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Is alive alive!…ok bad pun, sorry. But, apparently Fang is in seripus trouble. Not every living black goo you may find wil turn you in the next Venom you know. Now I’m picturing Fang in a black/spider suit….huh.

Drawing action pages is always a challenge for me, but I try my best.

We won’t see a new page during the next two weeks, this is due the Comicon I hve to attend and due my Patreon work I’m doing which I’m behind schedule as usual xd

Take care guys, girls and wolves.



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  1. Poor Fang. He better not become the flash venom XD That’ll be crazy for Luna. Or unless fang gets more power from it like in the actual show lol. Have a good time at Comicon and keep up the work! 🙂

  2. Oh poor Fang, he seems to be that one character in a series that always tries so hard but ends up being the butt of every single joke. Just keep trying buddy and don’t let that symbiote thing reach any of your orifices XD. Hope you enjoy the time at Comicon. Believe me, if I had the chance I would be there in a heartbeat! I have a feeling Luna’s about to go all out :P.

  3. Well look at this, checking in once in a blue moon paid off.
    @Leo ok so I wasn’t the only one who looked at that goop and thought Venom/Carnage. Though I am probably the only on who just saw the Simpson’s movie and is now thinking “Spider-wolf, Spider-wolf, does whatever a spider-wolf does”
    Also I totally though that that collie mind stuff was a sign she was actually a which/wiccan who’s powers were just awakening.
    Anyways, Hurray your back.

  4. Collie doesn’t HAVE to change to make this comic interesting guys. I’m happy with whatever the author decides to do with HIS story. We shouldn’t tell him what to do unless he asks in some kind of pole, like he did a bit ago.

  5. This is a very good comic series. The graphics are highly detailed and the story is nicely written. The only problem I have is the long intervals between the segments. Other than that it Is great.

  6. @Fatman

    Leo is working on a lot of other things beside this comic, though this is certainly his primary project. He has his own line of separated Werewolf/Lycan art that he also has to manage and is working with several other artists to release more content for these characters. Considering where things were a year ago, this is a much better atmosphere. Truly terrific work though, you are correct, can’t have enough of it 😛

  7. Just so we are clear I wasn’t suggesting anything, just saying what I thought was about to happen. Either way when someone has one of those type experiences it usually means there is something mystical going on with them.

  8. So if anyone knows? Is Fang really an Omega? Or is he an Alpha as well? Regardless, despite getting into a “slimy” situation every now and then, he kicks ass. P.S. Luna should have slammed that things ass into the ground! She had him! Looking forward to the next page 8)

  9. saberking
    not that i know of. But try reading from the beginning. It may become clearer to u.(i haven’t read the past issues in a long while. No shame. in same boat)

  10. I don’t recall and mention of ranks within werewolf society/packs (in AL) other that Alpha and elders, and I do remember that fang originally was looking for Luna so he could challenge her and become the new alpha

  11. Who knows what will happen collie might change into a wolf and go crazy, or fang and Luna will kick add who knows. P.s. only Leo does

  12. Who knows what will happen collie might change into a wolf and go crazy, or fang and Luna will kick add who knows. P.s. only Leo does

  13. Ok so Fang isn’t an Omega. I have read it from the start. It kinda made sense when Fang was so taken back when that Anima guy called him an omega LoL, hell I’d also be if I was a werewolf. This is a serious tension builder so BTW Leo, Luna finally controls herself, now she and Fang has to face an enemy of epic proportions, this ending I cannot predict, dying to find out.

  14. Hey guys, this whole Collie discussion… Waht if she’s an unawakened Anima… Dum Dum Duuuuum… Dramatic twist lol.

  15. If you’ve seen his Twitter and Facebook he’s been at conventions selling copies of his comic these past couple of weeks, so he’s been rather busy.


    Collie=☺ Fang=? Luna=? so ☺+?+?=?



    Collie=☺ Fang=? Luna=? Teacher dude=?



  18. The New schedule must be 2 page’s every 2 months.

    At this rate Leo there wont be anybody left to read your comics. Just saying…

  19. He does a lot of work. Not just Alphaluna.

    AND he’s had worst hiatuses, yet I’ve made it through all of them, so it’s not the end of the world.

    I keep myself busy with games and Netflix and my own story/ comic.

  20. Ah very good, more progression since the last time I checked. Bile may have conversion abilities? perhaps hindering abilities? You do well Leo. Have fun enjoying life and other work. Will check back when you have time to flesh out more AL.

    Howls and Namaste

    Been busy with job searches, anime, manga, temp jobs, reading, collecting music and visiting family.

  21. Daya

    It because we’ve been waiting for a new page every time that I forgot about Ivan that’s the reason why forgot who he is I forgot to re-read chapter 4.

  22. Ivan is the son of that ranger man earlier in series. What is happening over there with the Animas attacking them. Been a long time since those pages. Hope Leo is alive and well and taking his time figuring out next course of action in story.

  23. If Leo isn’t alive, then one of the fans would have to become a werewolf that draws named leo.

    P.S.-LOL Jk

  24. So, any words on when/if beta collie is coming out on the website? I would donate, but I don’t have the resources to do so.

  25. @Leo question what is the movie going to be released like what is it about or actors and actresses you know when its going to be released?

  26. @MakkusuGhost99, A movie will NOT happen, why? Because Leo cant even finish his own comic, much less a movie. (Sorry its the harsh truth)

  27. Well, two weeks sure turned into three months rather quickly. Hate to say I’ve come to expect Leo to take a ridiculously long hiatus after every page upload. Either he gets the flu, takes an impossibly long time to recover from said flu, or just takes months off at a time with no explanation. We all love this comic and want it to continue, but let’s be completely honest here: it will never get anywhere under Leo’s control. I have absolutely no idea how he is able to meet his goals on Patreon. I love Leo’s art, sure, but those people are actually expecting a return on their investment anytime in the near future? I honestly don’t understand how anyone can count on Leo to get art done by a deadline when he has such a widespread reputation for missing every deadline he makes for himself. It’s not just here on the Alpha Luna forums anymore, people. Fans of his art on every related website I have ever visited always say he has great art but always vanishes for long periods of time. Leo, we love you man, but you need to get into gear and start providing for your fans, whether they donate to you or not, on a regular basis. You earned your audience years ago through hard work and dedication, but you have completely drifted away from both of those in favor of, quite frankly, being lazy and making innumerable excuses as to why you refuse to post art more than once in a blue moon. You constantly leave us hanging for months on end after every page as if it’s some kind of game. You are taking us for granted and I don’t think any of us appreciate it. We don’t have to be here, but we choose to be because we believe you will one day return to your comic and finish it. Now in most circumstances I would sound like a brat, and in those circumstances you would be correct. But this isn’t a normal circumstance. You grabbed our attention with Alpha Luna and sucked us into her world and made promises to us that we would see where the story leads her. But those promises have been broken time and time again. Quit letting us down and tell the rest of the story. End of rant.

  28. He also tends to leave people he collaborates with hanging. When I commission artwork from him (and I pay him for his effort, mind) I’m never sure how many images he’ll finish before vanishing, leaving me scrambling to hire substitute artists and delaying the project. And most of the time he doesn’t even explain what’s happening, send me a warning or otherwise give me a heads up. He just disappears without warning.

    That goes beyond simply disappointing fans. It is unprofessional.

  29. Well as long as Leo starts writing regularly, through sunshine and rain, I’ll have absolutely no problem.But notice how he vanishes at a particular time of year…

  30. @Werewolf fan

    Well, I haven’t been here long enough to know, but if so, maybe there is something behind it…

  31. Can’t say I know what’s going on with Leo, personally (I don’t even know his FB), but it would be nice to at least post a message saying that he’s been busy, and if he still is, they’ll have to wait just a few more days/weeks for the next update.

    The coming page in Moonlit Brew will be the first page of the transformation scene, which will have AL’s TF scene from chapter 1 as sort of a base!

    If you fine people haven’t checked out the comic yet, I will link you all right here!

    Moonlit Brew updates on fridays or the weekend, and I’m preparing a Patreon page later this month if you like what you see, and want to support the comic! For all the people who have seen the comic through here, thanks for your support! 😀

  32. “Can’t say I know what’s going on with Leo, personally (I don’t even know his FB), but it would be nice to at least post a message saying that he’s been busy, and if he still is, they’ll have to wait just a few more days/weeks for the next update. ”

    He almost never does so. It’s like there’s some subconscious impulse on his part to disappear and disappoint fans and collaborators. I don’t think I’ll ever understand him.

  33. @Heliotroph wow, I can see why you wouldn’t want to hire him for the art for you books after that (great stories btw).

  34. @Anon and @JustAFox IM FINE NOW. YAY. When the storm hit land, it weakened a whole bunch which made it NOT hit us. ☺??????

    P.S, thanks for worrying about me @Anon and @JustAFox. ?????????

  35. @Anon if Leo would update on schedule we would be done with Alpha Luna and most of the way through Chronicles by now

  36. Ok sorry I haven’t been comenting for a while schools been hell. Guys I know you all sad about the lack of updates (me included) and I’m pretty sure we all want to see more of Luna *wink* I still think it’s safe to say that Leo would never abandon or leave us without at least letting us know. I’m sure he’ll be back in a little bit and if it’s OK with you I think we should try to leave positive comments for him to come back to see 🙂

  37. I’m not trying to say this to make you guys mad at me and I understand your frustration. But as much as we mabye don’t want to admit, Leo like any other content creator is human (mabye…) I’m sure I don’t need to explain how life can sometimes absorb everything you’re doing and bring you down the windy roads like it just did me. As much as we love Leo’s content, characters, humor, and more we need realize and love Leo as a person. Let him live his life sometimes without feeling the constant need to be bound by something such as deadlines because we all have them. I guess what I’m just trying to say is as much as we would love and care for everything Leo creates we need to understand and accept him just as much. I just want to let you know I was very happy to see that you guys are still using the comment section very. I just want to let you know I still was very happy to see that you guys are still using the content section and that @Worm is ok :P. Also, @JustAFox you bring up some very good and truthful points with your insight. Great job writing that :). This has been going on for a while though and I will close by saying thank you for all being my friends if you don’t mind me saying that :). I need to go collapse on my bed now. You are all a great group of people that I am happy to be a part of .

    P.S Who knows maybe Leo could even be a part-time werewolf. And from what I could The whole world ceased to function when the Phantom Pain came out. I personally just got up myself and I am hooked XD. I’m not a content creator as of yet but I would be pretty tempted to take a break for a while just for that. Quiet, that is all.

  38. Leo please respond to alpha Luna, I am looking forward to seeing the new pages, it would mean a lot to me if you released at least 5 more pages.

  39. @werewolf fan Thanks man glad to hear that from somone with a similar view that took the time to respond :P. Looking back at what I wrote I see that it could have been written much more professionally, but I think at least it got my message across XD. Oh, well no need to dwell on that now. Stay safe and spend your weekend with whatever makes you happy. Also feel free to comment back about anything you feel like talking about. I kinda check the site daily as sort of guilty pleasure XD. Who knows maybe they can even get on my strange addiction.

  40. Leo simply came back and took on too much at once. He started running his Patreon, working on side commissions and comics, and pushing the publication of his book in his local country. Yeah the guy deserves down time and real life, most of his fans understand that. On that note though, he owes it to the fans to simply take 1-5 minutes of his day and let us know just how long he plans on taking to recoup. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort, and whether you like it or not it can create a constant second guessing and strain within the fan base.

    Die hards will always wait for his stuff, as I will and many others, but if this method of poor communication continues, many more fans will be on edge wondering just if the next Hiatus is the final one. Though, he is fair and hasn’t charged his Patreon subscribers during his inactivity.

  41. he doesn’t even care. U can leave a comment about what u think in his “youtube channel”, where he upload funny videos hehe lel, or his facebook
    I think he can’t be such a dick with his fans and just disappear when he isn’t even busy, he simply “don’t want to do it” At least you could say that “I don’t want to because I’m too lazy” your fans will understand and will not expect more of this story.

  42. The “Moonlit Brew” comic that a guy advertised on here isn’t bad. It’s a page a week comic though. Other than that, there’s not much like Alphaluna out there that’s still alive.

    I’ve been drifting away from these kind of comics. A page per week is almost painful when you’re used to a whole manga chapter uploading per week.

    When I start comics, they’ll be simple enough to be shared daily. Otherwise it’ll be like a chapter per month(s) or something.

  43. Ahhhh
    Getting very bored of real life XD I need comics
    I hope your absence has to to with the Alpha Chronicles thingy that’s coming up lmao well Ima go back to real life. hope your ok and maybe a new page in a little bit! ?

  44. @Chi3fster

    Glad you’re liking MB so far. As for the comic updating one page a week, we are hoping to alleviate that once we get enough people supporting our brand new Patreon page!

    We just now reached out 5 pages per month goal, so you will see at least 2 pages in one week every month!

    We hope to eventually reach enough funds to update twice a week, permanently! 😀

    Thanks to everyone for their support so far, and I hope to see you all soon! 😀

  45. I agree with most above, the MB comic is off to a promising start, and I hope that you eventually have the ability to update it on a more regular basis. I think that while Leo is regaining his motivation I’ll shift over my Patreon support for him to you for the time being.

  46. Thanks for considering about donating to the MB Patreon, Rangar. : )

    And yeah, once I receive the payment from Patreon on the 5th, I’ll be able to dispatch rewards and get Atari and I cracking on dishing out 2 pages a month. 🙂

  47. I do think Leo is saving the world more than any you know it! Besides,it is his things and he can take as long as he likes regardless what we say and do (power to control something can be very dangerous and turn on you if not careful).

    Just, don’t hold a grudge always upon what you want or expect of people. I had to learn the HARD way upon that… Anyways, I don’t mean to be bombarded by making myself a target here. O.o I’m just saying if you don’t have any long patience with things and rush things as of you all are being tested–it may turn out to be a large ruin than if just taking time and just breath while saying, “It will get done, but not at others speeds, since we are imperfect at what we say and do. Yet, it will get done even if take life times to do…”

    Many if Leo can’t finish it, maybe someone else will? Just be thankful that what he’s accomplished is better than nothing at all. Think back when he made your world soar under the fun of the moon! He may have ups and downs like many, as do I too at fault or on purpose, since I and others are not perfect at keeping to our words, yet, we try and do. That’s all we can do, even if its not the best of the best, but its better than nothing at all…

    I know Leo, you are trying to save worlds out there… I believe in you and what you truly are under the moons influences and of this world throws madly at you! Families, friends, and more that you love and are trying to defend from evil forces out there. What you do for this world is more than what people see in you. I say, thank you for tryin’ it is all we should understand, not what people demand of you!

    If any you hate me or rage at me for standing up for a werewolf brother and a friend, I’m only doing this cause I care, love, and etc. that I have been and forever inspired by Leo as I quietly watch and see with praying at my werewolf heart, that he will get to what you want, just not as fast as the world asks him too.

    Remember, if you think you control things…becareful, for the question I ask any you is, “What’s control like and if you had all your ways, wouldn’t that make you want more than what you already been given…?” Too much power and control could lead any you astray if not careful including myself and I’m still learning that from many and Leo’s ways of good.

    Star Wars for example; on how Luke Skywalker wanted to get things done as quick as possible for learning the ways of the Force, which was wrong to push it fast as Yoda taught him that rushing things isn’t always the best way to go, or that easy isn’t always as rewarding as the longer ways are… the longer it takes the more stronger and beautiful, lethal, etc. can be of preparations…

    Brother Leo, I still support you no matter where you go, no matter what has been said, and your out there saving many… God Bless you Leo and all werewolves out there too!

    P.S. Sorry talk too much, but I hadn’t said much at all!

  48. @Tyler

    I think it’s pretty clear that many here will support Leo no matter what, and the common practice is just to go into stasis while he goes through whatever he’s experiencing. Hardcore fans, as I said, will always be here as this is something we’ve gotten use to, but from a business and general fanbase sustainable growth perspective, this is a very unhealthy practice to do.

    Especially with him just launching his Patreon six or so months ago. Something that most likely brought in many new fans to his great work. Now, some months later, he has gone back into his Hiatus mode, which in turn can alienate folks who don’t fully understand his practices. If Leo is not going to finish his work, yes, perhaps he will pass on his ideas to another to work on and fulfill, but that’s something only Leo himself can answer as we only speculate.

    While your support for him is very admirable and shows you are respectful and as you say: Full of love, that doesn’t mean as much to some others out there. Someone like myself who love’s Leo’s work but simply know that between whatever he does in real life and the immense pressure he puts back on himself in terms of workload when he returns basically causes and endless cycle of work/hiatus. Simply put he has the right to do what he pleases, but this behavior and lack of communication with his fans only hurts his brand that he works so hard to build.

  49. Come on Leo don’t leave us in the dark last time we waited it was at issue #4 page 40 on September 21st 2012 we all patiently waited for 11 months for page 41 too come out and some people complaint about waiting we hope you don’t forget about us and the Alpha Luna comic that would be heartbreaking please come back as soon as you can stay safe out there man and good luck.

  50. Happy Birthday Leo! Stay safe! And take your time with AL. Good art comes from the heart. I definitely think we can see your heart in your works.

  51. Hey leo. I think its time to start fresh. New series with a new heroine. The whole no-infection thing kind of makes the story get shallow after awhile, I could imagine the writer’s block you probably get a lot! New heroine, new setting, new werewolves, new alphaluna.

    New story and concept with the old branding.

  52. Been checking literally everyday for an update, really hope we hear from Leo soon.

    -Waiting since this page came out, willing to wait some more

  53. Is also back from school but it’s ok I’m still loving this comic because he is updating why he isn’t here this time and thats more than enough for me :3

  54. @Someone

    Leo is working on the next several pages right now so that he has multiple pages ready for updating when he finally decides to get back on it. The next two pages are pretty much finished already, but he wants to get a comfortable lead before resuming his updates.

  55. That is a very considerate thing to do to make up for the long waits. I can respect leo for his consideration to the fans along with his artistic talent in writing this story.

  56. He’s around; I even talked to him when he was streaming the other day. Can’t say I’ve seen a new page of this comic, but he is working on that Collie one.

  57. @ Ragnar

    Thanks for telling me, Ragnar. Business is business sadly, but truthfully. Besides, if anyone has seen there is the word “sin” within “business”. Hehehe. I make good points yet, real world isn’t going to see eye to eye with me always, but I can still speak out. Thanks for clarifying.

    Leo, keep your cool under all pressure. For if you don’t keep steadfast to yourself, well, the world may eat you alive…which I HOPE it won’t stop you XD! You da’ Wolfman!

    …. Peace

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