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So page 09 for Donations will not be available today (Wed 20), I’m really sorry but I haven’t felt too good these past days. For some reason even when I seep well, after a few hours I can’t help it but feel mentally tired, light headed and the cold weather here is not helping me either.

Anyhow, I’m slowing down the pages to 1 per week. Besides what I just said I’ll need a few extra days now because I’m taking art commissions and resume a few side projects. Also, AL Trade Paper Back Volume 1 in Spanish is having a second edition published in my country (Chile) very soon and I’m working on some edits for it.

If I can’t get page 09 for download for tomorrow then it’ll probably move it ahead for next Wed, we’ll see.

In other news pages:
DO YOU WANT A CAMEO IN A FUTURE PAGE OF Alpha Luna? Follow the next Steps:

Publicación de Alpha Luna.


10 thoughts on “Page 7

  1. leo dude, you need to stop getting sick every now and then because last two or three time, it took forever for you to get better ya’know?

  2. Hi
    Im Mark Franz Amanonce, Account Manager from AdNubo (by StartMeApp).
    Im trying to reach you on our interest on buying your inventory and looking for possibilities for long-term partnership. I have seen your website and it is something that catches our interest .
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards

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