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14 thoughts on “Page 6

  1. Looking good.

    2nd panel took me a few moments to realize what I was looking at.
    What I get for looking daring the news I gees.

  2. Well, no better time to learn then the present for her. Best for you and your family with your loss as well.

  3. Is this the point where David springs back to life as a zombie?

    … Probably not, but there is obviously something going on with him.

    …or he is just dead.

  4. Only thing I got confused when Collie said David and I was like ‘who? that is Fang you silly girl!’ ^^”

  5. I plan on making a live action series basted on the “Howling” franchise. It would have a basic good werewolf vs. bad werewolf plot.
    Also it would have this theme…

    And unlike “being human” and “bitten” it would have anthropomorphic werewolves based on folklore.

    So what do you guys think ,eh? 😀

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