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Yeah, Teo is not “human”…. an Anima? heh , well probably the worst kept secret, then again I wasn’t expecting it to be such a big reveal :p but poor Collie, she probably didn’t see this coming 😉

If donors notice some text change in one of the bubbles, well that has to do with some screw up I made while using note of my script from an old source and not the one I was working on, I really hope it doesn’t happen again :/

Anyway, see you soon.



28 thoughts on “Page 27

  1. Y’know, I was wondering why Collie had a wound on her arm in the cover page…

    Guess this explains a lot.

    Great work Leo, can’t wait for the next page owo

  2. Great work again! I knew Teo would show his Anima form soon or is he a new type of creature? Remember when Luna was tripped in class, turned around and almost hit Teo?

  3. Wait wait wait wait wait wait!!!! David’s not an ANIMA??? O.o’ I… I thought he… and them… and; WHO BOY, I’m gonna need to sit down for this 😛

  4. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a problem to give money to get the pages in advance, but I have one question. Why does the text on the page I got is different from this one?

  5. Uh oh (This is bad…)

    As much as luna’s transformation is taking its sweet time, NOW’s a good time for her to save Collie…..

  6. I do too Kishio, I originally thought this story would be short seeing that the plot would wind around Luna meeting with the elder. There is so much more going on since I first read this story, a lot of room to add new ideas. I have been happy with what I have read so far.

    Side note, Anima or Werecat is a unique way of calling them that, each artist his/her own. 🙂 Thankfully no Vampires here like in the norm.

  7. Yeah Adolf, you got the point: No Vampires.

    And yes, talking about this stuff with the names, it’s like calling the Werewolf Lycans or Therians.
    These are just names, the creature is the same.

    And finally a story that shows the rivalry between big dogs and big cats.

  8. @Totally not a bot
    Yeah, part of me really wants to see Collie pulled into Luna’s world – literally! But that would also remove Collie as the “human factor” which would be bad. Wait, so can Werewolves and Animas infect other people or can they ONLY be born?

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