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Page 9

Page 10 in HD available for Download under the Calendar Page 🙂

Ok, back on track!
There were so many things to put in order to get this page uploaded that it was a bit annoying. It was made back in september and Since last time as some of you know I’ve been promoting and working on the second edition of my printed AL spanish book and working on the Second Book, right now.

Yes, I took some weeks off back in October and then things got a bit messy for me. But I never said anything about moving away, I even lost my web site password and html access! so I was updating people mostly through Facebook page and Twitter. Sorry, I’m kinda of a mess sometimes, well pretty often.

Remember to like the FB page and…all that.

Anyhow, back to updates! (Once a week as usual) The Calendar has been updated and I hope everything resume as usual. Donator’s HD page 10 will be available next WEDNESDAY 18.

Until then, howls!



12 thoughts on “Page 9

  1. Wow, I just decided to check back on a whim after being gone awhile and not only is there a new page but also a new cover and sketch of a cover.

  2. BTW, on the cover on the previous page I just noticed the cracked glasses in front of Luna.

    Now, I know She doesn’t need Her own glasses anymore (ever since Her first transformation) so I have to assume they’re Collie’s (Maybe She was snatched by a zombiefied David).

  3. @Fatalerror94
    Or maybe only means Luna is pissed off and some of her humanity is fading out, thus the crack on her old glasses…. but I can’t say how Collie will deal with her current situation.

    PD: Guys, page 10 in HD is available for download 🙂

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