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Hi Guys, Wolves and Girls, Art resumes!
At least for April 2016….eh?

I’m not going to get into details but what’s important is that I’m here and still alive, sorry if I didn’t post this page much much before, but it’s been lying around and in my memory I was certain I had the latest page up…and nope…*face palm* Sorry!

Life continues, I’ll schedule my art-work as 1 month at a time trying to keep you updated. And if I take hiatus at the beginning of the month or not I’ll try to let you know. I’ve had to deal with a lot of stress lately that’s been keeping me away, family issues mostly, stuff that I just I can’t disclose. but I hope you understand.

Anyhow, away with the bummer. I’ll post 4 new pages this month and the Patreon Gallery at is resuming the extra content to anyone who may want/can support my work.

It includes the Alpha Luna Chronicles Comic, Collie’s werewolf transformation comic and more.

That’s all for now, keep it up howling! Next page will be here next Wed!



9 thoughts on “Page 21

  1. I love the attention to quality you have. I just needs to be a more set schedule to be perfect. GREAT WORK!!!

  2. Finally, you have stirred from eternal slumber Leo. Welcome back sir!

    Sic him, Luna! Good gal!

  3. Welcome back my friend. Luna has performed just as I expected, a good girl, from a great artist!

  4. Don’t sweat it Leo, all that matters is your back and your ok ^.^. I knew you said you’d be updating soon…but I didn’t think you’d update this soon! I guess I should’ve checked earlier I guess XD. Someone just got clocked though…damn. *Imagine the slowest motion punch ever that took the whole hiatus to make contact.*

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