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Just as a reminder, AL is not suited for kids… some gore and nude scenes may happen :p. Oops, I should’ve mentioned this before this page :-s.
I re-worked way too many times the first shot….yeah, that “shot”!…*te-he he heh…. *shrugs*. Aanyway, previously the approach was different, but in the end what matters is the pacing when you work over your paneling. Does it looks fine? Does it work with the rest of the page? Does it tells what it needs to? and so on…
As you see things are getting a little bit complicated for the two. Until NEXT WEDNESDAY.



32 thoughts on “Page 4

  1. hmm so the gun was loaded… poor werewolf 🙁 hopefully his friends can avenge his death! grate page leo 🙂

  2. That’s a good page!
    But, gore? Roooooh, we’ve all seen worse things I think.^^

    All that matters to me is “What about Lunaaaaa?!” :p

  3. I am working on a comic as well any tips hopefully about the art I am learning how to draw anemia… PPLLEEEEEESSS HELP!!!!!!¡!¡!¡?¿

  4. now it rly looks like u kill little boys leo xD
    may i say it again?………….yes?……………………………….SHAME U!!!!!

  5. i would think they are shapeshifting tiger people, since they aren’t weres, and they look sorta like anthro tigers

  6. It’s time to go stabbing hehe

    No seriously

    By the way look at the boys expression

    Him and his “-” look

  7. Animas(weretigers)…Canis Major(werewolves)…now I want to know what’s next! You missed your deadline of Next Wednesday by about 3 weeks now. Still can’t wait to see what the next panel will bring. I hope it comes soon.

  8. Kinda new around here so would someone mind explaining what’s the dif. between werewolves and these animas??

  9. I think the long-and-short of it is animas are douches and werewolves aren’t? XD

    Anyway, I think the werewolves are more natural and the animas are some sort of bastardization of human-animal blending; may or may not be the product of science, magic, or both.

    Thinking on that, though, I’m reminded of Panthera, which has superpowered teenagers who can transform into big cats with the powers of each element… and were the result of questionable experiments.

  10. Hey, I’m thirteen and I play call of duty black ops all the time, I kill zombies, I plant claymores, I get random kills, I watch people get rapped by a dog, I watch as a guy screams, holly ):!;$ a grenade is on my head!, I assassinate, press the b button on a guy really fast, I……..
    What let me think
    Annnndddddd, I well….. Blow people up, I shoot guys ( duh) and I am about to finish middle school in two weeks.
    So I think I can see gore, just not to much.

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