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So, no. He did not morphed fully into David, Just was teasing Collie if you ask me.
So yeah, Animas don’t have a human appearance, they just “borrow” one in a not so pleasant way. We’ll find more about them soon enough.

Pages for Donors will be available tomorrow due time issues. Sorry, I really try >.> – I’m inking pages right now so there shouldn’t be hiccups tomorrow.

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28 thoughts on “Page 35

  1. That’s an interesting information. Animas can be very dangerous infiltrators. I can’t wait to see where it will go. =)

  2. So it WAS Life energy… Teo is getting scary.

    Kinda funny though, I didn’t expect David to die just like that. I kinda wanted Luna to kill him…

    Great story!

  3. Mr.Leo! Whether Animas is Werewolves Family? If that true, Teo and Luna is Family? Owww!!! I very confused! ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!! T_T

  4. Very good comic, can’t wait to see what happens next! 😉

    By the way Leo, will you update your main website “”? It has been a while since there’s nothing new on it ^^

    I don’t want to push you, I’m just curious… and also a very big fan of your work! 🙂

  5. Ah, so that’s what that critter done to the a-hole? I guess Animas are almost similar to the Sleepwalkers, though only a guess (and I don’t think their will be too many Animas sleeping with their relatives like in Stephen King’s movie thingy 😛 LOL ).

    BTW; if I read this page right, I think Collie was clarifying that this Anima was NOT Teo (nor David), and this Anima verified it.

  6. Biondy: Senior!? Hahahaha…. I am not that old. 😛 I have been following since 1½ years ago. There is a flashback to when the clan was alive and well and the Animas came in and destroyed the pack. Luna and a few other children had escaped with the help of the elders.

  7. Gabe and Biondy are relatives or what?! Could you at least try to write proper english? that’s just gibberish! If it’s not your first language, then try using a translator… or ask your father since you both look like 5 years old writing.

    And what’s more, Biondy, you know you can find most of your answers if you read the whole comic… you know under archives.

    Jeez, I hate dumb people!

  8. I am a dumb people. Hahahahahaha! Very good Senior Jay!Very good! I like you! Now, you must quiet or I TEAR YOU!!! >:O

  9. Intresting well there is another group perfect for humanity to hunt down and destroy. Though It look like he did kill him but Tha ass hole I alive. But scared. So who knows.

  10. this remains me of the game prototype, when consumming peopole their memories will be stored, and they can cloak them self as the person they consumed.

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