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First, Downloadable pages through donations will be available tomorrow (Thursday 9), I really don’t want to rush next pages due some time constraints I’ve had these days. Thanks for your understanding, remember to follow me on tiwtter or facebook to know when I’ll put them online.

And so the transformation ends! I couldn’t help it but make another splash page for the final process. In a way I really wanted to improve myself upon the previous tf sequence. I’m not sure if I did, but I tried!
Still I think a next transformations won’t be this exhaustive or long , I really want to bring new things to the table than repeating myself. This wasn’t the case, there was something going on behind Lunas change with Collie’s dilemma and in a way Luna being conscious of what was happening to her made things different.
TF scenes are fun to do, but they are part of the story too. And I really hope those people supporting me through donations and fans of the “tf” keep around through the journey of Luna and what is up to come, say fang, claws, blood and more!

I’m really thankful for all the great readers and supporters I’ve got since I came back! A big thanks to all!



46 thoughts on “Page 31-32

  1. ok, this was unexpected, maybe, just saying without knowing haw everythig ends but iI feel extremely excited with wath would happen next. Thaks Leo, keep on the good work and good luck

  2. You’re not a cat person are you?

    Anyhow, great page, love the comic. Great to have regular updates again.

  3. Leo

    Are you ever going to finish the comics on your other site? Such as Two Howls or Rina’s Night?

  4. I read the answers to my post on the last page and yeah, I do want to see Collie to become an anima.

    Leo, do you have anything in your plans about this stuff of Collie’s transformation? Please, let us know!

  5. @Brian
    I love cats, I’ve had a lot of pet cats all my life. Now living in a flat I really miss not being able to have one πŸ™

    “Two Howls” is not far away to be completed..stay tuned.

    About Collie, you should read my previous blog more carefully and you’ll see the answer…

  6. i just got back from a week of camp. your doing great leo. make sure fang comes in last minute. dramatic effect.

  7. New pages look great Leo. Though I’m a tad curious as to what *spoiler* that power Teo used is, though I’m sure we’ll find out in due time.

  8. @Waffles
    Probably next chapter πŸ˜‰

    Just think about how he got to look “human” in the first place πŸ™‚

  9. @Roxel
    You can click on “chek out with paypal” but once in the paypal page there is an option to choose a credit card option: visa, mastercard…
    I hope that works for you πŸ™‚

  10. Has anyone seen the remake of Total Recall?

    I wish I’ve gone, but everyone thinks I will spazz out like that Gigyas ordeal!




  12. Sis,I am so very proud of you and Becky Me and Mom seen this a year ago when we started with Papa, why does the Wind Blow?.We see BIG tinghs in both you and BB’s future.Live life to the fullest and make sure your healthy enough to keep up with your children because they will take you places that us adults can only dream about ..Love,Mom and Dadio

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