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Since last week I had to skip updates due a technical issue after another, first my charger then my graphic tablet. But those things are solved now.
So I decided to move up Saturday ‘s page for today, I hope everyone is ok with that 🙂

Now, I’m not sure if it’s clear or not that Teo shows Collie a resemblance of David with his morphing face, maybe I should’ve changed him more, but I didn’t want to fall into *poof* changes at all.
Now is David dead? Well… maybe I should put that for a pool and you decide :p eh?

Well I see you next Wednesday.



28 thoughts on “Page 34

  1. This is so awesome :3 Random question, what brand of tablet do you use? I need to get one because I’ve been drawing with a mouse all this time.

  2. I’m using a Wacom Intuos 3 (Today the Intuos 5 aready exist), but if you’re starting I’d recommend you a Wacom Baboo. Both are good, Bamboo is cheaper but still good enough.

  3. I think it’d be interesting to see David become more of a character beside being a standard throwaway bad guy.

  4. Comic? Awesome as usual! Love the little details/sound effecs with the Anima’s jaws.

    Stomp his feline behind, Luna.

    As for Tablets…I use a Bamboo Pen and Touch. Works quite well. You can get them for 60-70 bucks or just get the Pen version for 50+. It’s a great starting tablet and is cost efficient by a wiiiiiide margin compared to the Intuos line.

    Not that I don’t want an Intuos…or a Citiq. /drool

  5. Wow. Now things are getting creepy.

    Talking about tablets, do you guys know if android tablets can be used in digital drawing?

  6. @Gryph23

    Thanks, I’m considering Bamboo products :3
    I really need a tablet. My b-day is soon so hopefully my dad will get me one 😀
    My comics would look alot better with one 🙂

  7. I think Teo is transforming into david. If you dont belive me then why has is hair colour changed and his face is getting a different colour and why is the bones in his face snapping?

  8. Woah, @werewolfdude, I think you’re right o.o

    His face is receeding… This Teo guy is really getting freaky…

  9. Eh… I’m curious: How does the Anima know that the one that was being called by Collie is who’s he after?
    I mean, there can be many people called Luna :v

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