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Things get rough for Luna as the fight continues!

Guys, remember I’ve resumed work at my Patreon Gallery with extra AL content at: Where you will find Collie’s transformation comic plus AL Chronicles and more.
You’re welcome to join in whenever you want.

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11 thoughts on “Page 22

  1. Two pages in two days…What have you done with the real Leo! Just joking around of course bu,t I have to wonder…How in the world do they fight like this and still have perfect diamond cut teeth? Is it the tooth-paste?

  2. Hey,
    Leo quick question. Have you finish the comic already and are just translating it from Spanish or are you posting it as it goes. Also keep up the great quality work.

  3. @Fatman
    I put them as I make them , sometimes I work on them some weeks in advance, no more than 2 pages ahead of public vs the Patreon Gallery.


  4. Leo

    Thanks for the answer. I will sign up on Patreon when I can afford to. so about a year and a half or two. Your work is great! 🙂

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