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Well we’re reaching the climax of the transformation! Almost here 😉
Pages 29 & 30 already available for download!

This week I got really excited about the Superman reboot, Man of Steel is looking really good! It was and it’s been my favorite super-heroe since I was a child :P. I hope to watch the trailer on the big screen tomorrow while watching THD Rises!

PS: Yeah, who would have guessed Luna wears a magical bra who’s straps are not visible while she wears her shirt XD. *hides*



40 thoughts on “Page 28

  1. New pages look really good Leo. Poor Collie, she really needs to learn to get up and run. And I have a feeling Fang’s going to show up just in time for the fight.

  2. I see boobies…wolf boobies…

    Now seriously, Leo, you are doing an awesome work here. Can’t wait to see what will happen to Luna, Collie and Fang.

  3. I want a tail like that! <3

    I need to ask Luna where she gets her bras. Those would go great with a dress 🙂

  4. Oh, no matter how much I try to forget, I still want to see Luna in anthro form.

    This was the original idea, right Leo? After all, the 1st cover and the comic book cover show her in that form.

  5. UHOH! Luna’s about to open a can of badass on an Anima threatening her budd >:)


  6. I read an anthology by John Skipp that had “The Company of Wolves” earlier this year. Need to borrow it again from the library to pick up where I left off. Book is called “Werewolves and Shape Shifters: Encounters with the Beasts Within”.

  7. @Roxel
    Company of wolves is a real low budget werewolf movie. One of the transformations showed the guy literally rip out of his Skin.

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