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Page 41

More to Come next week.



36 thoughts on “Page 41

  1. *sighs in relief*
    Love the newest page, but I’m simply happy to see you’re alive. I hope life hasn’t been bringing you down lately. It’s good to see you back.

  2. Let’s hope he doesn’t disappear suddenly and without warning and explanation again. He probably will, but hope springs eternal.

  3. Fuck yes! An update! Woo! XD

    What’s been going on, Leo? If you don’t mind one of your readers asking. ^.^

  4. I started drifting away from webcomics a few months ago for no reason really, but today I decided to check up on my favorites to see if everything was doing ok.

    Look and behold, Leo is back lol! Since I don’t give donations I don’t care about the reasons behind your absence. You’re entitled to all the time you need to work on this hobby of yours. And it pleases me that you are doing just fine after having a slight worry in my heart for the longest time.

  5. I stopped checking this site for a while, but I guess today was just a lucky day 😀
    I honestly forgot what had happened for a few pages back, but I’m happy to see the story will yet continue!

  6. YYYYEEEEAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! You have returned. Not bad, this is what I was thinking would happen next. Keep them coming Leo.

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