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Page 38

There were a lot of close-ups in this page… but I like how it come out 🙂
Just let’s hope Collie…. *runs away to avoid spoilers*

Page 39 & 40 avilabe for donors! 40 is kinda special…you’ll know why when you see it 🙂

Not much more to say I have to work right now, so I leave you. Take care!



36 thoughts on “Page 38

  1. I see what you mean by 40 being special. There’s one thing I could say about pg. 40, just an observational comment, but it’d be spoilers. Well and there’s that my monitor’s not big fan of that page either, I need to zoom in to see the fine quality detail of your work.

  2. I’m honestly hoping that the “donor packs” can be acquired later. Just for the high resolution stuff =D

    About this page… hmm? Luna had problems to talk again?

  3. @Wan
    She hasn’t talked since…well since she changed. Just imagine that it can be a little difficult to a new muzzle and a extended tongue.

    Old pages can be purchased within the Calendar section, there’s a small link at the bottom. I haven’t put all previous pages since I started but I’ll do so eventually.

  4. i have to say that your format for the update confused me at first but with this cliff hanger….i so wana donate now so i can keep updated. i don’t have the money right now though.

  5. And now the fight beings with some dialog. And it looks like Luna is getting some of her humanity back well of the mind and limited of course but still some is better then nothing at all.

  6. Awww 🙁 please dont let Collie die I want you be rescued by Luna and have her kill that mean Werecat guy. Then take you away into a forest and snuggle you close in her soft fur keeping Collie warm ^^ That be cute:)

  7. Awww 🙁 please dont let Collie die I want her be rescued by Luna and have Luna kill that mean Werecat guy. Then take her away into a forest and snuggle Collie close in her soft fur keeping Collie warm ^^ That be cute:)SORRY I TOLLTALY NEED SLEEP HAD TO REFRAIS THAT 😛

  8. @Adolf Mingan

    I thought of it more like a transition from her growling to trying to say “Leave her” before managing to finally say it.

  9. Me:I think I lost them,Bleu.
    (Huffs and puffs)
    I wonder if I keep going trough this DARK! Allyway?
    Goes through the alleyway and at the End…
    Me:Oh its…Uh Oh its,Its a WTF!? Better get to high ground FAST!

  10. O.O what did collie do? Why would she be sorry,What secrets does she contain. STAY tuned to find out! September the 18th! lol i can imagine the comics as episodes of an anime.

  11. Thanks for clearing that up both Leo and Quint. I should have thought so from the beginning. I wonder if Collie is sorry for knowing about Animas or is it something worse than what we know so far? Perhaps a secret that could unravel their friendship for good. Stay tuned I will!

    Michael Lim: I do too.

  12. @Adolf Minigan
    Actually Collie is saying sorry for not being able to say anything else… I mean what can you say when you’re supposed to say… good bye? :-s (remember what the Anima said to her)

  13. Leo: That too! Teo wants to see Luna before he rips Collie’s head off. So she is scared, that is why she is frightened of saying anything else than what you said.

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