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You know the thing about werewolves and even vampires, everybody start adding crazy ideas of how they are and what are the rules. When for the purpose of a story a bite is too difficult too pull off so then a scratch it’s just enough to become one…. and probably later it will be just by being stared by one. Silly stuff.

Yes I know, there are no rules, except for those who exist in each world these creatures habit…. and if you’d pay a bit of attention you’d know by know that Lycanthropes in Alpha Luna don’t spread their thing by bitting, neither by clawing… neither by …errr you get the point 😛 (Remember what Fang said to Luna in chapter 3?)

And what says this about Animas? well, we’ll find out more about them soon enough. But believe me when I say that I won’t commit myself to every cliche or I’ll burn the stories and characters pretty fast.
A story is not just about cool stuff, it’s also about what it’s really interesting to tell through the characters.

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45 thoughts on “Page 30

  1. Very true leo, and it also shows the creativity of the author.
    You realy have a masterpiece here, keep on the good work man.
    Ps. Im comment n° 1 again 😀

  2. I’ll delete post that just say “First” with nothing to comment on the page itself 😛 – So, there.

  3. Now kiss. ._.

    Kidding. Looking good, sir.

    Your art is still progressing very, very noticeably, and the story is definitely as engaging as ever, HOWEVER, I find myself growing a bit weary of the lengthy transformation sequences.

    It’s not that they’re not cool and very well done, it’s just that you seem to bog down in them a bit too much. Every transformation doesn’t need to take up 5 pages. It just seems to hold up the story after the first few times. This is just my opinion on the matter though…

    I apologize for criticizing, I don’t have nearly the artistic capability yet (and may never), but I figure feedback may be appreciated regardless.

  4. Cool page.
    I also find the transformation a bit lengthy but the fact that the Anima is taking half the time to transform tells us allot about who has control of their powers and who might have the upper hand… uh oh.

    Also, found this meme on DA, something to keep some of us busy between updates.

  5. @Gryph23
    The transformation may seem long but that is mostly due the weekly updates. As you go back and read many pages in a few minutes you’ll realize that is not that much of time. Also, it’s long enough for a few reasons, one is that it adds to tension to the scene, you don’t know if Luna will be able to do something about the Anima in time or nope due her lack of skill regarding her metamorphosis.
    So you see it’s not just for fancy fan-service 😛

  6. bahut sahi…Neeta ji ekdam sahi baat kahi… aur ekdam sahi mudda uthaya… aaaakjl is net ke chakkar mei to pata nahi sabhi ko kya ho gaya hai…n specially females ka to aise logon se yunhi pala padta rahta hai…

  7. Leo,

    I’ve been meaning to ask, That first image of the book, a werewolf looking into a mirror. Did you draw that? It reminds me of a scene from Teen Wolf(the movie, not the MTV series). Which Michael J. Fox’s character looks into a mirror as he transforms into a werewolf.

  8. I read plenty of stories of werewolves down to the bittest detail. The thing is this, it all depends of the author herself on how this will go with werewolves. Most go the traditional way, others try their own unique way, with their own unique stories to how these creatures act, and how does one become them. Whatever the case, either way, the important thing is to just to make the story whatever you see fit that just sort of makes stories like that a good read.

    Storywise, Both Luna and Teo have completely transformed, one wants payback for what happened in days past, the other has a sense her friend is in danger and now must go out of her way to save her. Teo really peeves me off like others, but I wouldn’t want to underestimate that punk, if I were in Luna’s situation.

    Anyway it’s getting all too good from here.

  9. Hiya, just letting you know I still stop by often, I just haven’t felt the need to comment much lately =P

    The Anima guy said Collie is a “hidden dog”, so I assume that means she is also an Anima and his scratching, aka attacking her, will awaken her inner Anima as well, or something along those lines. As Leo literally just said, no, it doesn’t transfer from biting nor scratching so Collie won’t become an Anima just because of that, Gabe Hilton.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see you’re doing alright and just stopped in to let’cha know I’m still around. See you next time, Leo.

  10. @Annabelle

    Actually, I think he was talking about Luna. That’s the reason David enlisted his survices. He only grabbed Collie so she wouldn’t get in the way.

    I think Collie’s role in the story is to serve as an anchor for Luna’s human side. Thus being human herself is essential to the plot.

    Maybe, this is just a suggestion of course, Leo should put in a dream-sequence featuring Collie transformation into *something*, just to throw some of the fans a bone.

    Just sayin’.

  11. @Fatalerror94

    Actually, that seems like a GREAT idea. On one hand, everyone wants to see Collie transform. On another, there really needs to be a sensible, instinct free human in the story 🙂
    So I guess that dream sequence is a good answer.

  12. It would be awesome to see collie become an anima, but don’t you guys think it would be akward? I mean, all the main characters are monsters, with no “weak humans” to protect?

    Though, Leo could create another character. Maybe a human raised by lycanthropes.

    Sorry, I’m having too much crazy ideas lately.

  13. Kishio: No, Collie has to transform into something, every character ever must be a weresomething, and the whole comic has to be wall-to-wall tf porn with no plot. The fans must be serviced, after all.

  14. @Rey Fox: Lololol. You just made my day. XD

    @Fatalerror94: Hrm, you do have a point, it would be better to have a sensible instinct-free character but at the same time, werewolves and animas seem to have a lot of bad blood, Collie and Luna could act as a bond to help with that, to show that werewolves and Animas don’t have to hate each other. It could go either way, really, and both ideas sound good so I’m rather torn…

    @Kishio: Not really. Not every story has to have some weak character who everyone has to protect, you know. In all honesty, it sounds like it would give collie a pretty big inferiority complex because Luna was already so much better than her as a human; as a werewolf? Poor Collie could never match up and she’d always be trailing behind, blaming herself for being weak. It’s just a whole lot of unnecessary sob-stories, and I don’t see how it could be “awkward” at all…

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