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I was about to hold back on posting pages until I could have a comfortably lead, but here I am posting it anyway.
I should have a lot to say but I guess my mind is blank at the moment and i don’t have much time to write.

I just want to remind you that for news I’m always using the FaceBook Fanpage or Patreon as the primary info channel, because in order to post a new blog here , I need to put an image with it. And that is not always the case. So, if I’m not here it doesn’t mean I’m dead. It may only mean I’m busy doing some other stuff πŸ˜›

Well, pages are being posted first at the Patreon page as usual but for the last few weeks Ive not been charging any fee due my hiatus, I just think is the correct thing to do. When I’ll have a schedule in mind we’ll probably get back to normal.

I’m going to a con next week in my country, reason why I posted an spanish video at my YT channel, I may do an english update some time in the future but you know how my english sucks. Anyway, take care and again thanks to all of you who keep Luna and co. in a place in your hearth. Howls.



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  1. welcome back man! Comic business is tough ain’t it? Anyways happy late birthday and glad to see u back!
    Btw nice and surprising page!

  2. Damn Luna…You are definitely and have always been one badass and insanely beautiful girl :3. You sure know how to hand it to a guy who is giving you a bad time…He may be able to heal his wounds but, that tooth however I’m pretty sure isn’t going to grow back. Fang, you surprised that Luna can hold her own XD? I had no doubt personally. I swear she gets more perfect by the minute :P. That came out really creepy I’m sorry XD. SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK LEO *bro-hug*

    P.S: Please don’t have Luna break my jaw for saying that about her…

  3. @Leo

    I did say so πŸ˜› and believe me, you’re 100% better then most Russians trying to speak English haha whenever you put up your streams I’ll encourage you to practice more.

  4. Cynfall is right. your english may be better than mine, and English is my primary language! If it makes u fell any better, my spanish is only level 2 LOL!

  5. Glad to see you back Leo! This is by far the greatest comic I have ever read and it’s always, ALWAYS worth the wait ^.^

    PS: *Gives you virtual fist bump* You awesome.

  6. I decide to randomly check today, and look what I find…
    I must now re-read this to remember what was going on

  7. I suggest that you plan this out really well Leo since you probably have a lot of things to deal with other than just Alpha Luna right? It’s alright if you take a long hiatus but at least a monthly notification would be nice. Or weekly. Or daily. Or hourly. Or…….never mind, but work at a pace that is suitable for you and set some goals since y’know it gives you some kind of idea of what you can do. We’ll wait no matter how many negative comments about hiatuses and whatnot we throw at you.

    Unless it’s a hiatus for over 2 years or more holy crap we’d probably die please don’t leave us man you’re awesome.

  8. This… is my first time ever commenting, but, I just wanted to say thank you for the great writing over the years, even with it being slow, it’s more than acceptable due to the sheer quality of it. The fact that you still update, and keep us in the loop makes us long time readers even more attached and wanting.

    I’m a roleplayer, and strive for good believable characters, and I have to admit, between Luna, and Kate from the PS series you suggested long ago, I was inspired for my own character ‘main’ and have used her since. She’s a warrior, but guardian, with a sense of right, but willing to skirt the lawful, fights the Wolf within at first, but eventually works well with it, and is willing to give it her everything to defend those she cares about.

    So…. once again, thank you and you’ll have my support wherever I can!

  9. Hooray! New page and Luna is punching that demon cat’s face. I knew she would hold on her own being that she is slightly tomboyish. Excellent job Leo!

  10. Eeeee I love the comic, it’s so wonderfully drawn, Luna and of course Collie are my favorite Chars of all time in this Wonderful Epic! hehe!

  11. If my ar0twork ever gets close to Leo’s (someday…. I’d be hands down Leo wins! Keep it up Leo and many werewolf fans! all your inspiration drives many werewolf lovers tenfold AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    Not to mention, I’m say thank you to all you werewolf lovers for driving me to get my werewolf work out too. Not trying to hog Leo’s or anyone’s spot light, but trying to stand in it with all you werewolf friends family, etc.

  12. Hey, while u guys wait for leo to get back on his feet,u could lend ur support to paladin ciel, @ He’s working on launching a werewolf comic called “Crimson Dames” that has quite the delightful twist on the depiction of werewolfs and their victims. The author updates often and has a wonderful artistic style.For bonus when he reaches his goals his works will be free! So go check him out! Crimson Dames is the perfect comic for any werewolf fan!

  13. … Hello? *echo* “hello?~”

    Wow… This place is… Quiet… Mmm
    Not. Very. Cool…

    Sooo~… How’s it goin’?

  14. So, the burning question:

    Hellsing Abridged Episode 6 or the next page of Alpha Luna

    Which one will come first? CAUSE THEY’RE BOTH TAKING FOREVER

  15. I like it very much!I’ll wait for new pages.Take care of yourself and if you have some times to write
    write a chapter 6 maybe.

  16. Anyone know how to release “Sorta” book pages in this configuration? Sorta like the way Leo does it? I want to transfer a “Sorta” book that I’m currently writing onto the inter-webs for free.

  17. Though I would personaly like to see faster updates, I can wait. your art and story are worth it to me.

    some of us are patient. πŸ™‚

  18. No. I just can’t anymore… Leo needs some sort of punishment for his irresponsibility…he’s an adult… he can figure out how to update at least more frequently…If someone who owns over 10 businesses can paint a portrait in a half hour, Leo can do a page in a week AND translate it!That is the cruel art world, and THIS guy hasn’t figured out how to live in it yet. YES, it’s hard, but it’s a JOB. If Leo really cared about his comic, wouldn’t he spend more time on it?
    And if somethings going on… at least have some sort of weekly update, for crying out loud! And not on twitter or facebook, cause none of us want to waste our time scrolling through your “life”,but on THIS WEBSITE, that people are ACTUALLY smart enough to look at first.For all we know, you could be slacking off and playing video games!
    Your dealing with idiots Leo, and yes I mean some of you guys(don’t bother commenting. Just suck it up and learn.)So everything needs to be on THIS WEBSITE for their absent minds to even see. You probably should set up some kind of mini blog that updates weekly, so these dumbf**** know what’s going on. Even if they lose sleep over not knowing what’s up, they’re not clever enough to check your social media(so all you morons who stop reading just because of delays, go back to live with your aunty/parents, cuz your probably too stupid to live unsupervised).
    I’m not hating on you or quiting on your skillfully made story, just giving you the harsh truth of the matter. Embed it on you heart that Alpha luna pages NEED to be finished on SET deadlines that are shorter than a month, and status posts need to be frequent, no disappearing allowed in comic to anime world.
    Consistency is key, my friend.
    Let’s be real, I can’t tell you what to do, but CAN give advise, that’d be wise to take. Tell yourself that “Luna puts money on the plate, Luna is life” EVERY SINGLE DAY. Remember that now.

  19. ^^^

    That’s generally the harsh truth but it doesn’t make it any less true, and generally pretty much anyone who follows this comic is aware of it by now and those that remain have simply come to accept this is the way Leo operates.

    I don’t really bother checking his social media very often since he hardly updates that as well, and I believe the last real update on it was from someone OTHER then Leo going on about about some real life problem or such.

    Simple fact of the matter is that this is an internet business as well as a hobby I suppose, I have no idea if Leo does anything for work outside of trying to sell this Manga, I sure hope so because I don’t know how he’s making any money off it at this rate. His marketing and staying appeal decreases each time he does stuff like this. Poor communication is the downfall for many aspiring businesses. The longer you leave your fans/customers in the dark the worse it is in the long run.

    I also believe that he just is simply too distracted by other issues, be them real life or not, to work on this comic. That in it of itself is fine, a damn shame, but fine since reality comes first. The habit he must learn to break is setting false deadlines and updating for maybe a month or so and then vanishing again with so much as a peep. That’s not fair to the fans nor good for this project of his. Reality is harsh, but it is Reality regardless, and I just don’t think the way he conducts himself here is fair to fans. At least he isn’t silly enough to try to charge fans on his Patreon when he does nothing there, that’s at least good of him.

  20. Yes, Off White is a good comic, though it’s not the same as werewolves it’s still a great wolf story. I believe the authors are not adding anything new to it for now though and are updating old material instead for a bit.

  21. when is there new pages coming out it kinda ended on a cliff hanger. does anyone know. I hope it is soon. this is amazing art by the way

  22. I know a few

    Lunargyros (finished)
    And of course Paradigm Shift, too bad it was pretty much abandoned

  23. Had quite the surprise yesterday to get a Patreon email from Leo that contained a new pages, so there’s at least two new pages coming soon…ish.

  24. He has always been several pages ahead of the updates, but he will not post them on here unless he thinks he will be consistent with them.

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