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And so…we’re back on track. I know some people may have question regarding my status, but there isn’t much I can answer since, in the end the issues that take me away of the comic are mostly of personal matter. So if you can appreciate that I still care about Luna, I’ll be glad to keep working on it, thanks to all who still have love for Luna and the story, howls.



28 thoughts on “Page 5

  1. Been a good long while, Leo, but it was certainly worth the wait.

    As others have said, just take your time. =)

  2. Glad to see You Back Up and Running, Leo… And Hey, Take Your Time and Keep up the Amazing Work… You definitely have My Support with this Great Comic…

  3. About updates, I hope – once a week or less if I can. But I think the next page should come next Saturday. If not Monday xp

  4. Good to see ya again Leo! I thought something horrible had happened! I’m so happy! I love “Alpha Luna”! <333

  5. well at least your back. what every the reason was stopping you update you could have posted something saying that you would not be able to post, that would have been enough to satisfy people, just know that you had not abandond the comic. anyway welcome back leo

  6. YAY ur back!!!!!. i like your comics sooo much! thank you soooo much! i will wait for you nomatter how long you take to get the next comic up whens your next update ? its tuesday already.

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