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Page 37

What? You were expecting someone else? 😛
Hurra for full spread pages, it’d be nice to color this pages… some day >.>
Now is Luna in her own senses eh? what do you think?

That’s all for today, see you soon!



31 thoughts on “Page 37

  1. Oh damn! It WAS Luna!

    Fight scene, yes! She still kind of looks like she’s in berserker, though, so can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Awesome work as always, Leo!

  2. Heres a little question leo.
    Are you going to incorporate a
    Human Enemy?
    ya know like a ex-soldier or Hunter?
    A kind of challenge-tackler guy ,
    like a thrill-wanter?
    but not like a competidor ,more of a
    I-want-her-Head-as-a-Trophy man,
    someone OBSESSED.

    please reply.

  3. Im hoping that no body thought of the description above like a brave guy.
    I was mor talcking about somebody sick !
    like a obsessed psycho

  4. And I thought it was Fang… By the way, where’s he?

    Alright, let’s focus Luna and wait for Collie’s transformation! Heheh

  5. So it was Luna, looks like you pulled a double fake out on us. Doesn’t really look like she’s in control though, but that’s just because of the lack of pupils.

  6. That would be the glow in her eyes. We will see if she is still herself or out of control. I am happy! She is a sexy beast for sure. :=-D

  7. Long time lurker and reader here.

    Just wanted to say that Luna looks absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to see how this will turn out 😀

    Keep up the good work, Leo 🙂

  8. Me:Im on my way to the target what am i suposed to do?
    Overlord:Your mission is to Asassinate the Designated Target and meat back at the Black Hawk for Extraction.
    Me:Copy all i’ll get it done sir.Out.
    Trips on a branch and hears noises.
    Me:Oh Sh*t.
    Runs away.

  9. @Leo, mereces un gran aplauso, ahora es en verdad un manga, en el primer capitulo parecia comic “tradicional” en HD con elementos de manga, pero ahora, es manga de verdad

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