AL Ch. 5 – Page 50

This time we finally get to check on Collie as David awakes from his apparent death!

I was feeling a little rusty at the beginning but I things came naturally to me after a few hours. That said I wouldn’t be working on shadings if these were the first pages of a new chapter, but since we are reaching the end I did put the extra effort and hours to make it look good 😛

Anyway, I hope you like it! Next page will come around mid September. Until then!

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2 thoughts on “AL Ch. 5 – Page 50

  1. Sorry David, but being saved only leads to either redemption or you becoming a villain, and redemption can only lead to either friendship or death, and since Teo already died,unless you want to be a villain you’re one of the nerds now!

  2. Hello Leo. I really like the story of Alpha Luna and Beta Colleen. You are one of the few people to describe werewolves differently as majestic beings. I have been looking for months and months for live or animated series and also films based on your representation of the werewolf, but I have not found anything, Of course you are going to tell me that there are 2 series named “wolfblood ” and “Teen Wolf” but for me, it does not represent your vision of the werewolf. There’s only one anime series that could even come close to that, and it’s: Gargoyles the Angels of the Night. Because I’m in the process of creating a story inspired by yours on some things, but I’ve had a hard time moving my story forward for over a year and I wish I’d found other sources of inspiration , but like what I said earlier I found absolutely nothing unfortunately, keep it up and good luck.

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