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Phew, double pages are a pain. But worth it, due this same reason I skipped the shading process or the page would’ve taken too long and in a way I like the way it looks in B&W.
Besides, there are a few pages in the beginning of this chapter that still need to shaded, work that I hopefully update once I have this chapter done (pretty soon!) , I’m woking on the layout right now, so it could be 1 or 2 pages more!

That’s for now. Remember I’m always posting new at Luna’s FB page so you keep informed, thanks again to the people who shared a time while I was inking this in the stream. Take Care.



21 thoughts on “Page 45-46

  1. Freaky; Azar looks like he is about to explode, and are those squirrels on his body emerging runic symbols, or just an outline of his energy?

  2. Oh, cool. Also, if Azar, assimilated (I don’t know what else to call it) Teo “years” ago, does that mean he killed the real Teo when he was just a little kid?

  3. Hmm, just an idea but if it is easier and faster for you, why not make all the posted pages just inked like this one, and make the shaded ones something for people that donate or something?

  4. This is getting more interesting with each page. Azar appears to have some Envy (FMA) or Tetsuo (Akira) mutation going on.

  5. is still as awesome as always…but i feel that grammer gt a bit problem…(we’re two lycans against you)…i feel that it should be (we two lycans are against you)…(^.^)

  6. @ryann: As Leo’s occasional Editor, I just want to say that Leo’s original line, “We’re two lycans against you,” is fine because they’re trying to show how it’s two against one, so the odds are in their favor, hence why Azar has to beef up his monstrous proportions to show them that their threat still means very little to him. Your revision, “We two lycans are against you,” removes the emphasis that it’s two against one.

  7. *sniff* I sense there will be some badass fight against Azar!

    *insert battle song from Hans Zimmer here*

  8. Leo, great job and welcome back. The action is about to be an all time high. I can’t wait to see Luna and Fant teaming up. Take care, Leo!

  9. AAAHHH!!! You’re back! Wow, ok… this is so cool! alsdkfjalsdkfj!!!

    Been a fan for a while but never posted due to all the nasty drama that erupts when you’re gone.

    Keep up the great work when you can, I knew patience would pay off in the end.

  10. Woohoo! A double pager! Okay, this looks like trouble. Azar’s a demon, not a Lycan and his powers are not from Mother Earth although he thinks so. Magic is needed here, not brute force since he has that in abundance.

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