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Well Animas surely change differently to werewolves and it’s something I wanted to reflect. And you can notice that he is going in a much faster way than Luna, if I had to pick a point of reference it’d be something like “Underworld” werewolves (that coincidentally look more cats xD) vs an “American Werewolf in London” … BUT this doesn’t mean all AL werewolves goes the way Luna does… we’ll find out about that in the future.

Lycanthrope Club Book Teaser

In other news I’ve recently posted a few werewolves illustrations for “The Lycanthrope Club Book 1” out of many I did during a year toward it publishing, an amazing novel that I highly recommend if you like the kind of werewolves you see here in Alpha Luna. For more info please visit my DA gallery and Kiojan (The author) DA gallery: here and here
But if you want to read it immediately go to this site where you can download for free a pdf copy 😉 or buy the colored book! HERE

That’s about it , enjoy!



21 thoughts on “Page 29

  1. I sure hope Luna saves Collie in time.


    I downloaded the PDF file for The Lycanthrope Club and imported into my iPad. I’m sure it’ll make some good reading when I’m off my computer.

  2. Now that is awesome. Though you have Collie’s left arm injured on the cover, perhaps you changed that idea originally to be right arm? So Teo’s skin is ripping off, eh?

  3. @Adolf Minigan
    I knew she’d be injured so I draw that on the cover… which is representative of what may happen or in other instances just an idea of the story. Covers are not mean to be accurate xp.

  4. Luna will tf faster once she gets the hang of it, surely.

    And Teo isn’t interested in Collie. He wants Luna. Better hope Fang shows up.

  5. Leo, I have question… can an Anima give his curse to a human by clawing, like in some werewolves stories?
    (yeah, I’m wondering if Collie will become an Anima, that would be funny)

  6. @TSG
    Yeah it would be awesome.

    Talking about this, will Collie become something else than human at some point of the story?

  7. If I had a cent every time someone hints the idea of Collie becoming a were-something I’d be rich by now >.>

  8. I feel really sorry about Collie for being in the middle of this mess. I think that David is screwed over by Teo in no time!

  9. @ Leo : Arf, sorry. But I’m not surprised if you don’t make a were-something out of Collie, though. I guess you want her to be the sidekick. If a change happens to her, it won’t have anything to do with a TF.

    About David, I’m pretty sure that he’s gonna run off soon. Mostly when he’s gonna see Luna.

  10. Excuse me Mr. Leo, but I was wondering-

    If Teo changes by his skin ripping off, when he changes back would his Anima skin go off or will normal skin grow over it?

    Also, why should Collie be a were-whatever if Luna and Fang are already there? XD

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