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I wonder who’s that paw from? ;D
I know, no much is happening today, hey they at least walked away from that stair, but things will get tense every minute now. Let’s hope Collie manage to keep herself steady or she may… oh well.

In other news Page 38 available fro Download, and page 37 still available from last week. Go and check it out in the Calendar section (Or under Support> Upcoming Pages).

Well see you soon. A new page will be online next Saturday. Howls!



29 thoughts on “Page 36

  1. If luna is single im looking for a mate. I am just saying even in full wolf form shes cute, love that bushy tail.

  2. I gotta feeling…uuhuuu…that this paw is Fang’s.

    I think there’s a long time since his last appearance (Chapter 3!) and I believe Luna is not ready yet.

  3. hey leo, do you think luna will be herself or will she behave like animal like last time?

    p.s. do you think she’ll beat that guy and save her friend?

  4. @Gryph23
    I wouldn’t choose but mabye a could become either a stealth soilder (Not like Ghost Recon though) or a Half Human,Half Shark Creature but not Animas However.

    @Gabe hilton
    Of course he does.DUH!

  5. After finishing 2nd week of classes off good. Now a treat presents itself to me. Yea!!! Good work! I do find Teo a bit tall, 9ft? Curious to see if that sound is Luna or perhaps Fang. We have not seen him since a chapter ago. Lycan Lycan your work since the beginning. :=-)

    P.S., I just thought maybe Emilio is going to make his debut.

  6. @Kishio & Wan
    Lol Its obviously luna cause that black hair belongs to no one but luna. or maybe a new character… not likely -.- so its Luna.

    @Carl Its not Teo, lol read the Authors Comment sometime?

  7. Well, fang’s hair is duo colored, it MIGHT be Fang…?

    This is too much suspense. Too much! Love it!

    But that paw looks like a full wolf paw, unless I’m mistaken…

  8. In the vote section of “would
    you like to be a werewolf” theres
    the Answer missing “nah i only want ones head
    as a Tophy.”
    Awesome Webcomic by the Way!
    for you

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