.

    Furthermore, he was working on at least one commission when he disappeared. As far as I can tell did not contact his commissioner(s) to explain the situation. This is even worse. I don’t think he accepted any money for incomplete commissions, but this akin to going back on a business transaction.

    I said it once and I’ll say it again: nice guy, wonderful art, but unpredictable and unreliable. Enjoy his work when he’s around, but be ready for him to vanish without notice for months (or even years) at a time.

  149. Finished a good anthology: “Werewolves and Shape Shifters: Encounters with the Beasts Within” before the year ended. I highly recommend checking it out if you are bored or like me, wanted to learn more about the culture and myths about it.

    I hope you all have a splendid new year. Been hitting the pavement for employment and seeing some opportunities heading my way soon. Stay busy and amused my friends.

  150. Honestly guys stop with the “please update” thing-it won’t get us anywhere. If you didn’t pay, you probably (like me) don have a right to complain. Sure, Leo broke his promise, but we all broke promises before, right? The point is, he can update this webcomic, whenever he wants, whenever he likes. You don’t have a choice over that. So don’t complain unless he commissioned you or you paid or something, please. Thanks.

  151. I tried to warn all of you about Leo’s passing but it seems you guys .can accept it unfortunately I have returned 2 months after my last comment and you guys still persist to wait here for a dead guy and his poor unfinished comic

  152. Also have you noticed that Ziggurat has not told anything? Thats even more evidence to prove my point and no I’m not a troll or a lier. OR anything other thing

  153. Why are you bothering these people aro? Just let them be… let time mess around with them, all you have to do is wait and they will leave and if they don’t…. well they will die with this comic

  154. Luna? Why would you even get feelings with a piece of paper? Well still I think the comic has gotten to you more than anyone else in this website…now leave

  155. OK don’t have to be so mean about it and I mean come on whims ur telling me that if you see a girl like her on the streets you won’t ask her out

  156. OMG aro you haven’t even read the comic yet have you? you just know the writer Leo. And you lie to these poor people about death and you Don even know why you wouldn’t be with Luna for the first few months

  157. Anyway let me tell you about it so you can be as wise as I am with this comic… Luna during her senior year of high school experienced her first transformation, after that happened everythng went downhill after that for her,the claw around her neck was not her mother’s but it belonged to Collies mother who was a Anima,which lead to fang or Alex and Luna to have to kill her before her third transformation because Colleen wanted to suck the lifeforce out of them, then we find out that her mother isn’t even dead but was hiding from Luna because she feared that she hasn’t found her destiny yet.. and fang and Luna’s stepmom die because Luna loses control of herself after she gets bitten by another anima that made her see things that weren’t real so she kills them by accident… then she all alone heals and goes to this chapel and find the leader of the animas which was alban this old dude who gave her to the stepmom.While fighting him she gets weak because she thought he loved her and then she gains full control because of all her memories returning to her and kills him, then she becomes the alpha of the biggest clan.what a spoiler right?

  158. OMG!!!! I need to see that, where is Leo!!!! I want to see my Luna become number one, and thanks you saved me from having. To read too much

  159. @ Aguma

    One question, where did you get all that from? Did Leo tell you that or do you assume that will happen? Because so far in the comic, a lot of that hasn’t happened.

    Let me know πŸ˜‰

  160. @Patches

    no, you dumbass. you pay for the file, a week in advance. and you get the file, a week in advance, as soon as you pay for it. No one’s losing money over pages they did not receive, and no one’s getting ripped off.

    You can keep that bullshit to yourself by the way. Calling me a “rabid fanboy” and all that garbage.

    As an individual who pays for the comic, I know how the donations work so don’t give me your crap. I’m not a “fanboy” as you say, but you appear to be an immature child. This may not be the first time Leo has gone missing for an extended period of time, but when he comes back I hope to not see you.

    I’d like to see more of this comic like everyone else, but I’m not about to get pissy about it, or say inaccurate things about the donation system. I’ll just move on and check the site once in a while.

  161. @Gabe
    I saw a baby elephant fly last week. And then hit a ceiling fan. :,(
    Seriously, though, a specific link would be nice.

  162. OK he said this sooo i know i haven’t update in forever i feel really bad laving you all in a cliff
    hanger but i’m dealing with some personal issues i won’t be able to update for a while so i decided to put this story on hold until late January 2013. if i time i will update sooner only if i can.

  163. Gabe as much as I hope what you say is true and as much as I want to believe you, I can’t entirely.

    As fisherman and a student I can’t fully believe what you said. Both parts of my life have a thing in common, they require proof. I need the proof as in a specific link or something along those lines before I can fully believe something.

  164. @Heliotroph or was it
    @Adolf Mingan

    Anyways how’s the work on LCII going ?
    Good luck in completing the revamp!

  165. Hey Leo, this isn’t funny anymore, there are still alot of complaints from people who are still waiting for the next updated pages and what are you doing?
    Nothing, your just sitting there doing nothing while everyone else is complaining about you not doing a damn thing like you don’t even care about us viewers, well let me tell you something, when you’re making a story people expect a lot more of what they want see or read from a great webcomic series such as this and believe me, I’ve read alot of books in my life, not just books, but comic books, manga books and magazine books as well. We all expect to know what happens next from the previously chapter or books or even comic pages and you know something, people would love to read them over and over again and so on, just for the hell of it.

    so leo, please understand how me and everyone else feels about this webcomic series and how awesome it is to everyone here. I know you have other things to do and you have a life that matters to you and to those that close to you, so please come back to us and continue the story so we can stop complaining about you not doing your thing and what not ok.

    p.s. do you think that luna and fang would make a good couple in the future of this series?

  166. @ Paul Jordan

    I’m with on the part about loving the comic. I’ve been fan girling over Leo since I was in middle school.

    But really, Leo doesn’t have to finish this if he doesn’t want to. This is a free site. He puts really hard work into these pages when our only part of it is a click away.
    I’m sure he isn’t doing nothing. If anything he’s dealing with his own life, like you said. All we can really do is be patient.
    If it ends here, then we’ll have to accept it. If.

    PS. Lol am I the only one who’d pair Collie and Luna? I mean, come on, they’d be adorable together πŸ˜‰

  167. @Red The Hunter says
    Sigh, do I have to explain this again?

    He doesn’t “owe” his readers a explanation, but it is disrespectful not to give one. It is a subtle but critical difference. He knows his readers follow his webcomic and more than a few have invested emotionally in the characters and story. He knows, at least to some degree, that people enjoy his webcomic. Thus he is aware that when he disappears suddenly and without explanation (as he’s done in the past) he is jerking his readers around. All it would take is a simple “I’m going to be gone for a while” twitter or post – not even explaining WHY, just letting us know he’s not dead. He hasn’t even done that, yet all evidence suggests he still has internet access and logs in regularly. So yes, he is under no obligation to tell us anything, but you are under no obligation to respect him for his decision.

    Furthermore, he hasn’t communicated with those who have commissioned ART from him. While I’m not aware of any money being lost this is unprofessional behavior.

  168. @Lesuri-san

    Aguma has what we call in the AD&D world an “ass of holding.” He can pull anything out of it. πŸ™‚

  169. @ GimpiGriper

    Yeah I had a feeling it was bull shit xD
    I was trying to ask calmly to avoid getting in an Internet argument with a possibly immature kid.

    But yeah, who knows where he got all that from πŸ˜‰

  170. That pimply face paper and dice plane prome skipping nerd hole D:< Why can he just leave a fucking message or one of his close friends and family leave a message. I aughta shave his furry ass and sell his raw hide to a butcher. I been way to nice and patiant. Go chock on a bone Leo.

  171. That pimply face paper and dice plane prome skipping nerd hole D:< Why can he just leave a fucking message or one of his close friends and family leave one. I aughta shave his furry ass and sell his raw hide to a butcher. I been way to nice and patiant. Go chok on a bone Leo.

  172. @ Lesuri-san

    who’s this immature kid you’re talking about?

    I hope it’s not me cause i’m sure not a immature kid and if it is me then this is where I would say “not cool”.

    p.s. just to let you know lesuri-san, I’m nineteen years old and I’m not a kid ok.

  173. I guess I came back to see what sad defense you could erect in the meantime…


    Struck a chord, did I? Internet white knights to the rescue, eh? The hostilities in your responses are delicious. I love how I’m attempting to be civil with this and you fly off the hook like some pre-pubescent rage case. Congratulations on stooping to a level the likes of which only the internet can produce. Let’s see why kind of foul language can render your next reply to be marginally above laughable.

    Either way, regarding my ‘lack of understanding’ on how the donation trap here works: I told Leo months ago that I wasn’t going to be donating to an artist who can’t maintain any sort of set schedule for more than a few weeks at a time and to that I will hold true.

    I’m an artist and frankly, I just can’t imagine creating a web comic and then just abandoning it every few months. Least of all without even giving people a decent reason as to why. It’s completely unprofessional and shows an obvious lack of interest. If that’s the case here, I suggest the artist lay it to rest and move on. I’m pretty sure more than just a few people would rather have that than the random string-alongs.

    Out of all the other web comics that I follow, I have donated to them all. Wonder why? Because they show interest in the fact that people are interested in their work. They update regularly, and if they don’t, they inform their fans. It takes as little as a minute to type out some generic “Hey, I’ll be back in a few months lol” or whatever. The obvious lack of respect for the fandom has driven the final nail in the coffin that was this webcomic for more than just myself.

    I await your next ‘joke’.

    Who ever was taking bets on how long it will be until we see the ever-elusive artist: I’ll raise you and bet he’ll be back in 5 months, if at all. No less.

  174. @Patches

    Even though what you say should happen, it probably won’t.
    He’s got his times and even though he doesen’t inform us, the people here know he’ll come back sooner or later. Who knows, for all we know, he’s probably making merchandise for this.
    But you know what, you’re right. He has a lot of problems and this web comic needn’t have to continue.

    Even though I said all of the above….
    Just fucking come back, leave something behind that means something that means something to others leaves you with an angry crowd.

  175. @ Paul Jordan

    Don’t worry about it dude, I wasn’t referring to you. It’s some other guy who made up this random story line for this comic.
    If I was I would’ve addressed you by your name.
    Don’t worry I have no issues with you so we’re good πŸ˜‰

  176. @Lesuri-San

    Hope your not ruffering me cuz i think i made something simular to that but in a different and more stafiticated way.I just hope Leo would be back with whatever hes up too(probally collage).

    @Paul jordan
    Niether i would preffer a Half Human-Half Black Shark creature that had red dragon eyes.Alought i think a werewolf is the best cuz it could beat a vampire in the night just be sure its not in this time of year.


    Do you have a slice i could borrow?

  177. @ Desertdune

    Lol no not you either xD
    If you have to ask its probably not you. I’m cool with mostly anyone on here who isn’t a homophobic jerk or immature person who can’t act their age. From what I know about you so far, you don’t fit those descriptions so were cool πŸ™‚

    @ Paul Jordan

    I love both but Im a die hard werewolf fan so I’d say they look cooler, but then again the vampires from VanHelsing (if you’ve seen that movie) look pretty awesome too πŸ˜‰

  178. @Lesuri-San

    Thanks its a great thing that no one thinks i am one of those which i am not anyway especially you and I am grateful of that so thank you.


    Awwww cm’on, when will they be restocked?I wont to know who had them all and when they will be in stock again.

  179. @Patches

    My, you’re just a little ray of sunshine, aren’t you!

    Of course, it would be nice for Leo to return, and yes I think he should be updating his Twitter, honestly, if he plans on returning to the comic at some point.

    And I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a lack of interest, perhaps artist’s block or something. Or he is really really sick. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm anything.

    Oh, and sorry, I don’t bet, seeing as I’d probably lose anyway. That and I don’t really have extra money in the first place.

  180. @Patches

    Not sure if trolling or really that desperate for attention. You come on here thinking that you actually mean something here and spit venom. A sad little girl you are.

  181. @Heliotroph,
    no you do not really need to explain that again… anyway…. its his life. I know it is polite to at least say something, but, well some people just don’t care, and some people need to know that. in an Asian society, you don’t expect courtesy much… Sorry if my comment was frustrating to you.
    if he is unprofessional, well what can I say? I’m not respecting his decision, im just saying, well if he quits or stops or just goes on hittus, and this wecomic dies, he dosent owe us a living, even if he is rude b not saying anything, its his decision. and our decision to stay and continue to follow him, if he is unprofessional, you can go find another artist in the meantime? there are other artists like this on the web I think. Any way, bye for abt a month.

  182. I’ve already proffered this theory, but I think he may have cut contact with his fans to protect his reputation. See, I’m fairly certain he works at (or is attending) a university and wants to become a teacher. Someone from the school may have Googled his name and found his artwork (some of which is sexual in nature). Speaking as someone in a similar situation, there WOULD be a bit of stigma if your students and co-workers found out. If nothing else, it would confuse people searching for your research or academic profile. Maybe he’s hoping staying low will help keep his online and offline identities secret and separate.

  183. Looks like he going to be missing in action for another two years, he should have been back already. What is he doing?

  184. So in other news, I was checking the weather and at the top of the page I saw the words: “Luna: Icy, dangerous” and I thought no she’s not oh wait it’s a winter storm they’re talking about… and I’m ending my attempt at a bad joke.

  185. @ethanpike
    No, not going to happen. Leo joked about it a while back with a non-canonical strip, but in the AL universe lycanthropy is something you are born with; humans cannot become werewolves.

  186. @hg3300

    See how much easier a conversation can progress when people aren’t clawing at each other throats?

    Your guess is as good as mine as to the current condition/whereabouts of the artist. dA activity was 7 hours ago. This is the kind of sheisty stuff that I talk about. He can log on to dA, but not type a simple sentence?

    Sound like shenanigans to me!

    As far as the whole “Teacher” theory goes, that could very well be true. I don’t think, however, that Chile is as up to date as some other countries as far as the backgrounds of teachers goes.


    Piss off, chief. As far as I can recall, I wasn’t directing any of my comments or conversation to you in the first place.

    Perhaps YOU are the one desperate for attention? Seeing as you seemingly thrust yourself into something that didn’t involve you in the first place.

  187. @Patches

    If that were the case, then I would have replied a whole lot more. And I’ve never made the rank of Chief. The evidence spoke for itself.

  188. Oh man, I love Skullkickers!

    And go figure that an advertisement banner for Marry Me was right next to it. I haven’t read that comic in AGES.

    And good find on Mystic Revolution! I’ve not read that yet, but it looks like it’s pretty good.

  189. Are you sure? Fang could be wrong. Plus in leos older comics they would become a werewolf if bitten. Also it my be a certen werewolf or some inetation. You never know.

    Leo could you solve this mistery, after all its your comic you decide what happens.

  190. @ethanpike
    The basis of his previous comics are different from this main one. If you have read the earlier pages, no you cannot become a werewolf if you get bitten in this comic basis. and no there is no initiation or certain werewolf know to do that by the readers so far in this comic.

  191. @ ethanpike

    He said it wouldn’t happen a few pages back. Lycanthropy in AL is hereditary. It would be cool to have Collie as a werewolf but I prefer her as human πŸ˜‰

  192. @ethanpike
    Calm down. No one insulted you, no one was rude. We were just pointed out that it’s already been established that lycanthropy cannot be transferred.

  193. HA! Leo just tweeted! The tweet had absolutely nothing to do with Alpha Luna or his art, but that puts the nail in the coffin of the “Leo is dead” theory (no pun intended).

  194. So I take it nothing much has happened since I last came on this site? Other than thin skins getting upset over nothing. Guess it is back to reading Death Note and job hunting. Laters!!!

  195. sorry…Its just leo has not reveled collies fate yet and… well
    ITS BEEN 4 FRICKEN’ MONTHS! Whats taking him so long!?
    No offense leo.

  196. @ ethanpike

    I’m sure I’ve said this a lot but its probably because he has other issues to deal with. Being a comic artist myself, I can relate to the hiatus issues. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my own comic due to school.

  197. Did u see that message from 4 days ago?

    If not, guys, go back to the top of this page and look in that place where all the comments from Leo is. HE IS WELL. HE IS GOING TO BE BACK ON…..hopefully. Right Leo?

  198. OK leo that’s the last straw, either your going to fucking update the next page or not because I’ve had it up to here about your stupid fucking donating page shit, you will update the next page this month or I’m going to have an angry mob up your fucking ass if you don’t update the next page, you had fun but now I think it’s time for you to start doing some updates every wednesday and saterday, or better yet monday thru friday as of now this year so no more slacking and no more being gone for several months because I do not want to see another excuss on your website and I do not want to see another load of angry comments, do I make my self perfectly clear on the subject?

    p.s. we are not going donate anything to you you fuckin greedy bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. @Paul jordan:

    Wow, calm down there and lay off the steroids. This is really not the way to get what you want, friendo. Either he will or won’t. Deal with it or don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split ya on your way out. Yes, we all are more or less upset, but unless you know where he lives (and I doubt that), and can get the people to do so I doubt you will succeed. And on the off chance you do, you just might end the comic. Remember, he doesn’t have to do this, and certainly not for your pompous ass. He does this of his own volition. Therefore, you don’t get to demand anything from him. You are here for the comic.

  200. @Renadt:

    sorry man, I just get so frustrated when someone like him doesn’t update the next page for this website, and your right, my angry mob plan would be a flawed one and not even work, and your right that I don’t know where he lives at, and I don’t want the comic to end, I just want to know what happens on the next page.
    I just want him to understand how I feel about how much I like this web-comic series and how awesome it is, but if he dosen’t care how I feel then that’s just fine cause no one cares of how I feel like back when I was in spoto high school where I was having problems with bully’s there,I’m sure you understand how I feel right dude?

    p.s.sorry for being a pompous ass back there, are we cool now?

  201. I’m french when i’m very like this webmanga…
    I see that what the autor cave stoppin to write the comics…
    Why ? Why he has stopping ? He will begin again to write and draw a day ?

  202. @Paul Jordan

    I can be pretty pompous and hot headed myself. I do understand your passion, so yes, we’re cool.

    I guess the worst thing anyone can be is indifferent, since both love and hate show you care.

  203. @Renadt

    thanks man, I really appreciate that alot.

    So how long do we have to wait till leo updates the next page for this webcomic series?

  204. @Paul Jordan

    I dunno. But I has a plan.

    1) We finds Leo.
    2) We kidnaps Leo and moves him to Reno, NV.
    3) We supplies him with candy.
    4) We then cuts away candy until he makes another comic.


  205. @Renadt

    I don’t think that’ a good Idea of a plan because, kidnapping is crime and I’m in Maine, which is in america, where I live, so I think we should just go there and talk to the guy and know his reasons

    p.s.why candy?

  206. @Renadt

    The children would like them of course, but I think we should come up with another plan, well do you have any ideas then using sweets?

  207. @Paul

    I can’t think of a better way to tempt a wolf… or one that draws werewolves than with strips of flesh ripped from an animal’s ribs, cured, smoked, and flavored to perfection.

  208. @Quint

    Well maybe I know a couple of creatures that would like to have their meals raw and that would be orcs and goblins.

  209. @Quint

    what do you mean by “attempt at humor has failed yet again”?
    was it suppose to be a joke or something?

  210. leo i would realy like do donate but im only 13… wish you could continue with the comic. im just iching to see hoe pissed luna gets πŸ˜›

  211. Does any one who visits this site and is actually normal remeber how long we waited for an update like last year. This is nothing and i ain’t worrying yet. so get over yourselves. leo will be back eventually

  212. Yo moonscape I started reading AL in late Jan. And saw that this was last updated last year in September. I never new you guys had a long wait like this before but your positive words give me confidence and I think I speak for everyone here when I say… Leo your drawlings are BAD A** dude and we know it can take awoke sometimes.. I will wait and remember life, family, and all that come first Leo πŸ™‚

  213. Spiderman, Spiderman Does whatever a spider can
    Spins a web any size Catches thieves just like flies
    Look out, here comes the LEO I FUCKIN’ KILL YA FUCKIN’ FAG!!!!!!

  214. And me forgetting to say this a long f***ing time ago… If the lycanthropes are facing extinction why don’t luna and fang hook up. They would make a great couple and thier children would be major bad asses… But just an idea Leo πŸ˜› (*wink*)

  215. Yah but I don’t see legion showing his maturity by saying Leo is a Fag… He WILL come back I know it and you can count on it πŸ™‚

  216. @WindDrift
    dude luna and fang would tear each other to pieces. Their personalities just clash to much and luna doesn’t even want to be a lycanthrope so ya dont see it happening

  217. Well ya know those movies and stuff were there are two people who really hate each other but at the end are all like “dude yur awesome” or the retarded scenes that nobody likes were there all like ” I love you!”

  218. Am I the only one who secretly pairs Luna and Collie together? Errrr. Lol I think they’d be adorable together πŸ™‚

  219. @ WindDrift

    Btw, that maturity thing I said earlier. That was sarcasm. He obviously isn’t acting his age. Unless he’s like 12 then perhaps he is.

  220. Well the biggest thing I am worriying about is that a lot of people will lose intrest in waiting so when Leo comes back people won’t comment a lot on pages so he will stop making them… I very much hope this DOESNT happen.

  221. Don’t worry, the truly faithful fans will always stick around. Shit, I’ve been reading since 2005. I can wait :p

  222. leo…leo…leo
    this is the voice in your head telling you to continue the Alpha Luna web comic series and not slack off anymore.

    If you don’t you’ll shall suffer a thousand nightmares for not continuing the series.8o

    p.s.consider that a curse upon your family or something because I’M. REALLY. GETTING. TIRED. OF. THIS. SLACKING. OFF. CRAP!!!!!!!!

  223. @WindDrift

    that’s what everyone else said about him “coming back eventually”.

    let’s just face it man, he’s never going to come back at all.

  224. @Paul Jordan

    You know, ranting and whining about it isn’t gonna speed up the wait.
    You said you were 19 earlier, so why not act like it?

  225. @Lesuri_San

    well your right about that, maybe I should get my act together and try to stop complaining about the wait and what not. the way, I’m not 19 anymore, I just celebrated my 20th birthday a few weeks ago.

  226. ENOUGH! I’m tired of waiting Leo to update this comic. I mean, wtf is Leo doing? He does not even post a word on this page or his Twitter, if he had even a passing interest to keep building this comic and suddenly he absent a relative time, he would leave at least some kind of message to us. Everyone of you is saying “Leo will come back”, but it doesn’t seem that way, cuz he is not showing any sign of life or disposal to his fans right now. Last time happened the same as now, he only didn’t say anything on that time and then he miraculously showed up. Is this happening… again? Leo, at least say something!

  227. When will people understand that ranting about it isn’t gonna bring him back any faster?
    It’s a wasted effort and it makes you look like a whiny brat. If you don’t believe he’s coming back then you have no reason to even be here.

  228. @Lesuri_San

    I don’t think your rude, I think you a kind person who is wise and honest to other people including me:)

    p.s.I also agree on what you said.

  229. Trust me when I tell you that Leo would never give up unless something serious happened… Have you even seen the page descriptions were he said this is what he loves to do?

  230. Leo’s last Tweet was 30 January 2013. No mention of the comic. I think it’s on the back burner due to RL. I’ll be checking back on occasion as I really enjoy his artwork.

  231. He just posted on a forum that revolves around TF artworks (The Process), apparently he is going trough hard days but alas, he is still alive… no idea why he wont care to post a status update here though.

  232. I give up this guy aint coming back aint gonna give him nothing aint gonna keep his page bookmarked y’all have fun with the guy. Comic was good while it lasted but its gone now get over it.

  233. Just been coming back to read the comments for the laugh. This isn’t the first time a comic has gone dead in the water and it won’t be the last, it can be a pain in the ass to keep a comic going. Don’t believe me, try it.

    If Leo updates again, great but it sounds like this won’t happen for a while.

  234. Surely something must’ve happened to him!?, no one can be away for THIS long and not update their comic!

  235. @WindDrift

    Yeah I know. Like I said, I’m just reading the comments and having a laugh. I still go through the past pages to look at Leo’s art for ideas as with the other comics like;

    Chances are Alpha Luna will go the way Gunbaby, Everyday Decay and a few other webcomic that you can only see now on the way back machine sense Leo obviously has little time to devote to this comic but this doesn’t stop me from enjoying the existing work as is.

    And for some strange reason, there are always a few new comments to read πŸ˜‰

  236. @Lesuri_san

    do you ever feel like when something doesn’t work right with you and it just breaks down on you, does it make it infuriating of depressed when something refuse to work for you?

    how does it respond to you?

  237. @Wind Drift

    who are you. You’ve takin a liking to this page pretty well. Leo will come back but for now who are you

  238. I live in MD and I am 13 but if you have an XBOX I am on there more frequently… My gamer tag is DriftKing50 exactly like that uppercase D and K no spaces… But currently i’m just waiting for Leo to come back.

  239. @Paul Jordan

    Things like that used to happen to me a lot actually.
    It got to the point where I actually punched a hole in my wall once. Nowadays, I don’t let much get to me. Every now and then I get sad but I haven’t fallen into depression. It gets better when you realize all those feeling aren’t permanent neither is happiness of course but, when you come to realize the impermanence of things, you feel a lot better.

    Here, just so I don’t crowd up the comments with my sappy talk x)

    If you feel like chatting πŸ˜‰

  240. @Lesuri_san


    p.s. you mention that you punch a hole in the wall right?
    now that think of that, it reminds me of how my dad almost punch a hole in the pantry door when he was mad at something I can’t remember.

    p.s.s. I once broke my lab top monitor when I punch at it and the reason for that is because I was in the middle of something and it went blue-screen-of-death on me and it me so mad I lost control of my self punch it, which caused the monitor to break and was grounded for a month for it.

    I was depressed after what happened in those many months ago, I kept wishing and praying to the gods to undo what did to my lab top, but it didn’t come true so I tried it again and again and the gods still won’t answer my prayers at all.

    was that some sort of punishment that I was given for doing something I shouldn’t have?

  241. question i just started reading this comic and i love it and would like to know if there are going to be more im hoping so i love it and would read this forever

  242. @ Paul Jordan

    Well something’s can’t be undone. It’s probably not a punishment, that’s just the way things are.
    I’m not religious but I respect all views and I think, maybe they’re trying to tell you to accept your actions and try to fix them.
    Say, save up some money and get a new laptop πŸ™‚
    They’ll do their part and you’ll do yours to get what you want done πŸ˜‰

  243. Alright. I’ve stuck around for a lot of years now. The comic is going nowhere. There’s better plotlines and comics that actually get updated, and I’m moving on to them. One in particular I might suggest is Questionable Content… It’s been going on for years and actually has thousands of pages, not the few meager chapters Leo has come up with in the years we’ve been reading. Best of luck to anyone that’s sticking around, but don’t get your hopes up too much fellows, long hiatus are just a common trend with Alpha Luna.

  244. I will give Leo until June or end of year to get back to work. Take it you all are still up to chatting here.

  245. I’m giving Leo until the day that… I catch a world record fish. Knowing my luck, I’m afraid that that might happen.

  246. @Lesuri_san

    how long does Leo expect us to wait, some of the guys here in this website says he’s alive and well in a hospital and the others said something that I can’t remember, I don’t think I can take it anymore, I’m confused enough as it is:(

  247. @Paul Jordan

    I think he’s fine, he’s probably taking a long break. Being an artist myself, there are times where I honestly do not feel like drawing at all or I tend to procrastinate because I’m tired or stressed.
    If anything he’s fine, we just have to wait. I’ve been reading this since I was ten, he’s come and gone a lot so it’s nothing new. Patience is key at a time like this.

  248. I am simply taking a break from AL until news comes from the author. Been following since 2011 or was it 2010? Matter not! Just carrying on with life as is. College is off for a semester or full year until any employment can be reached. I do pop in once in a while to see where things are.
    Just got done reading “Fables: Werewolves Of The Heartland” lately. It was an interesting comic in style of Marvel/DC comics. It is just one of many in a series called “Fables”. Will have to explore later in year(s).

  249. Have never read Fables my self though I’ve been hearing good things about it for years. Prefer Hellboy and The Goon myself though both are lacking in the Lycanthrope department with the exception of The Wolves of Saint August.

  250. I’ll wait loyally while carrying on like I have been since before Leo re did everything. It’s worth it to me.

  251. Glad that some of you get where I am coming from here. Keep calm and carry on. ;=-)

    @yamijenny87: Indeed! This has been his 3rd time on hiatus since I began following for a good 2 years.

  252. How much longer? He should had that page up by now. This is a travesty. It’s been 47 days now, but who counting?

  253. Just wait and see, he will turn up with the new comic pages sooner or later. This is not the first time something like that happened.


  254. Well in good news, I got a Joan Jett styled hair cut and my girlfriend loves it!
    Yeah not important x)

    No one cares about lesbian life lol. (Insert random conversation starter here)

  255. @ Az

    Totally agree. It’d suck to not know if Collie died or not x)
    Although I donated some got this page before.

  256. Just came back from the dead, I read this comic when it was updated and after months passed I’ve totally forgot about this web comic wtf? and day I felt like cleaning up my bookmarks/favorites and across here I was like wtf!? for almost half a year (6 months) he has not updated!? glad I forgot about this site LOL busy with other comics sucked into the those stories and they update every week 1-2 times or 3 so ya saw these comments most of them made me laugh soo hard, I give more thanks to skyrim for the busyness best game ever you become a werewolf in the game yourself really awesome check skyrim out super addicting RPG game ever.

  257. Hell ya,and winning a lottery is awesome I tell ya,after thinking about money something came to my mind.. but no that can’t be right it’s a silly thought.

  258. I would have to go with writer’s block also.

    Greetings again, fellow followers. Hope all is well with you all.


  259. I could see writer’s block but I’m going with lazy or procrastination. Why? Because God knows I am and I keep putting things off, I have my own werewolf story that’s “fully written” and is currently undergoing rewrites, revisions and such and it’s been that way since January and it’ll probably another year or two before its actually finished.

    So yeah I’m giving Leo the same excuses I use…

  260. Omg I Can’t Wait For The New Pages To Come Out And I Know We Can All Agree To That. This Story Is Amazing As Well As The Drawings. Let’s All Wait In Anticipation For Upcoming Pages And how The Story Will Progress.

  261. I think that if we want him to come back or at least give an update we have to somehow get into contact with him. I sent him a note over Deviant so maybe he read that. Don’t nag him either about just remind him about it. Remeber it’s his comic and he can do what he wants.

  262. @ Lesuri-San
    It’s a silly thought, he could be in the lack of $$$ or robbed.

    you do realize that he has not updated since 9-21-12?


    He didn’t even get to half of his comic, and now he’s baling on us ( if true) has not even updated anywhere else unless he changed his name to hide his identity and he is probably trying out art so no one well know its him under cover.

  263. @Talos I Realize It Has Been A While Since He Updated And I Know We All Want To See The Upcoming Pages And Story, But Think About How Long It Must Take To Draw All These Pictures And To Think Of A Good Story. We Shouldn’t Nag Him All The Time We Should Be Happy And Wait Patiently For Any New Updates Or Pages That Come.

  264. @Wolf
    Yes we want him to update and would not cost him to make a comic more than a month (or 7 months) it would only be about 1-2 weeks depending.

  265. @Talos
    It cost time, something you need in order to make money.
    Trust me, if it was that easy to make a webcomic I would be making one right know and stealing Leo’s fan base πŸ˜‰

  266. This is really annoying. Have you guys seen Leo’s Youtube?
    He has had tons of activity in his feed. He also uploaded that video. I just don’t understand this. He doesn’t have the flu, he’s not dead, and he’s most likely not in the hospital. So guys, I have another theory: Since some of you guys said he was a teacher, he might be stuck with school, and he might get back to alpha luna in the summer. It makes sense, since he left around when school starts. Either way, this is horrible.

  267. @Lakehaven4690
    Thanks for the link I love that comic its very awesome and everything, I was disappointed when I reached the newest comic πŸ™ can’t wait.

    well Leo activity had been spotted huh? But he could have told us if he is still with us (well if he is) during some time off, because by the looks of these comments he lost most of his fan base after waiting for soo long.

  268. Because if he had time for YouTube than he had time for his web comic or at least to tell us to stay with him.

  269. Well, until Leo himself says otherwise, I’m going to assume he’s dead and someone else is using his accounts. Don’t see why he needs a whole year to make one page; it’s just shaded lines :/


  270. @ Gossamer
    I’ll be looking forward to reading your webcomic as you show the rest of us how easy it is πŸ˜‰

    @ Lakehaven4690
    Both good reads

    Been reading Tamuran and Walking on Broken Glass myself.

    That is, when I’m not reading Accused Dragon, Blade Bunny, Corporate Skull, Dead Winter, Derelict, Erf World, Free Mars, Guilded Age, My Life at War, emento Vivere, No Guns in the Kitchen, Other World, Ronin Galaxy, Supernormal Step, The Zombie Hunters, The Punchline is Machismo, 6th Commando or Zombie Ranch.

  271. Here’s to hoping things improve once next month gets here. I too am anxious like all of you are currently for a new page or more. Would make sense being stuck with educational position and not having hobby time to get back to this. I hope some of you end your schooling well. I may be considering getting my CDL license so I can get out of college purgatory like many others are with no work in sight. Nepotism sucks butt. But I will not fall yet.

    Carry on you wayward wolfen children. ^_^

  272. Wow nice job i do think you need to have a deep dark secret about collie or make her a animl to spice it up sooner or latter like the thing with the mouth that the cat did but the other way and the cat stays alive so anyways like they still are friends P.S.
    If you do make collie a animl she might look like white with black snow cat like mark πŸ™‚ love your work!! ← happy hehe

  273. Y’all know what? I passed all my proficiencies and I’m going to be done in high school within a month or so I’m happy!

  274. @Lesuri_san

    do you think patience is really the key?
    because all this waiting is enough to make me tear my hair out until I’m completely bald, in other words, it’s enough to make you go insane for the waiting that I have to go through all months, and then I find out that someone who commented on this website said that will continue the updating on summer vacation or something, but if I find out that info from him is a lie, I will be really, really, really, really ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sorry lesuri san but I just don’t have the patience that I’m willing to have right now, it’s just that he does this every time, well not really every time, a few months or so he keeps on his usual updates every five weeks of the months of the year and then all of a sudden he stops updating for at least five months or less and it piss of alot of people, including me, and then he gets back to it and then he doesn’t get back to it, it’s as if he’s running some kind of schedule or something, just to get us all angry when he does that, do you think we can get him to stop doing that whole slacking off thing and to get him to continue the updating without having him being gone all the time?

  275. seriously some people some people on here need to get a grip.

    The comic is a free comic and as such is exempt from such complaints.

    Loboleo may appear and disappear so what? Is your life that boring you have to camp on a webpage and complain that you cant get you alphaluna fix?

    Seriosly just checking back here oncea month is enough, if hes updates then good if not then move on, he offered previews of pages people had them and then he stopped.

    As it has been previously said people dont pay him to do the artwork do they?

    I’d love to sit down and do my writing but dont have the time as real life gets in the way.

    So for all those impatient people who think that leo owes them something, i suggest you have a deep long look at yourselves if this is the core part of lifestyle.

  276. Are you guys serious? I’ve kept my “mouth” shut for months, reading the comments of either “Leo must burn, he isn’t updating his comic” versus “Leo doesn’t owe us anything and he’s the most awesome person on earth, he never did anything wrong” (Of course, I exagerate for both statements).

    In my eyes, Leo is a fantastic artist, I admire the work he putted into his comic. When it comes to werewolves stories, design and quality (the way they’re drawn), he’s my favorite.

    BUT when it comes to the artist relationship with the fanbase, it feels much weaker.

    Everybody knows it : Leo left for months without leaving a word and isn’t giving any news about him aaaaand, it’s not the first time he does that.

    Is leaving a project for a long period of time, “a hiatus” a bad thing? Not at all, everybody needs a break. And when a hiatus is not enough, because of lack of inspiration, lack of time, lack of motivation, whatever the reason, the person is free to give up at any time, many good webcomics are dead and that doesn’t mean the artist is an a**hole, a loser, or whatever insult may come to your mind.

    Going to a hiatus without giving any news for month is not as terrible as some people wants to make it sound, of course it’s unprofessional but that’s not my problem with the whole thing.

    I think the main problem is that he (Leo) often repeats the same mistakes AND the fanbase around him seems to worship him / protect him for reasons that I don’t personally consider valid.

    Real life can get in your way, it can slow down a lot of things, you get sick, you travel, you get hardware issues, family/friends issues, you have to work twice as much, life isn’t easy, but from what I’ve read from the fanbase, this is only something that happens to artists like Leo. Get this idea out of your heads, we ALL have out life issues and our ways to handle them. I find hard to believe that, after six months, after been seen active on internet (DeviantArt and Twitter apparently), he doesn’t leave a little message explaining he won’t do pages or artwork for an unknown period of time.

    “The comic is free! So stop whining and wait until the next update, If you’re angry that Leo is gone, then you have no-life!” Yes, and…? The comic itself is free BUT you seem to have forgot about the donation section / donations to get pages before the official release. I’m pretty sure that lots of fans did sent money to Leo to encourage him. Fans love his work enough to send their hardly-earned money to Leo, just like I did. When I sent donations, I didn’t expected to get a new page every week but how could I (and the fans) expect Leo to get this far from the fanbase.

    I’m pretty sure every of my arguments can be countered but so far, that’s my point of view on the subject and you’re all free to agree or disagree. But I’m reeaaaally tired of some people blindingly protecting Leo for reasons I consider really irrevelant. The troll rants : don’t even answer to them, it’s not worth it. But stop putting everyone who are dissapointed by Leo into the troll category.

    From everything I’ve seen with time, I think Leo’s fanbase care about and respect him than the other way around, great artistic skills doesn’t make someone a good person. I will always love what he created but when it comes to Leo as a person, I’m really not a fan, no offense.

  277. @ Paul Jordan

    It is a drag indeed but sometimes waiting it out is all you can do. I’ve had my own share of break downs but I always manage to somehow get through them.

  278. 1. NOTHING is exempt from complaints.

    2. It’s not totally free if people HAVE paid for it.

    3. Fans have a right to expect some respect from the originators of what they are a fan of.

    4. If you disagree with 3, then stop complaining about the Star Wars prequels being horrible. Never again!

    5. Respect doesn’t mean he has to continue the comic, it just means that he has to say he’s done with it when he’s done with it so people can move on. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t jerk your fans around!

    6. There is no 6!

    7. Brown-nosing is unbecoming of a sapient being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. First of all my friends, that video that released and you CLAIM it’s his, well, it’s not

    If you press the YouTube button on this webcomic, then you will see that actually his YouTube channel is different.

    So, in final, Leo actually is not responding to YouTube or to this at ALL.

    However he must be going through a tough time that can’t even allow him to even try to comment. (Hell, he might be in University) if he is in University it will probably take four years until he is back.

    So, if you don’t have enough patience for four years….might as well GTFO and not come back since you’re totally pissed.

  280. hey leo hope your in good health. just reread the comic love the storyline, and beautiful artsmanship

  281. wow a lot changes after coming back for a few days.

    Anyway I have comfermed that Leo has changed his appearanced he was never named Leo and all was planed out as ” get $$$ and get out” without leaving a trace this is legit stuff as come from a reliable source.

  282. I’m still astonish that a webcomic not updating is such a big deal for some of you guys. Maybe I should should start drawing something before there is a melt down.

  283. That was a joke, the comic started in 2005 and Leo didn’t start taking superscription for page updates until 2012.
    There is no $$$ to make in webcomics unless you insanely successful like Penny Arcade. It’s why almost every webcomic has a donation box and why even more go belly up and just stop updating. Jenny Romanchuk of The Zombie Hunters had a tone of financial trouble just a year or so ago despite a decent fan base buying merch.

  284. he’s there waiting just waiting i remember he once said that he run from his problems instead of facing them head on i don’t remember so clearly it can be false too its just that the waiting is making people angry

  285. Comment nΒ°600! πŸ˜€
    We’re here, people!
    And Leo is still not there.

    *goes back to his normal activity*

  286. Why is everyone talking about “Star Wars” here? (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  287. ok, who ever said that leo will continue the webcomic series this summer is a freaking liar!!!
    I went to this website in hopes that he finally updated a new page for this comic, instead I find out that he still hasn’t and it’s still the same page where he decided to stop updating the pages several months ago!!!!

    whoever mention this false information to us has best to start explaining himself right NOW!!!

  288. Some one was wrong, someone lied or someone was just trolling. Time to find another webcomic ether case.

    Comments are not as entertaining as they use to be, this is not the first time a webcomic has stopped updating but it is the first time people started acting like jilted lovers over it.

    It’s not healthy guys, find a new webcomic, set up a account at or werewolfcafe for your lycan jones and move on.

  289. @Paul jordan
    “The astronomical summer (Northern Hemisphere) 2013 begins on
    Friday, June 21
    and ends on
    Saturday, September 21”

    So if that prediction was true, then the comic would start up between those two dates.

    Alllthooough, Leo lives in Chile, which is in the southern hemisphere, meaning that our summer is his winter, something that I doubt our sooth-sayer took into account.

  290. @ottter.
    Actually he started updating between June and August therefore he won’t update that late.

    He will come.

  291. Leo is a drug addled drunken sot with straws jammed so far up his nose they stick out in front of his eyeballs, blocking his vision.

    That is why he cannot update comics anymore. He can’t see to draw, or use teh intarw3bs.

    Nothing to see here folks.

    Go to if you want to see moar furreh boobies now!

  292. @Ffft
    Got any good ones?

    Does anyone feel like Leo was fraud?
    I also think Leo came back and saw the chaos in this page and lost the interest of continuing the comic, we should all just leave and go are separate ways now he’s not coming back it’s been 6-7 months and no updated comic, the only thing updating is comments against Leo unreturn.

  293. Holy crap! People are still here? I gave up hope on this comic long ago, but I do have something to say. Why are you guys still here? Leo’s probably never going to update this comic ever again, and you guys have to realize this. This comic wasn’t really that good from the start. Think of it, it took Leo almost 6 years to make BARELY 4 chapters of a failed manga. All he did was make 2 TF scenes, a few fights, some explaination, and nothing else. I know comics that have been running for about 8 years, and have 15 FULL CHAPTERS. It’s not like it’s a loss for Leo ending this comic. I think that everyone here should just find a new comic to follow, because Leo is too much of a lazy f**ktard to even run a decent comic. I’m sure one day he’s going to say something, and it’s probably going be an announcement that he’s screwed up so much in life that he’s going to stop doing everything. I don’t care if a few idiots decide to stay, but I’m leaving. Leo, you may or may not be seeing this, but if you are, either decide to announce that you’re quitting this comic, or just upload the next page and apolagize. We’re not going to yell at you for apologizing and getting back on schedule, but some will if you continue this pointless hiatus. Even if you do have to study or work at a university in Chile, that’s no reason to leave us. Now, I am leaving, and you guys probably should too. End of story. The end. Goodbye.

  294. @coaster

    I really don’t get self-entitled people like you. Leo has zero obligation to cough up his personal time for free, producing 4 chapters for free took a rather large chunk out of his life as-is. While I do agree with you that there needs to be an announcement update of some sort, I also think you need to show more respect for author.

  295. @Arkanius
    With you all the way

    Listen up! Because you will need to.

    Look, Leo updated in June-August, right? So that means that this June-August he may come back maybe around halfway in June. Think about it! Last time the long wait happened, he uploaded afterward sin June-August. I sort of noticed that. So maybe he’s coming back. And also another reason that he’s not coming is that nobody’s is buying any stuff from him.

    Go to,(even though there are some pictures and comics with high nudity) you could just go to the store three and buy some stuff. For one, it looks like Teo Howls is a good buy. Maybe then when some of you (and I mean at least HALF of you) he’ll come back.

    Now I know you might not want to buy, but it doesn’t mean you have to do it. But I’m just saying. They ARE good buys really.

  296. @gabe hilton

    Might, sorry. But that is what he did last time after a wait like this happened.

  297. Hello all, remember me? I came last time Leo look this long to make a new page, well I am here to address the problem… Leo busy making a movie about werewolves like Luna which takes a long time to produce, however by October of next month the movie will be released and the comic will resume… unless people stop paying then I’m sorry to say that the website along with Luna will no longer exist…. please continue to make payments while me and Leo continue making the movie which time can see a little of on the top left corner of this page… good bye all -Dr. Ziggurat

  298. And the fisherman says: “Show me”

    I ain’t buying until I’ve seen something credible and more official.

  299. Anyhow, I’m not buying or donating either said; the clueless the bitch who is pretending to be me.

  300. found out when he back online but look like work on star war and when he finsh that back alph luna’s chapter 4 or he is thinking word and pictures what you guy think.

  301. at this point I think Leo should just give us a chatroom to entertain us during his hiatus’s. I’m honestly surprised people still come here and leave comments after this long

  302. We used to have a forum and a roleplay that started off pretty decent… and then it sputtered and died, that and the forum wasn’t very active to begin with.

  303. I think if he is gonna take this damn long with his comic that maybe he should just shut it down. how long has it been now… 2 years since a Last update, its Chronicles of the annoying quest all over again.

  304. Smosh has now past the 10 million subscriber mark. Why not subscribe to them.

    Also how about you guys buy two howls, trust me, it’s good

  305. yeah i know too Freeborn the movie about werewolf i saw preview fo the movie and my gradaution and i think Mr Leo doing on his work is still on star war on it

  306. I’m glad you noticed that link that leadsto the work being done on the movie… maybe now you have enough evidence to believe what I’m saying when I say that Leo will not let this comic die, he is just busy with something that will give him more money than the comic that’s all… if you saw us do the movie and still need more proof, I’m sorry but I cannot help you any further… good bye all. -Dr. Ziggurat

  307. i believe you know dr.zigg pls if you read this tell leo this for me

    tell him that he is never alone for me i stand right behind his back when ever i can i hope this goes for the other fans too

    il wait until he makes a new page i wait as usually

  308. Still nothing!? Are you kidding me? I could understand if he was doing something like Paradigm Shift updates, where they take awhile but you get a few pages.., but its been what? Since September! It’s June! C’mon already! I feel bad for those who paid for the next pages… The least he could do, is post HERE, and not TWITTER.. About what’s going on. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve finished two chapters of another web comic in the time expanse that this one page has been out..

  309. *sigh* why do I have to keep explaining that those who paid for advance pages already got what they paid for?? When the pages come out (a week earlier) you donate the amount of your choice, and you get the HQ pages. No one is out money that they paid for pages they did not get.

    And I understand the frustration about the lack of updates, but come on, this is Leo’s life, not yours.

  310. tkfilm47@ Well now I have actually been reading alot of others.. Here’s my list…

    ….The Blackblood Alliance
    ….Shifters Online
    ….Strays Online
    ….Paradigm Shift
    ….El Viaje de Luka(it has english pages- I just don’t know the english title)

    I have been able to read all these, and still going each week with the updates. This one is just bogus. And if people who payed got pages already.. Then these pages are already made.. So Leo is just being lazy with posting. A person is not sick for what.. 7 months with a cold or flu.. Personally, whether I get the pages or not, I would never pay for this.

  311. well this is turning out quite interesting I’ll have to look into the movie Leo is making. I don’t mind his long leaves of absence. For he is human like the rest of us and things happen.

  312. @yamijenny87 What movie is Leo making? I had not heard that he was making a movie. If you have any more details please let me know.

  313. yamijenny87@ There hasn’t been an update on Freeborn in a while either. The director hasn’t said a word the beginning of the year.

  314. Actually, he just updated the facebook page yesterday. News has been slow since the release of their first short, however.

  315. seriously leo, a movie?
    shouldn’t you be focusing on updating a page for this webcomic series instead of doing that!!!

    if you ask it’s a total waste of time on making a movie, besides you are already several months late on updating the page like you where suppose to do and better yet you were suppose to be doing that when summer vacation started and of course which still didn’t, did you lied to us of when you said that you will continue the web-comic series or something because if you did I would be really, really, really, really,MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I swear leo if you don’t update the next pages at the end of summer vacation, I will fly down there to South America and force you if you don’t update the pages at the end of summer vacation, an don’t even think of stopping the web-comic series after that, get it? GOOD!!!

  316. @Paul jordan geez calm down.I think he is really peogressing with his movie or something.

  317. @Lakehaven4690

    How can I calm down when he’s making a movie when he should be updating the page’s like he was suppose too when summer vacation started, not just suddenly make a movie out of a web-comic series like out of nowhere, and plus he lied to us when said that he would continue the series on summer break!

    p.s. and again, how can I calm down man!?

  318. I don’t think he’s involved in the production of Freeborn, I thought he was just supporting it.

    Second I don’t recall him ever saying he’d resume updates when summer started, I recall someone guessing that was when he might start again.

    It’s all been fan speculation, so I have no idea why you’re getting upset over that.

  319. @Quint

    oh, so someone guessed that it might start again sorry, guess I got mixed on who said it and all, my bad.

    p.s. sorry that I was saying mean things to leo, I didn’t mean it, I take back of I said about him being a lair and all, I hope he can forgive me.

  320. I don’t care if he forgives me or not. It’s been months.. MONTHS!! The movie is a waste of time since ppl will buy it once, watch it, then get bored and probably never touch it again for a few years… This comic was amazing, and with ppl nowadays wanting free webcomics, there will always be an unlimited amount if ppl visiting the site. With him -putting this aside- for some movie, whether good or not, just so what? He can make a quick buck? He already does that here, giving ppl who pay, new pages.
    If you ask me, for those ppl who had already paid, I believe they had already received the next pages. So what is wrong with Leo? If he already has some damn pages done for the ppl who paid MONTHS ago.. Why not post them by now!? It’s ridiculous.
    This webcomics is where I started from. Then I worked my way up and found others that were enjoyable, but I still always thought this one as my favorite. LEO you need to get off your ass, pause the movie, and post the pages you already made for the subscribers.. Because the rest of us are getting pissed!
    I have visited this site for a long time, every other day I pop in to see if things change.. All I ever see, is the same damn page, and more complaints. Why don’t you read these comments, let them sink in, and give us readers what we want. I’m human too, but I am still able to work 40 hours a week, and Still! Come home, illustrate a book, work on animating and then do whatever. So what is your excuse? We humans are made to multi task. Learn how to before this comic gets abandoned by the time you actually come back.

    There! I have said my peace! Now I feel slightly less angry. xD

  321. No update? I’m guessing that Leo has all the time he needs, and I’m being myself, and writing a webcomic while getting some pages ready.

  322. Who knows, I guess. I’m just living my life, and getting shit done so I can leave and move out on my own because my dad is getting married with a woman who has three kids that are way younger than me.

  323. I couldn’t resist. After all the talk of this movie he’s supposedly filming, I had to see for myself.

    You people realize that the last posts from the guy making the film was months ago, right? And that his website got taken down, presumably from a lack of interest or lack of funds? Not to mention the YouTube channel for the movie seems dead in the water as well.

    No comments. No updates. No activity. Nothing.

    The movie excuse has run its course; there is nothing left to blame the lack of updates on. Stop pretending you don’t know what’s happened. It’s simply time to move on.

    We had a good run. It’s time to stop beating this horse, It’s LONG been dead.

  324. I’m getting tired of waiting, I know you’re your watching Leo, how much longer are you going to keep your fans hanging? First, you returned two years and then you say that your sick and you haven’t said a word since then, where are you? You can’t be working on Freeborn either, so why won’t you answer us?

  325. Does somebody knows about other comics, I would like to read something while I waith for AL, I`ve alrede read all the other suggestions, pease I`d apreciate it a lot

  326. PEOPLE ARE STILL HERE!!!??? I understand the new readers but this is just WTF? look guys Leo is not updated until Half-Life 3 come out and that is never its about to be a YEAR WITHOUT UPDATING in TWO MONTHS!! the guy is dead as in he’s never going to update the comic guys don’t you see!? save your free time while you still can.