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Well, that didn’t turn out well for Luna. And you know what takes a lot of time? Drawing fight scenes that look good, and I’m trying!

I know that crater looks a bit of a stretch, but also the idea of a Giant Four-Leged giant Demon Cat fighting 2 werewolves :p In truth there is some kinetic energy being released, an aura if you will beside the brute impact and you’ll see more of that as the fights goes on.

As usual Page 09 is also ready for Download.

In other news… The Cameo CONTEST ended!
Because I needed a couple for the scene I divided the raffle in 2 parts. In the end here are the winners: Jorge Luis Rodriguez & Jorge Tah Trickster

You can watch the video to see the process, but it’s only spanish spoken. In text form I explain at the beginning of the video the reason why some people were not added to the board was because many didn’t put additional info why you wanted to become an extra. Some people did a backgroung story for their characters, while that was nice there was no personal input to “why” you wanted to be included. And some of those stories suggested -wrongly- that you’d like to be part of the gang with Luna, which was going against the basic idea of choosing someone who is just an background extra. Also, some people tried to add were-creatures, werewolves to the mix when I specifically said (under Step 3) to avoid doing that. And some just said they wanted to be in just…because they liked the comic…and thats it.
So, in the end those nominated to be added to the roulette were those who did not make those mistakes described in the first place and explained why they wanted to be in. Creating a backstory was nice but not really needed. More important was to make your message clear.

I really appreciate everybody who posted and participated! And don’t be so upset, there is a high chance there will be a new spot in the future for another cameo so be alert! Take care!


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  1. Thanks to the title, I thought that the (seemingly) slowly-awakening David would manage to pull a gun and start popping some caps…

    Oh well, this works too! 😛

  2. OMG…i hope i didn’t see this…feel so pain…even Fang was speechless when seeing this…feel sad and want cry watching this…

  3. So, how’s that contest? Haven’t seen an update on it yet, other than you said you were gonna make an announcement last night 😛

  4. I’m sorry to inform I won’t be posting a new page this week. Time and lack of focus has got the better of me, sketches just didn’t work 🙁 – I hope to compensate next Wed. take care.

  5. @Leo

    the fact that you’re updating regularly means so much, even if it’s just a message that says you’ll be a little late.

  6. @Leo

    dude that’s crazy, you should have somebody helping you on this webcomic.

    the reason why is because you shouldn’t be doing this alone.

  7. @Tyler=Chireru


    dude, this is the only reason why we have to wait for several months is because he’s doing all of this by himself and he has no one back him up in case if he isn’t felling well.

    there has to be somebody he knows that can help him.

  8. @Paul Jordon

    I understand your point full well…but its because he’s by himself that I think that Leo truly is more likely to convey the true vision for his series than any mainstream manga series I can think of.

  9. @Tyler=Chireru

    well that’s good an all, but I don’t know if you’ve notice that he hasn’t updating the pages to this week from last week, so it’s only clear that it’s happening again.

  10. @Anon

    Chance of what? Some fans didn’t rush on him through years with his hiatuses, but problem is very simple – he didn’t warn his fans that he will take long hiatuses, and every single week everyone tried to look througn his site about update with hope that he came back. And because of that some fans just leave this place – hope is a good thing, but, naturally, it’s fades away with every month.

  11. @Johny I came to terms that he tends to disappear without a word (reasons I don’t know nor will I butt my business into) but I stayed patient because I know he’ll come by and continue his great work.

    If his ‘fans’ want to go elsewhere to read, then so be it. There are still more people willing to wait for continuation or at least some news.

    Honestly I do get annoyed with every comic I come across, it’s people constantly complaining that author is always late to submit a page and – at most times – immediately assume the comic is dead. It’s their work okay? Let them submit it when they can and explain when they can.

    Maybe he’s very busy irl, maybe its personal stuff. It’s been 2 weeks, don’t jump the gun just yet.

    @bloodwolf – Paradigm Shift is GREAT. We can just wait and hope for Dirk’s inspiration to come back c:

  12. @Anon

    I’ll repeat – just a warning that pages will come a little late, or he has some issues irl, I am not complaining about date of his pages, but warning messages can make things much better – people can wait, but with nothing to hope why we must wait? (really – on some days during his big hiatus some people thought that he was dead because of this thing)

  13. Don’t really care when the pages comes out, he can work at his own pace he has the right to do that. I do, however, appreciate author feedback on what they are planning scheduling wise in terms of a project like this. It’s simply a little common courtesy towards his audience, that’s all. Other then that I don’t care how long he takes. I’ll just take a leap and say it might have something to do with Destiny being released.

  14. @Paul jordan
    BBbarton might be one of those few who came back from comic hibernation/abstination after a long while because of leos hiatus

  15. I forgot what the speaker button did and I highlighted A couple sentences and turned it on not knowing what it did (A speech is something that starts saying words/shows ho to pronounce them) I didn’t know what it was doing untill my brother signed to me that it was talking. Apparently it was annoying him. :3 *Deaf*

  16. Your art keeps getting better Leo. Just noticed the fine details in the impact zone. Looking forward to your next page whenever you get to it. No hurries nor worries.

    Hasta la vista, senor Leo!

    What up Lim? Long time no see.

  17. I don’t want to be rude but WERE ARE PAGES 9 10 AND 11 we waited for 3 weeks and still no pages were are they Leo.

  18. @Blackblood

    If you visit the Alpha Luna Facebook page it clearly states there that Leo is working on updating his older works to prepare for a book release. I share your frustration in waiting for new material but take satisfaction in knowing that he is doing something. All and all he just has to work on posting his delays on the actual Alpha Luna site and not just Facebook, but hey he’s not on hiatus again so enjoy that fact for the time being.

  19. @Ragnar

    I went to the alpha Luna Facebook and some of the words are in Spanish and I can’t read Spanish so what’s the point of heading to A.L.F short version for alpha Luna Facebook. Plus I don’t have a Facebook account because one you can’t keep you account private which is unacceptable two. I heard a lot of bad things on Facebook which I don’t trust. three one you open the account people will find you account people will say good of bad things about you and which you can’t disabled you account from Facebook.

  20. @Blackblood
    Well if you have Facebook issues then follow him on one of his other sources perhaps. There should also be a translation option available below Spanish text that will give you the gist of what’s being said in the statement. I simply learned long ago that relying completely on this site for regular updates from Leo is not the best way for information. That is still something he needs to work on but as I said in my previous post at least he is doing something related to his work.

  21. @Blackblood
    Yes you can disable/lock down your account.
    You can more or les make it private or friends only.
    You can ban people from posting on your page.
    You have to know how to change your settings and you must have a good password. Make shore you have as much redundancy possible when it comes to resetting your password.
    You don’t have to use your real name. You don’t have to put your location.
    When it comes down too it if you understand how the internet works you can become just about untrackeable unless you make your location known.
    For the most part Leo’s posts are translated or have a translation available through Bing. The comments are a different mater.

    P.S. Don’t mean it to sound like I am scolding you joust couldn’t find a batter way of typing it out.

  22. @theWolfThatHuntsAlone

    I can do that stuff like disable or lock account band people from your page if someone did some thing very stupid on you account. That is the best information ever thanks man.

    P.s. O if your wandering why I havet comment for three day it was because I was sick since Sunday and that’s why I was out of commission that why sorry I has no idea I felt very sick but now I feel better 100 percent. One more thing since we been Waiting for almost 2 months for new pages this takes us back to chapter 4 page 40 were we have to wait for eleven months for page 41 if that happens again I am going to be in a bad mood because it was the worst waiting experience ever and if that not bad enough go to issue #4 page 40 and see how many responses are there in 11 months.

  23. @Blackblood

    Believe me, many folks would be upset by it. Heck I got upset by it but unfortunately nothing can be done about Leo’s own work habits. I’m of the opinion that in a project like this fans do deserve the right to at least have good communication with the artist/author, but at the same time it’s Leo’s project and he’s doing it of his own free will so it’s up to him to set the pace. All I ask for is keeping the fans in the loop of what is occurring in terms of updates.

    At least this time he has given us a valid reason, so let’s save the more aggressive urges for some time where it might not be so and just let him work as he wishes.

  24. I wish I could kill all the ads on the internet with fire… but I can’t do that, now can I? Eh, I hate ads more than anything.

  25. Just a heads up, Leo has been working on the re-release of the comic book over at his country, he even updated some of the old pages with new designs. You can see this at the AL facebook page linked on the right below the comic page.

  26. Anyone who was paying attention when he first made the announcement over a month ago would know that information by this point, but some didn’t get the message. He has a reason and it’s better then nothing at all like before so it’s all good.

  27. I swear to god if we have to wait In till summer again I will be so angry that I will scream my #%€ off that leo is probably be busy or he’s not feeling well again I don’t know time will tell in the future.

  28. Nice work leo, cant wait for the next page to come out.

    Guys let him do it at his own pace, the longer the time the better it is right?

  29. Some of you guys/gals should really quit spamming the threads.

    I see there is no new updates yet. Back to living life, working new job acquired since August, reading deeper into Hellsing, music exploration/experimenting and appreciating what I got.

    Peace out, werelings!

    Happy New Year lest I forget.

  30. Hey Leo I think your doing a good job, I understand you have a lot happening In life too, I hope your doing ok, and hope to see your work, it’s really great!

  31. Meh, it has been a few monthes since I checked back, I would love to read the ending Leos got planned. Going into writing books and maybe even help the storylines of some mangas. Meanwhile, I’ll try not to get TOO addicted to Contract wars. If I may ask, how is everyones life going? Good I hope. How’s your life going, Leo?
    (I don’t expect an answer.)

  32. Well not too bad on my front @Selos, odd that I have found myself with the same addiction playing CW about 2 weeks ago and man I have been getting them GP’s on the roulette. Other than that I have been enjoying a warm start to this year going out and enjoying myself.

  33. Hiya! Checking back, and a late happy new year!

    Sorry for the late reply, well on to my 5th year of high school with a compulsory boarding program, so well busy with moving and settling in. XD, also I was thinking id stop visiting AlphaLuna for awhile so that at the point that i do come back to check, thered be new pages, but it seems like im mistaken…

    well any idea what leo is up to, im guessing making art and helping out in other projects, and his actual daytime job?

  34. @AdolfMingan
    Dirk still has not said a peep anywhere… I wonder how he is and his quest of “flying” going.

  35. @adolfmingan

    Dirk is/was the creator of another Werewolf themed comic called Paradigm Shift. Another high quality comic, but unfortunately, he decided to cease his work and attempted to “find” himself, or something along those lines. Simply put, the odds of this comic being updated are much higher then that one.

  36. I greatly appreciate the lack of male vs female stereotypes in this comic book. However
    However,Mr. Leo, the series hasn’t gone far enough into the story for me to draw any conclusions as far as truely liking or disliking the series. I must say I’m a pretty huge fan so far! I check the site frequently and have been inspired to write a manga styled comic book of my own! You have proven to us that a female werewolf CAN be in a comic book and be enjoyable. Now you have me at the edge of my seat, wondering what Luna’s mighty power is and how she will or will not get out of the crater! pages soon!

  37. Love your art, Leo! Trying to get to your level of awesomeness( in drawing i mean)! I’m sorry about whatever happened. Work at your own pace. I know the Feeling. When people are waiting on art from me, I set a personally rational deadline to prevent myself from giving up.Happy New Year!(Also, I have a Deviantart account and want to figure out how to post pictures so that I can share them with you and my followers. I’ll do it as soon as I figure it out and also as soon as freshman year in highschool eases off of me.) PS. What software do you use to make this comic book? Is it tablet capatable?

  38. @adolfmingan
    It’s Dirk I. Tiede, author of another werewolf comic, Paradigm Shift, quite nice, and has quite a lot in the archive, but the author has gone on a path to find himself, especially after facing many troublesome medical conditions that still are persisting. Pity how many nice artists all have problems. May the spirits be with him as he travels through the path of self discovery and enlightenment, through the annals of one’s mind and soul, and may he discover what makes him live in life

  39. @Selos

    Check his Facebook feed. He posts there more then he does here. Simply put, he’s focusing on Spanish versions of his book right now for publishing.

    More simply put, if you are an English read you’re pretty much screwed for now. Just gonna have to wait until he continues with the story.

  40. Focusing on the Spanish version of his book?!
    that’s what this whole thing about “making us wait for several months for the next updated pages” is about?!

    What he should be focusing on is the English version of this story, not on the Spanish version of the story!!!

    This is something he should of done in the past before doing the Spanish version, that way we wouldn’t have to wait for several months, which leaves some of us really mad!!!

    And like I said before, this is something he should’ve been focusing in the past, like the english version for one, but no he had to focus on the spanish version instead.

    Leo, I would be appreciated if you could focus on the english version of the story, then you can do the spanish version.

  41. I see, I have not really paid mind to Paradigm Shift since previous fans mentioned it years ago. I might look into it this year.

    Do check Alpha Luna’s facebook group and the artists’ profile. There are some updates now and then there.

    The case with some/most artists is that they tend to avoid getting outside and away from their desks. Might be good for this Dirk guy’s health to put his work done and come back later when refreshed.

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