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It’s been a while I know, I know. I should explain myself, and first and foremost ask for forgiveness. I owe the readers of AL so much and the affection that I’ve gotten is the reason I’m back here inspired to work and try again to pursuit dreams of youth. Thank you.

But as in other instances I don’t have much to say about the reason of this latest hiatus. But let’s try to elaborate, my mental and physical health hasn’t been the strongest during the past months and being in a state of depression didn’t help either. For over a year I’ve suffered of tinnitus (a high pitch sound that never ends that can drill your head insane) that comes and goes, migraines that make me feel light-headed with plugged ears and sleep disorders that make you feel alienated to the real world… so yeah, kinda of a bummer. 4 doctors and 10 exams later there is no true culprit… so … shrugs, let’s keep trying these pills just in case.

And let’s remember I’m not that young anymore (35) and the lack of energies can be an issue.
What I cannot say is what lies in my RL surroundings, family responsibilities and such that can move you away from your good will intentions, meaning my projects, thus the comic.

Slowly but moving forward I arranged what needed to be done in order to come back here and now I’m enthusiastic to make the next thing possible. Because even before I was gone there were things, important things that I left that I felt terrible for not being accomplished and those things were attached to friends that were working with me for future projects related to AL.

But I’ll show some previews of those projects soon, next week to being to taste what I’m cooking here.

For now and probably to the end of this chapter (Page 47 or 48) there won’t be Donor’s pages, maybe I’ll upload the HD versions for download but they won’t be released ahead of time. This is because it wouldn’t feel right to charge right now after the huge absence I had. The system should be back for Chapter 5.

For more info, please join to the FB page where I’m usually posting drawings and previews before pages come out. So again, thanks for your support, there are no words to say thanks enough, from me and from Luna.

Next page should be up next WED if everything works fine, take care.



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  1. I’ve been a fan since you first started ages and ages ago and I waited hoped and preyed you were well through the silences. I’m glad to hear you are alive and kicking, though I am saddened to hear you are not 100%. Take your time and if you find you still love it, keep drawing.

    Lots of Fan Love

  2. When I first stumbled upon your comic five years ago I caught you just as you went on a hiatus and I’ve stuck around since. I’ve never been impatient waiting for new pages, one of the perks of being a fisherman that commonly fishes an over fished lake.

    But I understand you had real world problems and I’m glad you’re doing alright.

  3. Like I’ve said before; I’m always patient when it comes to your works (…as patient as on-again/off-again obsessive compulsive person checking your Webcomic and Werewolf art site once everyday patient, LOL). I’m just sorry to hear about the things you had to deal with this past year. I’m guessing that FLU is what eventually turned into the Ear nose thing, huh?

    Anyways, I’m just at least relieved to hear you’re still among the living and working to get your life back in order, comic or no-comic. So you keep up your own steady pace and I’ll continue to be watching patiently for the next page or art until you feel its time to hang up the artpad (or uninstall the art program…something something…I’m REALLY not good with jokes or smart phrases 😛 ).

  4. I appreciate your candor. I also agree that health issues always take precedence and a long absence from a project is sometimes necessary to recover.

    That said, I really, really wish you’d at least post a message saying you’ll be gone for an indefinite period when you take these sabbaticals. At the very least a twitter message to the effect of “Comic on hiatus.” There were rumors going around that you were dead. It’s not the long wait, but the uncertainty that drives away some fans.

    That said, welcome back.

  5. Thanks Heliotroph, it means a lot coming from you. I wish I could be more open when comes to personal issues, but I’ll try my best. Thanks again, I owe you a lot.

    Timid Tabby, I understand what you were trying to say 🙂 Thanks for the words dude.

    Thanks Quint, Waffles, genuine fans and readers for all this time 🙂

  6. I understand that you have health issues and other stuff. Hell, if anything, you should devote more to yourself and family. Sometimes, we can be pretty big jerks and ignore the problems, and that is what makes us angry and impatient. We never really care. But we understand now, if you’re that sick, you should take as much time as you want to get better. Just update your hiatus and we’ll understand your problems Leo.Good thing you’re back now.

  7. My wife has tinnitus. It is not any fun. She had surgery a while ago where they removed a bone in her inner ear (the stapes?) and implanted an artificial one. It helped a lot but didn’t eliminate the problem.

    Best wishes!

  8. cant wait for what your cooking leo it sounds delicious but he im not from the start with this comic but its on of my favorite i looked atleast 1 times a day on this site that much i love this and leo you dant have to ask forgivniss from me because i know you have problems sometimes he everyone has problems right and everybody takes those on diffrently

    i hope you stay well and happy leo greetings from holland your dutch reader thomas

  9. I have been a fan since 2½ years so far. Coming across your comic was amazing, since I was still budding as a werewolf fan back then. I really hope you can get your life in order to be able to continue what you love and have a passion for. You possess superb talent here, the world needs more like that.

    Anyways, be happy and be healthy.
    Your Americano reader,

  10. Glad to see that you aren’t super injured. I’ve only been reading it since September (SO 2nd new page for me ^.^) so I didn’t know about all the problems you had. I hope you end up feeling better and gt rid of those migraines and depression.

  11. Leo… You are BY FAR the best drawer I’ve ever seen… Every time there’s a new page, it amazes me

  12. Hmm. From what you have described it seems like the same kind of problem I have. the doctors I have been to the past few years have also not come up with much, so I can understand how it feels.

    Great to see the comic updating again aswell!!

  13. It’s finally good to see you alive and well. However there is a couple of questions I would like to ask. One there was a rumor of you being on hiatus because you were working on a live action werewolf film called Freeborn. Was this true? Second what will become of other site Loboleo?

  14. Hey Leo, glad you’re back, I sincerelly hope you get better, beeing ill is terrible, trust me I know, however, everyone who is your fan will always support you, Including me, it’s hard to understand how you feel but don’t forget that we really apreciate you.

  15. I’ve been a fan for about 2 years and still love this comic. Keep up the great work Leo. I’m happy you’re back. 🙂

  16. Sorry that you were not feeling well, but I must admit that there was some hands in the air and shouting of “He lives!” on this end.

    Welcome back, glad you a feeling better, and cheers to you for conquering that pesky little thing called ‘Life’. ^_^

  17. They said I was crazy thinking that you were coming back. THEY CALLED ME CRAZY NOW LOOK. BWAAAA HA HA HAAAW. Also, welcome back. I am excited to see the AL story continue.

  18. hi leo i see you have tinnitus . that is a bloody nightmare . unfortunately there is not much that can done about that , but try hypnotherapy it might be worth a try

  19. Yay! You are back, I could not hold back my excitement when I saw the facebook post that you were off hitatus, I can understand you going off like that, it’s ok. Thanks for creating this wonderful comic for us to appreciate. Its nice to see that alot of people still appreciate you for your work, and not hate you For the absence of it. Some people feel that they have the right to demand for art, or that you owe them a living. Heh, what the internet does to people.
    Your supportive singaporean reader,

  20. it was the second time he was absent for me and i still dont mind it. its his comic and his way of doing it not ours

  21. I remember stumbling on your comic so long ago. I understand that life happens and am very happy that you have come back. I let out a loud “YES!” when I saw the update and had to explain to my family that you were back (Yes I had been talking to my family about how worried I was about you) and they’re all happy that you’re ok. My family and I wish you the best of everything.

  22. Bueno, nuevamente como es de saber, la vida es primero. Y honestamente, es mejor hacer las cosas que amas y que the apasionan cuando estas en el ánimo de hacerlas, de otra forma terminas haciendo cosas de las que te arrepientes después y seguro eso no es lo que quieres de este y otros proyectos en los que has trabajado por décadas.

    Y supongo ya lo sabes, pero si bien es bueno ponerte ‘metas’ de fechas en las que esperas hacer algo, eso está bien, pero a veces es igual de bueno admitir que no puedes comprometerte y lo mejor es decir “estará listo cuando esté listo”, asi que no te preocupes y tomate tu tiempo.

    Es bueno volver a verte de regreso Leo, tus trabajos siempre han sido una gran inspiración para varios artistas y novatos como yo 😛

  23. Hmmm….tinnitus? Never knew that there was a name for that phenomenon. Didn’t even think that it could be a biological disorder.

    Mine usually just fades into the background. The silence is deafening, of course.

  24. This youngwolf (who is also 35) sends his howlgreetings, Cousin! o_o It’s great to see you doing your best for both your health and the same best in trying to keep AL going! Stay strong, and bless you from whirlwinds, star-blasting and blunt pencils!

    Gracias por prestar su fuerza a la gran creación que compartimos, y para mantener la llama de alta para sus propias creaciones de usted!

    -Cliff, former AL Forums resident.

  25. Omega is to the lowest rank in pack, Gabe. He even wrote it in underneath panel. In other words, Teo was insulting Alex (Fang).

  26. Dear Leo.

    I’m mad at you. On the point to be furious.
    I had plans for the day. I had things to do.
    I had to clean my home, take a walk in the beautiful weather and take some pictures for my new project.
    But you broke my intentions. You crushed my plans and grind them to dust in the wind.
    You used this update(s) to spear my mind and hauled it in to investigate the story behind the picture and made ​​me believe that it was by my own curiosity.
    Somehow you diverted all my attempts to break free and do what I should.
    And now I have to WAIT for more!?!

    That is pure EVIL!

    Sincerely your new fan

    Parel Manuel

  27. @Pareal Manuel
    I’m gonna take that as a compliment Sr.! Thank you! If you stay around I’ll keep punishing you ^_^

    Thanks to everybody for your kind and encouraging messages, I’m really gratefull to have such pack of readers and fans 🙂

  28. Anyhow, I graduated high school and getting ready to take the ASVAB to go into the military. Sounds like you’re leaving again, Leo. I hope everything turns out fine in life, and Y’know, I’ve grown up watching this comic since I was a freshman in school. It was great seeing everyone, and I’m happy because you have actually inspired many people to draw. Hopefully another forum would up pretty soon, but I think it’s not going to happen. I gonna miss everyone! 😀

  29. Oh god! XD Oh god! He called Fang an Omega ;D *laughs* God I love this comic and it’s worth the wait! I waited long for a story to come to and cause of it I have great patience 🙂
    It’s sad to hear about tinnitus and all problems it has given you. I have felt those passing tinnitus things sometimes and I just can’t think how horrible it feels when it continues for long! I hope it will go away 🙂

  30. Meh – I’ve been following you for over a decade now – I love your work, first and foremost. However, ever since the beginning, you have released wonderful art and then just disappeared – I would have commissioned you several times, but you honestly can’t be trusted. I hope you prove my instincts wrong and actually stick around.

  31. Welcome back Leo. You’ve been missed 🙂

    Sorry to hear you’re not 100%, if there’s anyone we can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Xheihachi + Sabrina

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