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Page 3

3rd page and things are already getting exciting… this chapter will be a lot of action which is a good thing after the endless exposition of chapter 3 (endless because of my hiatus..). Still, I like drawing any kind of situation as long the characters have fun things to do.
But I guess I like a little bit more the way characters interact more with each other, despite being a brawl or just talk.

Well, anyway, see ya next Saturday.



26 thoughts on “Page 3

  1. Why do I feel he still dies because he forgot to reload his gun? Sorry for the doublepost. No edit feature. Or is there?

  2. ahhhhhh good artwork like i thought
    from leo^^

    its a bit like in all those great james bond movies but…..hey nobody is saying smthg.^^

  3. Upon reviewing my ealier comment, I realized I made a critical error in my earlier equation (boy x dad + dark forst = boned). Upon making the correction, I find the new equation to be boy x badass dad + dark forest = Anima is boned!

    Smile for the camera, there’s one good shot left in it 😉

  4. “I said, ‘SHOTGUN’!”

    On the whole “Collie as a were” debate… In the main story I think she should stay human… But I’d definitely love to see a non-canon short TF comic involving her as a were-dog! 😀

    And by the way, Leo, were’s the comic you owe me? I keep sending you the paypal reciept, but haven’t gotten a reply yet! Too busy? 😛

  5. Shoot to thrill
    Play to kill
    Too many beasts, with too many pills, i said!

    AHAHAHA, Nice work, Leo.

  6. Renadt, I think so too. Both barrels are smoking and since it’s obviously not a pump or an auto he could only have two cartridges loaded at a time.

  7. 🙁 this is not going to end well i just know it! it is never as simple as pulling the trigger and hoping for the best… TO THINK HE MIGHT NOT EVAN PULL THE TRIGGER!!!

  8. One sec… it’s a feline creature (judging by the eartips and whiskers). Also note the bandage in its left arm.

    Or it will be shot to death or something interesting could happen…

  9. He says it takes to long if u draw site by site and poste site by site but i think its fast enough for that work^^

  10. @Amui Zuchi-chan
    One page is about 12-14 hours of work, not considering breaks. I’m posting 2 pages a week, now do the maths.Believe me, if I could print out of my head each page I’d do so…but you know, they have to be drawn first.

  11. Holly that is a lot of time! I love having two pages a week, then I have something to look forward to every week 😛

  12. Wow its looking prety bad for that creature. I here a little lead was good for you but I think thats a bit too much lol

  13. I must say this has to be one of the best pages in this comic The look on the creatures face at the end of this made me laugh :3

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