AL Ch. 5 – Page 48

We’re back!

Here we can see “Teo” as he used to look when he was a child, just before he’d be used as a vessel of the Black-cat Demon known as Azar.

For a second there I almost skip this page altogether as I sketched it but I thought it was a little to late to show or bring some light to how is that Azar came to be. Sadly, but in the end I DID decided to ink it and well here it is. This kid became but a soul trapped inside his own body as Azar possessed his body for over 5 years waiting to find a werewolf to “play” with.

But oh well, I would’ve liked to explain much more but I hope you get the gits.

And with this page we start walking again toward the future. Next month there will be 2 pages this time, the first coming by the the end of the second week and the other one before the end of the August. Besides that I’m still working on commissions and updating my patreon as usual as well as writing the story and a few other things.

So keep up with me, Luna and I are back to howl again with you.



One thought on “AL Ch. 5 – Page 48

  1. I guess Teo doesn’t get a miracle save because he’s not a protagonist… Welp, you can’t save everyone (plus, if he lived he would have to get used to a 17 years old body).

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