AL Ch. 5 – Page 50

This time we finally get to check on Collie as David awakes from his apparent death!

I was feeling a little rusty at the beginning but I things came naturally to me after a few hours. That said I wouldn’t be working on shadings if these were the first pages of a new chapter, but since we are reaching the end I did put the extra effort and hours to make it look good 😛

Anyway, I hope you like it! Next page will come around mid September. Until then!

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8 thoughts on “AL Ch. 5 – Page 50

  1. Sorry David, but being saved only leads to either redemption or you becoming a villain, and redemption can only lead to either friendship or death, and since Teo already died,unless you want to be a villain you’re one of the nerds now!

  2. Hello Leo. I really like the story of Alpha Luna and Beta Colleen. You are one of the few people to describe werewolves differently as majestic beings. I have been looking for months and months for live or animated series and also films based on your representation of the werewolf, but I have not found anything, Of course you are going to tell me that there are 2 series named “wolfblood ” and “Teen Wolf” but for me, it does not represent your vision of the werewolf. There’s only one anime series that could even come close to that, and it’s: Gargoyles the Angels of the Night. Because I’m in the process of creating a story inspired by yours on some things, but I’ve had a hard time moving my story forward for over a year and I wish I’d found other sources of inspiration , but like what I said earlier I found absolutely nothing unfortunately, keep it up and good luck.

  3. As tu du mal de faire les dessin ou les textes ?
    Pourquoi tu ne demandes pas à d’autres personnes pour t’aider à t’avancer plus vite ?

  4. Tu pourrais demander de l’aide de l’équipe de dessin du webcomics Dragon Ball Multiverse.Ils dessine super bien le style manga.Il pourrais te donner un grand coup de pouce et tu sera moins sous pression entre ta famille et ton état de santé et ton boulot et la BD.
    Ps:je ne veux pas vexer .

      1. 我也盼望着这个漫画会更新,我自从2016年就发现了这篇漫画,我也真的很喜欢这篇漫画,如今最近两年我还找到这个网站,期待这篇漫画的继续更新。
        ((( o (*°▽°*) o )))

        I also look forward to the update of this comic book, I have been discovering this comic since 2016 and I really like it, I have also found this website in the past two years. Looking forward to the update of this comic.

        ┳┻| ヘ∧

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