AL Ch. 5 – Page 49

And so the ensuing conflict comes to an end with a spiraling wind that fades as Teo’s last words are heard by Luna. All of this to an oblivious Fang who is trying to comprehend what just happened.

This page marks the point where I left the comic abandoned back in 2018 with the sketch of this page half-way done. While the previous page (48) was a new addition as initially Teo didn’t make an appearance and this was the real page 48 back then.

But yeah, things change, I’m always double-checking the script with new ideas that fit into the narrative as we get closer to the end of the chapter which should end around October. After that there will be a new “chapter” , but right now is a bit early to say anything else.

In any case thanks for reading so far! Page 50 has already been posted at my Patreon : as usual if you see a new page here it means the patreon usually also is one page ahead.

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One thought on “AL Ch. 5 – Page 49

  1. Too bad he had to die after being released, but at least he doesn’t have to suddenly get used to reconnecting to people in his life, or having a body on the other side of puberty *shivers*.

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