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Page 44

A day late, had stuff to make and gave to this page some extra care. But now enjoy the new page!
Next one will be up this Wednesday 28, you can catch me inking next page this Tuesday 2 around 7pm PST time.(Twitter and FB I’ll post the links).



17 thoughts on “Page 44

  1. actually i wanted to ask…y do “AZAR” said i am no father??i didn’t catch the actual meaning…can someone explain it to me >,<?

  2. If and when you finish this comic, can you try to make it into a comic book. I MUST have a complete comic book of the whole story and its amazing story.

  3. It’s funny to see Luna talking normaly in her lycan form. If we consider that in the day before she lost her conscience and was a feral beast guided by instincts.

  4. Hey Leo, its awesome to see you back at your work. I hope everything goes well for you as you have many fans, including me, watching and can say that, you are a truely a work of art yourself. God bless your wolfish heart. *thumbs way up for respect to you*

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