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Merry Christmas everyone! And so it begins again… yep, the infamous transformations scenes. Don’t expect it to be as long as the previous one, after all Luna’s body is starting to get used to them. Upcoming pages will go and come between Collie and Luna in opposition to what the first transformation was. Still I expect to make it -artistically- better than last time, I’ll try 😉

In other subject, some people wonder about the lack of shading of the pages. Well I haven’t been working on it since I got help back when I was in the middle of issue 3. But when I came back this late my friend have been too busy to work in the shades as he used to do.
With time I hope we can catch up, but meanwhile I just post the ink work because that is what really matters. Shades are important for the publishing of the book, but in the mean time I don’t consider it a priority, besides I already work a lot in the page as it is just by myself, I hope you understand.

As you know next weekends are Christmas and New year. So these weeks I’ll updating 1 page a week.
Next will be on Dec 28.

See ya!



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  1. Yay an update!!!! Luna is just a bit bloody xD cant wait for the nxt page (well i can but u know) great work and Merry Christmas ‹3

  2. Hey leo enjoy your christmas and new years have a wonderful time watching south park woodland crittets episode and christmas specil lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllolllllllllllllll it is funny

  3. I wonder if the pain will start to subside with each transformation, or at least that Luna will get used to it. Switching between Collie and Luna pages sounds interesting, though I’m looking forward to seeing Luna get a little furry.

    Happy holidays Leo!

  4. Excellent! Luna’s come to a startling realization, who knows what could happen to her now? Looking forward to a terrific transformation! 😀

  5. December 28? Oh man i’m in Helsinki shopping some manga or with my grandparents. So no internet on that day. Nice, page Leo!

  6. Looks like Luna is going lycan again. Oh, man I really wanted to see her in anthro form.

    Hey Leo, about those fan arts, how do you receive them? By e-mail or on DeviantArt?

    Anyway, this transformation is going to be awesome, once Luna is now awake.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year for everybody!!

  7. To this day, I’ve always felt that the thought of claws ripping(? I don’t really know how you’d describe the event) through your fingernails/toenails would be far more painful than anything else.

    Mainly because your finger/toenails aren’t really supposed to come off.

  8. I forgot to mention Leo, congrats on getting over 300 Facebook likes even if it wasnt your goal its still impressive 😉

  9. Nice page heu leo have you ever watched the anime tengan toppa gurren lagann it is epic the epicness can match dragonballz and the movies are beyond epic there like over 9000000000000000/000000000 epic you should watch it the movies are ownly in japanese they havent come to america yet so you do have to read subtitles but it is still epic you want to know why because it PERCES THE HEVANES

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Leo!

    (Also, for the other forum members, please tell me I’m not the only person who saw the hack…)

  11. SWG and WarlordMike, you guys ain’t the only ones… Don’t you love people who have way too much free time and nothing better to do with their lives?

  12. Hey merry christmas to all. Does anyone know whats going on with the forum? I tried going on it a couple times but when ever I got on it it sez that its been hacked by some dude named Dante and gives a picture of Dante from Devil may cry.

  13. Hey! About your site’s hack.

    One of my friends uses this website a lot and wanted me to take a look at what happened. Obviously, your forum was hacked.

    If you take the binary Dante wrote and run it through a translator real quick, you get:

    “Hacked by Dante you should get better security, need help?

    The trailing text (what follows the cursor), “48 61 63 6b 65 etc” is simply the HEX version of that.

    Team PS is Team Power Surge, a hacking and cracking (and defacing) group.(

    Anyways, if you are the webmaster/admin/whatever I would suggest emailing Dante to get your forum back, if you are unable to do it yourself.


  14. @Cécile Are you saying I should ask for help to the same people who hacked the forum? :/
    I’m sorry but I can’t help myself and despite people who just do this SH*t for fun or just money, they end up hurting a community and no more.

    I’ll try to fix these thing by myself for now, thanks.

  15. I’ll be praying for a swift resolution, Leo – I know this is NOT how you planned to spend your Christmas, and we appreciate all the work you’re doing for us.

    As for asking help from the very people who hacked your forum – I’m raising an eyebrow at that suggestion myself.

  16. Agreed! This is really stupid! Hacking someone’s site/forum just for fun or to say “see, it’s not very safe” and after, he act like a savior who can help increase the protection… that’s just what a douchebag would do.

  17. Lulz, I still have access to this entire site, database and all. I suggest emailing me for some security before it gets hacked again.


  18. I only have one question for Dante.

    Why would you do this to all the readers? I can’t say if Leo has done anything to you, or vb, but I haven’t. Doubt most of the readers have either. Did you do it for fun? A sense of superiority? I don’t care, but I honestly want to know why you did it. I don’t think it’s out of spite, and that’s the only reason I could come up with..

  19. Mostly fun. Proof of poor security. I didn’t delete anything. I am offering security, this attack could be a lot worse, this entire site could be gone within 10 seconds if I wanted. But I didn’t do that. Hopefully if Leo comes to his senses he will get security from me. Then you won’t have to worry about this site ever getting hacked again.

  20. This is just a COMIC Web site that I’ve put myself together with a lot of effort. Every page I put here has 12 hours or more of work that I share for free to make people happy and you come here, piss all over the place and threat me to get help of you?!

    I feel terrible because there exist so awful people like you out there that, you know what, win no matter what. You made me feel very sick, you should congratulate yourself about that.

  21. Thanks for the reply Dante. I guess that makes sense, you know, the proof part. There is obviously a lack of security, and Leo could ask for your help, but I don’t blame either of you. Honestly there were much better ways to offer help and prove he needs better security! But, there are worse things you couldve done. So.. I dont know. I don’t think this site should’ve been hacked at all but I am glad it didn’t get hacked by someone worse.

    Leo, I do feel sorry for you and I know its hard but really, try to think rationally. Hacked by Dante, who hasn’t done anything terrible (yet?), or hacked by some idiot who crashes your site and steals info, crashes servers etc? The decision is up to you but I am honestly glad AL is still up and running.. Aren’t you?

  22. She is right Leo, Let me fix your site, I know security like the back of my hand. I can ensure you this will never happen again after I am done with it. One of the biggest things I know is vBulletin Security. So stop getting angry, and be thankful that the entire site isn’t gone, and that a hacker is offering some protection. It’s up to you. But I’m just letting you know there are still vulnerabilities ^_^

  23. Ok not sure when the site was hacked but from what i just read,Leo has a right to be mad at Dante.Yes his security may be weak but you shouldn’t be threatening Leo just so u can “secure” the site.For all we know you could be trying to pull something on us so Leo can nvr get back in control of AL.Dont get mad at me for my opinion,but i just wanted to say what i thought of this.

  24. Here is the thing, to reply from above. First of all, I can see that Leo has no idea what he is doing, since he had to spend his holidays fixing the site, when all I did was deface it. A deface takes not even 30 seconds to fix, and that was all I did to the site. Normally, I hack a site, then the owner fixes it an improves the security, I move on. However Leo has not fixed the security on this site at all. So that is my sign to stay here and offer help with that. I am a member of TeamPS. Unless we have a grudge with a site, we help them out. He is actually very lucky that we got to him first, there are other teams out there that will ruthlessly delete the entire site and make it inaccessible. And me making the site inaccessible to Alpha Luna fans would not benefit me in any way so no I am not trying to “pull one over” on you guys. I am simply offering my expertise in internet security, to help a comic site, that would benefit from it.

  25. @dante- yeah….. I really think that Leo will really take up your offer after you only HACKED HIS ACCOUNT! I think that if you really wanted to tell him about the vulnerabilities of this site then you should have just told him. You just did the douchebag way of doing it where he will never trust you with helping his site and would probably pay a site to help him than accept your offer. At least I rather would.

  26. In reply to above, Leo will have to trust me. I can tell you right now that whoever he “hires” will not be as good as me.

    Leo I strongly suggest getting my help —-
    Skype: Dante848x
    Or you can contact me at

  27. Personally if you really wanted help, I would have been a bit more subtle and private about it rather than completely defacing the forums because everyone wouldn’t have been up in arms about it, and I would have tried to have kept this whole issue private between myself and the site owner.

  28. Seriously Dante, even if you meant well you were extremely obnoxious about it. You could have just contacted Leo instead of messing with the site. Don’t expect much, if any, gratitude or trust if that’s the way you operate.


    “In reply to above, Leo will have to trust me. I can tell you right now that whoever he “hires” will not be as good as me.”

    That is just fucking arrogant. He’ll have to trust the guy who hacked into his site and defaced his forum – fun. At this point I can’t tell if you’re just trolling or serious.

    This kind of attitude gives the hacking community a bad name.

  29. I cannot believe this guy. However, we should all just try and remain calm. I don’t think that we should be to worried. If things get real serious, we can always involve the authorities.

  30. Let’s say someone broke into your house and stole all your things. Insurance covered you and you got most of your stuff back, but he comes back later and says he was “just showing the flaws in your home’s security. You’re lucky we got to you first, other burglars can be ruthless! Here’s my business card, I’ll secure your house for you.”

    Did he expect us to be impressed? Are we supposed to feel grateful that he’s going to “fix” our house? No, our house got broken into by an arrogant creep, he ransacked the place, and he thinks WE owe HIM an apology for not being more appreciative.

    Get over yourself, Dante. You’re no IT Robin Hood.

  31. If I notice a house with an open door I don’t come in and paint the walls and then say “Hey you need security, see? I could’ve done much worse but I didn’t. Get my help or next time I may not be so nice”
    Of course, cleaning the walls isn’t as difficult as buying the furniture again. But is no less than being a an ashole.

    What I’d do instead is to knock the open door (hint: email) and explain the owner the issue to prevent the problem and offer my help, but if he doesn’t want it just continue my way and I’d feel that at least I did something good.

    But probably I’m coming from a perspective of a normal person and apparently Hackers have other standars and perspective about the internet, it’s not about sharing, is about the strongest survives, the Survival of the fittest if you will. A radical point of view that is all revolution and shit. But you know? there is no war here, there never was one until you got here.

    You’re offering help of yourself and that doesn’t make a lick of sense. Please, let this community be. You get help out of real friends, not from scumbag Steve.

  32. Way to go Leo! 🙂 if this was Facebook I would like your comment. Ps I hope you are still updating tomorrow but if not I can see that you have some “bugs” to deal with 🙁

  33. Hey dante wtf it is extremly rude to hack into someones site it could lead to problems and lawsuits lets what happemed to the playstation network that hacker really fucked alot of peopl so if your going to hack somrone tell them it to help them identify the problems of the sit , and you do this for money the end dosent justify the mean s( this is a lesson contuiny doing this you can get into serouis trouble so stop it and let leo handle the problem himself ok dante becauae contuin doing this you will face the consseqiunsed douchbag

  34. And dante threting people that you could get rid of the sit will you can just go to hell and get raped by the devil , alpha luna is what inspired me to contnue drawing and if you dare do that I sware I will find you and make you PAY so fuck off and leave this site alone permently and stay with your loser ferinds so get the steping a hole

  35. I couldent help but over read everything about the hacker. Speaking as a fellow hacker (but i have never hacked into a place i wasent asked to by the owner and i would NEVER hack this site. It rocks to much :D) Dante probobly thought he was doing you a favor.

    On the other hand you should ask the site owner before running a security test. Im only 14 and i only onow a little bit about hacking so far but im sure i could find something about it of you really want 🙂 ide do anything to help this site. Your work rocks Leo!

  36. First time I ever read the comments on this site.

    To Dante – Whatever your intentions were, you obviously aren’t welcome here, best thing to do now is take it as a learning experience and be on your way.

    To Leo – YOU ROCK! I love this comic. And look at how many people you got behind you backing you up right here. makes me feel all happy inside. ^.^
    Even though this hacker thing has happened and its sucked for you, you also got to see loyal fans and that your art has inspired others to continue or do better in their art. (one of Takim’s comments reminded me about my own inspirations from this comic.)
    Keep up the good work Leo.

  37. Leo’s right.Dante may have hacked the site but it’s still Leo’s comic.I’ll be praying for the safety of the site but law suits may be required if Dante doesnt stop.Also just like Takim said,its Leo who has inspired me to keep sketching for fun and im even posting on facebook some of the ones i do.My goal is that in time I can re-draw Luna,Fang,and Collie to see how good ive gotten.So Dante go elsewhere plz and leave AL alone.

  38. This site may have be vialated, but it’s Leo’s. And it should stay that way. “Or else I might not be so nice next time?” What is this blackmail? Leo, have you contacted the authorities or someone who is supposed to handle this kind of situation?

    Este sitio puede tener ser vialated, pero es de Leo. Y debe seguir siéndolo. “O si no, no podría ser tan bueno la próxima vez?” ¿Qué es este chantaje? Leo, se ha comunicado a las autoridades o alguien que se supone que debe manejar este tipo de situación?

  39. Blackmail much?… Dante you are not wanted here so please.just leave this site alone, everything was nice and calm before you started trying to blackmail leo.

    Grow up dante

  40. @Dante
    So a black hat script kid has the illusion of being a white hat? Really get back to school or something kiddo.

    Defacing is one of the easiest things to do: mysql exploit, deface. It shows how kid-like you are if you scream around how “great” you are, just like lulzsec (probably your idols). It gives real white hats a bad name. The ethos is that you ask permission first (preferably), then hack, and report back to the site owner. Doing anything else is considered black hat or even script kid behavior.

    I agree with all other people here that the site’s webmaster should not accept help from you. Heck if you even wanted to help, you would have said from the start how you did it in an e-mail to the webmaster. Instead, you’re an nuisance to the victimized parties (the site’s owner and the visitors).

  41. Ok Leo thought i meant with my words that he should back of! but i still hope he burn in hell. Give satan my regards Dante.

    Finnish police are nice because there are polices that have a job to watch over different sites. (not sure if the same is in America)

  42. Gee, finnish girl. Calm down. Think about what you’re writing. You don’t wish for a person to go to hell over such a stupid reason. He’s just a dick, he didn’t murder your family.

    You obviously believe in hell, so I’ll assume you’re religious to some extent. Now, may I remind you that wishing someone the greatest suffering there is for such a trivial reason Is widely considered a sin.

  43. Seriously finish girl take a chill pill he is just another bastard of the world so he’ll get what he deserves in time.Will he go to Hell for hacking,probably not but its not your choice to make on that.

    He finally left?

  44. I have only ONE thing to say about this defacing issue.

    This topic reminded me of this time at my work where a random customer started asking me these questions about my life and if I had any plans on going farther in my employment, mainly if I was still going to school. My answers were apparently unsatisfactory as she practically stated she was going to be making it her mission to get me back into school and thinking about a longer-term career. She said she was going to set up a appointment with a counselor for me.

    While I believed her intentions were pure; I never did voice my opinion of her actions, but I found this very rude myself. She didn’t have the right to be weaving herself into my life and assuming she knew what would be best for me. That’s an invasion of privacy and pretending to be my parents or something of that nature. And considering that I was in a very bad state in my life where I wasn’t comfortable with random strangers butting into my affairs (especially when I had no idea what could and still could change in the future), her persistence annoyed me to the point if she did come back and bothered me about forcing change in my current fragile life I was going to tell this to my boss and ask him to call the cops or ban her from the store (she had apparently started this schpeel on two other associates in my store too). And, Honestly, her offer plus story about how she successfully helped another person change his/her life for the better came off as some kind of commercial advertisement.

    Luckily; she hasn’t come back sense then. But my incident kinda of had some reverberation with this incident (i.e. Dante trying to force improvements on Leo and pushing it too far without his consent). Maybe my event isn’t as drastic as what happened here, but I understand very well the frustration Leo had to go threw.

    But that is all I’m going to say about it; sorry if I’m spamming on the event.

    In other news: I hope you still managed to have a decent holiday Leo, and hope this doesn’t throw off your creativity mood. If time needs to taken before getting back into the groove, take it.

  45. I agree with TimidTabby. You made some very insightful points. But, like Leo said, I think we should move on from this Dante character. So…

    Leo, how are the english copies of your volume 1 of Alpha Luna coming along?

  46. @Creasent

    Well, i’m still sorry, though i always have wanted to see what kind of place are heaven and hell.

  47. @Crescent

    Well yeah, i know that much, but i’m little bit unsure about heaven, because humans make so much sins, so i think if i should go to heaven or hell. Then as a human i should go to hell and have my punishment. Or so i think about myself. Othets do not deserve it, but for me i think that i’m just bothering other people with me been here.

  48. @Finnish girl
    Idk what your religious views are but i recommend reading the Bible.The Lord created you and loves you so know Heaven is where u belong.Read the Bible for any questions you have on Heaven and Hell.

  49. Yeah, but even if i would read it i still feel like i wouldn’t deserve to go to enternal paradise, in other words heaven. (i’m the only one in our class who some how even with good hearing can’t hear church bells ringing even when i’m just beside our church~.~”)

    Hope Leo will have new page at least at new year’s day, that would be my angel looking little brothers birthday, but belive me he is more like a devil to me.

  50. Fuck off Dante, you do these things cause you have no real job worth your miserable time so you mess with communities.

  51. Reyfox heaven and hell are not make belive they are real many people had near death experiances each of them tell storys of seeing a light and feeling calm and peacful and seeing there entire life and there dead family telling them it is not there time while others tell.of being attacked and burning and felling tgere fleash being ripped apart heaven and hell are real

  52. THANK U TAKIM!!! Rey Fox,idc if your athiest or what,Heaven and Hell are real.Just cuz u think they’re fake doesnt mean its true.Now…back to AL,i hope the new page comes soon im really eager to see whats nxt 🙂

  53. Well, I don’t think its permanent. Just until we can figure out some other nasty details. But, we’ll miss all of you on the forum! Stay in contact via Facebook or email please? 😉

  54. just went to Davids “site” to see if i can talk to who ever runs the group and I wouldn’t let this guy do any kind of security because there just trolls and A-holes with a lot of free time on there hands so dont let this guy do anything else to your site

    now I have to go and run a shit lot of scans on to my computer to make sure I dont get anything bad for the troll site

  55. Okay, I’ve been reading since before the hiatus (the last one) and felt the need to finally comment.

    @Dante, Yeah, that shit does not fly well with people. “I am only ruining your life to see why you need me to fix it” does not work in real life, will not work here.

    @ Takim and Crescent, The mind is capable of so much. You can give the body a sugar pill and if the mind believes it is medicine will cause many of the same effects that the “medicine” was supposed to produce.

    Also, the mind is capable of plenty in our dreams- it brings out our worst fears or our most pleasant thoughts. I would be more impressed if a complete stranger showed up in a NDE and said it wasn’t your time, since of course it will be family members long deceased, since the people in your dreams will all be based around the people you know or have seen. And why would a loving God send people to suffer for an eternity, and why can’t He forgive at the pearly gates? And what absolute proof do you have? And do not say the Bible, since you then have to prove that true, since there is nothing that has been proven by itself and taken credibly, since said book also contradicts itself in many places.

  56. @Renadt

    Yes, i myself might think too much, about thinks that normal people don’t think. And the sugar bill
    thing, well i have had that kind of a thing before. And i know quite a lot of dreams, because i have too much time on my hand. The god thing is, at least what i know is, is that if a person who has made lot of sins is regreting them, he can go to heaven. Fun thing in bible is that, arch angel have names, demons have names, but know one knows the gods name.

  57. Happy new years Leo! I’m kinda late though =P

    Hope the new year brings many new things for you, and much more happiness.

  58. Can ppl pls stop whining about the hacking of the forums, seriously some of the comments are somewhat childish. And to Leo , sorry that your forums were hacked by dante but you are not the only one who got hacked like that, also I would suggest ramping up the sercurity etc and happy new year one one day 2 hours 18mins late!

  59. (Same person as above)
    I’m a silent reader who seldomly posts and I’m a loyal fan. I’m saving up my pocket money to donate 50$ sing to you. Hope you van use thatmoneyto help u Leo.

  60. @Finnish Girl- Not according to God (or Jesus), since you have to accept a specific story. You can make all the amends you want to to all the people you’ve wronged, but still burn for all eternity for not asking Him for forgiveness. But then again, no other religion before Catholicism had ever told humanity that they were evil from birth, and were not worth saving, but since God is so merciful he decided to spare us and even alter his “perfect” plan.

    Seriously, we are in a seriously battered relationship with this deity here. Imagine a person telling us how worthless we were, and that only their divine bliss was saving us, or flooded a village for not liking them. They’d be pretty evil, right? And yet God isn’t?

  61. When’s the next update Leo?Ofcourse,I can’t blame you for being late since Dante came along and hacked the site.But as ive said before i am a loyal fan of the site and am willing to wait as long as you ask 🙂

  62. Nice page Leo! Sorry about all the drama listed above. People don’t know when to quit. Never have, probably never will. Good luck on the next pages, I am anxiously anticipating the next release.

  63. Happy New Year everyone!

    And I quite agree, people should really drop the religious rambling. Everyone is free to believe what they wish, and shouldn’t try to prove that they’re right or wrong.

    Relating to the comic (as comments should be…), I am quite thrilled to see how the rest of this chapter unfolds! Looking forward to the next page. 🙂

  64. The only reason the conversation xhanged is beacause people like interesting conversations and debates and peoppe ahould beleiveb what they want im not forcing you to belevie in my belifes

  65. I’m not forcing any beliefs either i just spoke my opinion.Also Takim has a point.People enjoy changed subjects from time to time otherwise no one would talk after a while because there would be nothing left to say on the matter.Plus,the comments get more interesting that way.

  66. Indeed. I honestly kike the debates where both sides present their philosophies and can back them up. I hate fanatics from either side who provide no proof of their claim, just simply state that “you’re wrong.” Both Takim and Crescent have very good counters.

    And also, Dante can suck it, and wonderful comic! Here’s hoping for one on Thursday.

  67. Hey guys, in all seriousness, I think we need to stop talking about Dante. You can give Leo your sympathies about the situation, but let’s not dwell on it eh? I think we need to drop it.

  68. I already tried getting back to AL in my defense.Im still curious for when Fang comes back into all this and how Luna will fully respond to her transformation in upcoming pages.

  69. @Takim

    You dont need one just look at the red box on the right of the site(nxt to the cutie paypal Luna) and it tells you the twitter updates.

  70. Hola Leo, espero que te sientas bien pronto. Lo siento por mi español malo, soy nuevo.

    Um. I wanted to say “Hi Leo! I hope you get better soon. Sorry for my bad Spanish, I’m still learning!” but I’m mostly going off memory from a phrasebook I’m trying to memorize and I couldn’t remember the right words exactly.. I think I got the feminine/masculine things wrong too..

    Um, anyways, yeah, hope you get better soon. Take it easy, don’t rush and try to draw, you need rest =) por favor tomar la siesta.

  71. You did well Anne with the words. But with “soy nuevo” you just said “I’m new” and not ” Aún estoy aprendiendo” which is what you said in english :p.
    Thanks for the wishes, I’m recovering I’m drawing now. Take care!

  72. I just had n epiphany- technically, Dante was trying to extort Leo, in a sense. He facilitated (caused) a threat and then proceeded to be the solution as well. If that is the case, you might have a case against this “Dante.”

  73. Since the new page didnt come as planned i enjoyed improvising by re-reading AL from the start and one page i love the most is when Fang and Collie meet and the picture of the map shows up with the wolf face sticking his toung out XD.

  74. sí, me olvidé de la palabra para el aprendizaje.

    Umm. I think I got that one right though! I forgot the word for learning so I just substituted new.. Should’ve probably said new to Spanish though. Oh well. At least I’m making progress. Anyways, glad you’re doing better but take your time =)

  75. @Crescent

    Yeah, that is pretty funny. That old man is so mischievous. I really liked Luna’s reaction to Fang when he was doing his business out in the backyard.

  76. @David

    xD lol that was soooo wrong in many ways.But still it was funny i admit that along with Fangs wonderful table manners xD

  77. Remember, he has come down with the flu, so let him rest. It’s not like he’s going to disappear another year right?

    right? O.o

    Jk! 😀

  78. Geez, you guys are more paranoid then I thought. He’s sick and only gone a week and you’re worried he’ll be gone another year. I really doubt he’ll do it again without a warning or something, he’s a really good artist and I trust him.

    I’m not feeling that great either. Had to go to the dentist last monday and that whole day was crap, yesterday was crummy and I still don’t feel that great. Stupid dentists.. I probably wouldn’t be drawing either. So I just hope both of us feel better soon Leo =)

  79. He’s alright – just recovering. Remember, drawing and writing AL is not his full time job AND he has a bunch of commissions to worry about.

  80. Leo needs rest not just for the flu,but just in general i think.He’s only human like everyone else and it takes alot outta him to draw each page.Plus he has a life to live outside of here remember?He may just wanna watch TV,hang with friends,get work done, or even get drunk!xD (just kidding Leo) So i dont care about the delay.Its reasonable why he hasn’t updated in 2 weeks.

  81. I do not mind the wait as always, go out and find something to tie yourself over until we congregate again. Current reading Dorohedoro on Spectrum Nexus, get an idea of both fashion/art styles of Gorillaz and Slipknot mixed together, with a story sort of similar to Berserk. I recommend poking around on there for interesting reads.

    Me, balancing the college classes as a full-timer this semester and taking time learning how to upload to my youtube account in between all of this and reading my current love, Dorohedoro.

    Sometimes we all need a break from what we all do constantly, be it working, studying, or just nagging someone. Everyone needs time to heal and restore themselves to normal before re-approaching certain hobbies, goals, you name it.

  82. The last time leo “disapeared”, I waited for months to se the new pages of the comic. I guess everybody (including me) can wait for some weeks until Leo gets better. And let’s give the guy some credit. Some artists update once in 15 days, or even twice a month while our friend Leo sends a new comic every week.

  83. Case and point.Everyone should find another occupation till there is an update and no more nagging Leo about it.

  84. Wow jmk, you’re really ungrateful. We all kinda got that way after a year, but really? He’s sick and it hasnt even been two weeks. And im glad he didn’t shut it down after the hacking incident! But here you are throwing a fit because, apparently, ten days is “a while”. Yeesh man, go buy some comics or something, maybe start a hobby? Collect wolf stamps? XD

  85. @Anne

    Um anne…its been almost 3 weeks honestly so idk where youve been but whatever.Also whats with the “ungrateful” comment?He has a right to be excited about the next update.Sure i agree that we shouldnt be all over Leo blabing in his face about it but its your way of seeing things.

  86. I really think Leo should stop working with deadlines & just post whenever he feels like it, cause making a deadline and then repeatatly not deliver does not demand respect

  87. As much as I hate to say it, I think Leo has gone on another one of his (patent pending) unannounced extended hiatuses. Nothing we can do but wait.

  88. @ Rune:
    Yes, I definitely think that Leo should rest …… this work is very tiring, and I say this from experience, it takes much time to draw ….

  89. I think we should all give Leo a break as he has been through a lot with the whole “Dante” situation and he might have paid commissions that he might need to finish.

    I have followed his work for years and I am just grateful when he is able to update as it must take him a long time to complete one page and we are getting his great work for free

    Keep up the good work Leo

  90. I know of another webcomic that is usually good about making updates on time despite vast RL issues. A while back, they had a donation drive promising extra comic pages for every $X they got. They had to shut it down after a few hours because of how quickly people put their Supreme-Court-Approved “speech” to use.

    Alas, out of 18 owed pages, a year and a half later, their front page STILL says “Comics owed: 10”

    Just a thought. And a suggestion.

    And a wag of the finger, because loyal fans deserve Respect. At LEAST come by and post a text update once in a while, Leo!!

    A “hey, bad crap happening to internet, posting from library, sorry” isn’t so hard. Stringing people along for months- or years-long hiatuses is not right.

  91. Let us just hope that both SOPA and PIPA do not get passed and shut sites like this down. USA and our traitorous acts we pass quietly while people are busy drowning in “buy this, buy that”.

    Hopefully, things are looking up Leo.

  92. WTF does this site have to do with SOPA? It’s an original webcomic. The copyright holder owns it!

    I’m against SOPA, but you can’t just claim the current “Big Bad Bill” in congress is going to affect EVERYTHING, because then you make opponents of the bill look like ignorant ‘tards by association.

  93. Not to mention the fact that Leo doesn’t live in the USA and probably doesn’t host the site in the USA…so the only people SOPA could effect even if Leo stole a line from Star Wars are people IN the USA.

  94. This site could very easily be taken down by SOPA or PIPA. Just because it isn’t an american-based site doesn’t mean anything. Corporations will have jurisdiction to block the ip of this comic to anybody in the US. There will be no due process, and there will be little we can do to stop it if it does happen. SOPA and PIPA are a huge threat to the safety of the internet.

  95. F*** SOPA sometimes…
    Leo get well soon
    (>^ -^)>(:•:)
    this be my cookie

    <(^-^)>(:•:). <(*_*<)
    and it’s all mine

    (>^ -^)>(:•:). (^• ^<)
    . . . . . . ……

    (>^ -^)>(:•:) #<(^• ^<)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . “waffle?”

    (>^#^<) (>^(:•:)^<)

  96. The big issue with SOPA and PIPA is not that it would hurt Leo, this site and him would be fine. The issue is if they passed these bills, users of the internet in the USA would be blocked from using sites like this, should some company or power in the government decide that this sight is a threat to America or American business.

    Now I doubt this site would be blocked, SHOULD such bills get passed. BUT if such bills existed, and the way they are right now phrased, anyone with money, power, or pull in the US government could force to sensor sites from US internet users. weather they be from outside the US or from within. This is similar to what we have been hearing and seeing in China. So if a group should take power in the US Government and decide they want to close off all outside influence to the US through the net, they could do it under these bills. Very similar to the book burnings and other acts that the Nazis did back before World War 2.

    In short to all non-US viewers, these bills are an attack on the first amendment right of US Citizens and one we pride ourselves on, even if it has had a tendency to come back and bight us on the ass, Freedom of Speach.

  97. the congress is really getting on my nerves and these stupid acts are the same thing that the British did way back to the colonists and we all know how that tuned out

  98. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a grammer nazi its so scary make it go away!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “runs away screaming”

  99. I was just bring it to our attention, sure this may not apply to international readers but for us Americans it does. I like some of the humor the last posters put on the issue. I would add that there should be werewolves going after the rotten ones.

    @GEo: Very good information, indeed.

    @Grace: I agree with what you said, it could happen or not. Wikipedia went black as did other site in opposition against these traitorous acts.

    @Dude…: What about claims? If you listen/read to independent news sources, you would get the picture.


  101. From what I’ve seen this morning, last week there was 5 senators against SOPA. Today there’s 35. We need 41 of them to vote NO so that SOPA can be put out of our sight for good.

  102. Thought I’d drop my 2 cents. SOPA/PIPA would seem to allow for any US citizen to make copyright claims against any site to internet providers and payment systems in the US. These entities would be forced to cut access to the site without even confirming the claim. As a consequence:

    1- If the site is in the US, it would become completely unavailable.
    2- If the site is not in the US, it would become unavailable to US citizens.
    3- If the site depends on AMEX, PayPal or other US based company, it would starve to death.

    Finally, hosting in the US is usually cheaper than elsewhere, so there are good chances of Leo using an US based hosting company.

    And by the way, the Tweeter icon still points to Dante’s.

  103. I swear if AL goes down ill mentally suicied T_T cant do physicaly for many reasons but still i have no idea what will bring joy to me if i lose access to this site.May SOPA/PIPA rot in Hell if they do such a thing!!!!

  104. I just want to say the worse is over for now. It might be brought back up later after damned elections this November.

    @Cresent: I see, you seem young for saying that. I checked the sites, some have links to contacting State Senators, and what such. As long as you got a voice, you have the power.

  105. @Adolf Mingan
    Yeah im 14 and i just hate the thought of no more AL :/ i see sites protesting about SOPA and am sick of this whole thing.

  106. By the way, I guess Leo is aware that the deep asshole known as Dante X changed the link of the twitter button of the site to link to his own twitter account.

    Ooooh, I hate guys like him! >_<

  107. Hey uh TSG, we all kinda wanted to drop the Dante subject. Leo’s not comfortable talking about it anymore, and I think its best we stop trying to give him the attention he wants.

  108. But yes, Leo I believe is still ill, and is slowly recovering. I recall he said something about it “getting worse…” or something along those lines :/

  109. @Waffles How’s that coming along btw

    @DefenderX He had Lycanthropy long before he wrote this comic. Almost every single event in this comic has been inspired by real life events ;D

  110. @David: The comic is doing pretty well, still in the inking process.

    I wish, I can have someone digitally color it for me.

  111. somebody crack a joke please and a fan comic oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sounds fascinating cant wait to read it. so the Superbowl anybody going to watch it. And lastly Texas ROCKS YEAH

  112. Best of luck retrieving your Hard Disk, Leo. I will wait however long it takes to pick up the pieces.

    @GM: Do not own a TV with signal input; plus, who needs one in college?

    New Mexico ROCKS, love it out here. 2 years and on… dang!!

  113. @Adolf Mingan yeah I’ve been to New Mexico its beautiful there in the winter and great for skiing never been though so cant say the slopes are any good but i bet they are. so ever been to cloudcroft before.

  114. @GM: I only passed through that village while leaving Alamogordo for Roswell on a family vacation back in 2004. Been throughout the state except Santa Fe… spent a day hiking around Tent Rocks, ate around the outskirts of that city to the south last year. Been to Sandia Peak once, have never gone skiing in my life.

  115. awwww another week gone but no update so guess ill check again nxt week 🙁 ive found something to occupie myself while i wait so its less torturous.hope u come and update soon Leo 🙂

  116. When do you think he will update again? I was so confused when I couldn’t load the next page, I thought “Damn piece of shit Wi-Fi. AT&T you suck!” (which they do, half of my txts never make it past my outbox ///_-)

  117. JMK1999 I waited 6 1/2 months for ONE update from Leo before so yeah I KNOW HOW TO FREAKING WAIT!!!! Im asking nicly about how its going and im just curious.When i said “i found something to occupie myself” i just meant i found an anime to watch,and since Bleach has over 230 episodes i figure between that and AL ill be completly fine in waiting. :/ excuse me for wanting to know if Leo’s ok and if the update is anytime soon so i can look foward to it.

  118. No needs to be so impatient about a next page. I know Leo had troubles in the last months (the hacker issue, wich is now solved, so no need to return on that subject)and I’m sure he still have somes and they may be personals, so no need to ask him what those are. All we can do is wait until the next update and do something else while waiting. Like Crescent said about finding something to occupie oneself, it’s the best solution. I read manga, watch animes and play games while waiting, so waiting is not a problem. tkfilm, have patience and the update will come in it’s time.

  119. (>^ -^)>(:•:)
    this be my cookie

    <(^-^)>(:•:). <(*_*<)
    and it’s all mine

    (>^ -^)>(:•:). (^• ^<)
    . . . . . . ……

    (>^ -^)>(:•:) #<(^• ^<)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . “Alpha Luna comic?”

    (>^#^<) (>^(:•:)^<)

  120. I will wait wait wait wait
    read other coimcs til this updates updates updates updates
    i will check back monthly cause thats my plan plan plan plan
    i love this comic for its ep-ic sto-ry line line line
    im a comic reader i will go, reading comics that i find, YEAH!
    i find a comic that is intresting, then i read it and become its loyal fan
    im gonna donate(if i can)
    saying hey bro
    nice comic man!

    (still thinking about the rest of the song)
    parody of(Dynamite)

  121. Guys, any gringo here can tell me what the did you do to make Obama piss of and make SOPA?
    because if its launched Alpha Luna might be in danger, if I recall in the last page of chapter 2 theres a nude pic of Luna, and on 4 thres too much blood, and I heard by the radio that this law will put both espionage and banning pages with matur content.
    Please tell if im correct about SOPA target and what happened.
    Leo we miss you to in the spanish comments.

  122. yeah we noticed that and obama didnt come up with it (not that i am defending obama or anything) but he didnt come up with it a really stupid democrat did. also the SOPA is not a maturity regulator it is to stop online piracy and i dont see anything wrong with online piracy. the bill got move back a date yet again because so many people are against it and the social network is at risk here to. right now i bet they are revising it so it sound more appealing to the people of the U.S.

  123. ok, but internet is global, to do so they would need to shut down internet on usa and create a network only for USA, like “usa-link” and that would be lke in V of Vendetta

  124. Monthly check in, nothing yet. *Back off the Collegeland*

    Best wishes, Leo. Hope all is well. Thinking about you.

  125. actually all they need to do is block it like in my school they block the website on servers all across the US with help from internet providers and if they don’t comply the government will think up some stupid legal suit against the web providers and force them to do it

  126. I hehe, DSI powdered by Boardband!
    Geeze, seem like the government wants the free internet.

    As I heard, I think the laws will comeback….
    even Lemar decided to hit us with a well a considerabley err….something that parents can argee on…bleh.
    Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act

    Ha,ha SOPA’s big brother and PIPA’s younger sister…..
    Can someone tell me what’s wrong with the internet please?

  127. OK PIPA is gone but SOPA was pushed back a date again and the thing is that people are doing illegal thing on the internet and this one guy wants to change that but he isn’t getting very far because he is going against the bill of rights here in the U.S. also this bill might push the U.S people over the edge and we might fight back and it could get bloody because there are more hunters in the US than there are US military men

  128. I haven’t really heard much about SOPA/PIPA. Almost everything I watch/read online was already banned by Funimation anyways >_> And the rest is webcomics/fanfiction, which currently are fine. But lately I’ve seen a lot of hate on it; wth is it?? Eh, never mind, I’ll google it XD

    But anyways, hope you’re doing okay personally Leo. My life is screwed up right now so it would be nice to hear yours is looking up. One door closes, ‘nother opens and all that =P Things always look up eventually.

    I think I’ll head to bed now.. Nighty night Leo. Don’t let the nanobugs byte! (lol, I just read that joke, I had to.)

  129. There’s a long time since my last post.

    Following the subject: SOPA is affecting not only americans, because here in brazil I use to download musics from american sites and a friend of mine has a site hosted on a USA server.

    Sometimes i think that the government is ruining people’s life. Some people work on the internet and their sites provide their money. If their sites got blocked, what will they do?

  130. yeah and one of those sites is a major site called youtube. so many people take things from other sites and use it in videos with out their permission and it would be blocked.

  131. This time since last Thursday, nothing yet! Go back to whatever I am doing.

    @Kishio: I sympathized what you are saying. Seems like 100% of the time, the gov’t is trying to sneak in stuff that kills our rights and way of living everyday.

  132. Well, the goverments in general trys to steal some rights with some law, then disguise that with a charity act or something similar, the objective is to win money, if public transport cost $1(on a imaginary scale of one to 25 money) and they make “Protect Drivers” law and cost $3.5 to add and mantain extra security, they rise the price to $5, the total should be $4.5, but they add $0.5 with the exchange of supposed quality, where it goes depeng on the goverment, but normally goes to the president or the goverment in general

  133. Re-watching Wolf’s Rain at the time being. Have not noticed some things in the anime the first time around unlike second time. My all time number one anime. For it was a springboard to other great anime.

    Dorohedoro is very good, will be happy when the anime is made if she ever gets around to waving permission on her work.

    Waiting for new update, patiently. Cause someone has to be patient while the world around you is slowly killing itself over nothing in general. Not talking about anyone here. Facebook is so not networking anymore.

  134. Wolf’s Rain was a decent anime but the characters arent really “werewolves” so to say,they’re really just wolves but can turn their apperance to human so i dont consider them actual werewolves just wannabies.

    I’ll still hope for an update sometime real soon but just plz atleast comment Leo everyone wants to know whats up and if your doing ok.

  135. @Crescent: So! That is only your opinion. Wannabes??? Pfft!! Werewolves of not I do not care, I love high-class art.

    Perhaps the water is ‘too deep’ for some people. Hmm!?

  136. for those who are looking for a nrws webcomic i found one called spinnerette… its quite funny and the characters or lovable… tht how its spelt?… oh well just check it out

  137. @Fan: Glad I am not the only one going off a limb. Wish they released all the songs used in the series. Having trouble finding some that I was going share with some friends yesterday. :=-( Still, I recommend to anyone who loves a good plot, lovable characters, sweet music and anything else in between. ;=-) Funny, after watching the series again for the second time, seems like this week is going well. Could it be the wolves are blessing me? Hahaha!!!!! In Kiba I Trust. :=-P Or some people like the Mohawk I am sporting. :=-D

  138. I was singing some the lines from Stray the other day while getting off the bus walking across central to catch the next bus going south. What can I say? It is addicting /catchy. No more sorrows, just joy! joy! joy!

  139. @Adolf Haha I get that song in my head too sometimes and I totally have stray on my ipod!I honestly love all of bones work, their animes always have great plots and characters 🙂

    @Boringcabbage I checked the comic out and read it none stop, nice recomendation!

  140. @Adolf
    ok ok chill out dude i nvr said i hated it i like bloody animes as much as the nxt guy all i meant was it was kinda short for a series and ive yet to see an anime about werewolves.Everyone has their own opinion dont get mad at the way others think of somthing u like.

  141. Hahaha!!!! You all are too funny, I find that old news now. Excuse my way of thinking. I was trying to root out an explanation from you, Crescent. No need to get all mad. Okay!

    @Purist: Hah! Thanks! Sounds weird saying it, thinking weremen is better suited. Might have originated from D&D but it is not unique to the game.

  142. @Adolf: Actually in Wolf’s Rain the wolves actually didn’t change at all, their human forms were due to an illusion. (this is known because in one episode/frame two of them, Kiba and Hige are shown in human form walking but a frame later we see them in their true forms doing the same thing at the same time. Also if I can remember correctly, it was also explained at some point early on in the series… I really should watch it again…

    Also, I can definitively see Luna listening to that song and Fang poking his head in curiously.

  143. @Ayshara: Nice try to! I already know that, thinking you were aiming that at someone else say Purist or Crescent. Glad to see some people here know about that series. 🙂 Yes, go watch it NOW!!! 😛 Hahaha!!!! Luna likes Steve Conte? Hmm… awkward!! Would be quite the gag if that was to happen. 😀

  144. Nope, it looks like another one of his six-months-to-a-year disappearances. Would be nice if he could get more than six pages done in between them.

  145. @Rey Fox: you mean speed up the process? I wish for the same, sure he is busy as before with the explanation to his disappearance from early- mid last year. Could be something like that again.

    Anyways, went out clubbing and had a blast. A house party under the guise of a club night. Hehehe!!! 300 people in and out, loving!! Albuquerque is not so dead after all. 😀

  146. @ Adolf
    I’ve started re-watching wolf’s rain so i can refresh my memory on it so i dont get anything else wrong about the series.

    Also I agree with Ayshara that they pulled off an illusion numerous times and had several clips of the “frames” switching between wolf and human.Like i said i need to refresh my memory and i had forgotten that crucial fact :/

  147. Glad you are seeing things my way, Crescent. Anime is there just like any other show to be watched over again. If it clicks, then it sticks.

    Enjoying Trigun at the moment along with new book.

  148. Life full of adversities… got to do what you got to do… kick em’ in the gonads, bite it’s head off, rip it’s skin with claws, and howl madly. Show em’ you got no fear. Face em’ with courage. They will be running with tails between there legs.

  149. I hope that we won’t have to wait until September for the next page… T_T

    Who’s watching Being Human US here??

  150. @TSG
    I love Being Human its an awesome series 🙂 but i hope Leo relizes if he doesnt update soon people might leave again and not return 🙁 i know its only been 2 or 3 months since the last update on the site and about a month since twitter was updated but all we can do is wait and hope he returns soon…he said last time he was gone that he would try to keep in touch so we knew he was doin ok and wouldn’t worry :/ i just wish i knew if he was alright…

  151. I have officially got my computer back!

    The Lost Pack will be updated very around next Saturday or Sunday! >w<

  152. Stuff as in personal stuff or holy crap I just got a premotion at a new job and needs my full consitraion… im new and just got to the end of this great story. Any info would be accepted or just say it’s personal and I will understand. Oh and the name is only to cover for my name and creation I made. But see u around wolf (Leo).

  153. What do you mean “over”? I never wrote here, but kept up with a comic for a looong time now. Are you sure you won’t pick it up when the ‘stuff’ settles down? I understand that you might have problems, and just want to know whether to check on the site or not. I hope you could continue it someday 🙁 Anyway, no matter what the answer is, good luck with everything. I hope the problems aren’t too big for you to handle 🙂

  154. I really hope this isn’t the end for the comic, it’s the only manga I like. And the plot of it is awesome, and I hope you can put the next page up soon.

  155. Leo will probably never update his comic again.

    Everyone should really return back to their lives.

  156. COME ON people, you know the guy who wrote “Im sorry guys, the comic is over, stuff has come up.” is not the real Leo.

    When Leo writes a comment, he has his own avatar on the right. That’s just a douchebag who wants to troll. Anybody can write “Leo” in the name field…

  157. @Waffles:I really hate to put it this way, but Leo is not really coming back, as you guys see, he’s been through so much; the holidays, an ass whole hacker,and college.
    Why the hell does he want to update his comic? He’ll might as well just take the fucking thing down and consider it over until next time.
    So, quit being so stupid and give up and move on.
    It’s the internet; meaning that the shit you see depends on people who does things for website.
    So, Waffles, why can you stop being attached to a piece of machinery and move on with your life?

  158. @Snickerdoodle

    Another troll? Great! F__k off! People really care about Leo and how well he has been; we are his supporters! So, while you delete that AL comic tab or whatever you do, but keep this in mind: We wolves eat trolls like you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  159. TSG is completely correct,Leo has a custom avatar and that didn’t sound like something he’d say anyways.So whoever is pretending they r Leo has failed misserably and i cant belive some AL fans didnt relize the difference…

  160. Hah, Waffles!!! That was executed very well. Yes, Leo has an avatar in his posts. Sad that others can fall in to the traps lade before them. Know this, a wolf is cunning. I know a troll when I see one.

  161. @Waffles

    Hey look,I not supposed to let you down or anything, but don’t you think that Alpha Luna is just another sick fetish on the internet? I’m mean, really, get a fucking life and stop sitting around in front of the computer with your hands in your pants hoping that your sick fantasy will come true.
    How old are you? Really? You’re either to stupid to understand or you just want to simply get away with reality with this shit.

    Bottom line is; Waffles, you need help or come back to reality. Either way, Leo is giving up.

  162. There are people here who appreciate Leo for his art work and comic writing, myself included. I really hope he continues his comic but only time will tell. Please stop with the inappropriate comments. Thanks 🙂

  163. @Snickerdoodle With all do respect dude Waffles just wants to know what happens next, whats your problum?

  164. @Snickerdoodle

    I jusy wanted to tell that people sometimes truly care and some people want to be with their head over clouds. And to everyone stop fighting damn it!

  165. @Finnish girl

    Yes, people tend to do that, but I think that liking werewolf transformations is a fetish.I don’t care about this retarded comic because I realized something.

    What’s the point of getting a webcomic that you will never update because you have a busy life.

    @Leo, just take it down and don’t bother putting it up unless you are going to update it like you said that you going to.

    Just give up, it’s a fucking retarded webcomic, Leo doesn’t want to update it anymore. You shouldn’t care about it anymore, go back to reality where you belong.

  166. Maybe you should go back to reality snickerdoodle. If you don’t care for this comic then why bother even trying to say something why not just leave and your life would be fine. Leave others out of your misery. Others come here to enjoy what freedom or time that they have. A time to sit back and relaxe… They do not want to hear you. Another troll who will just be like the rest. Your eragents will be your undoing. I don’t even know why I’m responding to this fool. All the others know of what I speak. They will be wise to just ignore you. Leo will update it when he has the time. And you will just lay there complaing as usual. I wouldn’t even be surprise that you would say something. Just to get me back. Hell I wouldent be surprised if I was like you. But people like you don’t have a true life. Don’t let my words cut you to deep. Just making my point.

  167. And forgive me if I forgot to put this simbol “@” in front of your name snickerdoodle just didn’t seem natrul to do so.

  168. @Hidden Wolf: Bravo for saying what has most likely been on other people’s minds even if your spelling and grammar isn’t perfect.

  169. Please, calm down. I probably really made a mistake of believing this fake Leo, but now the only thing we can do is wait for the real Leo to get back. Snickerdoodle, as far as i know it’s sick to see fetishes everywhere. Most people here like the comic as a way to spend some free time, are curious and want to wait to see what happens next. If you don’t have anything you would like to wait for, than i’m sorry for you. If you do have some things you like doing, you should be able to understand us. I don’t mean to offend you and ask you not to offend readers or author of the comic, who gives his hard work for us to have a little bit of fun. He doesn’t have to do it, so appreciate the fact there are still people who want to give some of themselves to others.

  170. @Snickerdoodle

    You’re a hater, and if you don’t want to be fateful for Luna and Leo, then, that’s fine.

    Just do YOURSELF a favor; stop taking about your bullshit and move on with YOUR life.

    That’s all I’m going to say to you.

  171. i am so touch that everyone is saying so much nice word for believing Leo will come back….i too believe Leo will come back…

  172. Come back or not, Leo has proven over and over just how unprofessional he is. Don’t get me wrong, werewolf fandom or not he is a quite good comic/manga artist, but after all this I know for certain I’d never offer him a work or count on him on finishing anything on a reasonable time, even when paid for.

    It doesn’t take more than 1 minute to type “sorry, going on hiatus.” and post it on any of the various message systems available for this or any of the other sites he has. Even that short, lame reply would be enough, and you can do it anywhere, internet service places included (“cibercafes” as they are called on latinamerica which charge only about 50 cents an hour).

    And I am not just talking about this comic, this one at least has the excuse of being free and something he just does as a hobby (unless you donated for it or purchased the physical copy of the comic trough the internet, in which case poor you), but from what I heard he also has some pending comissioned works from people as well as several people on the wait list to recieve things they paid him for such as store stuff (from his art site) among other things.

    Only excuses right now that would change the image he has made towards people right now would be that he is either dead, in jail or living on an extreme poverty situation. Don’t wish him any of these fates, but alas, that’s how me and probably a few more people see it. Don’t agree? that’s fine, to each their own opinions.

  173. pls don’t give up on @Leo i believe he will come back in no time after he has done what he want to do…

  174. @Waffles, you are so fucking retarded.
    I hope you learn that Leo will never come back, and that you should get some mental help.

  175. Snickerdoodle, shut up, stop doing the hating and you should also stop judging others. It just proves to the others that you are scared of their oppinions. You wanna hate this comic and say crap to us? Then you are going to feel the hate of everyone who you are judgin and the hate of all those that like this good webcomic.

    Hope you see the hidden message of ”Get out of here and take your hating with you!!!”

  176. Stop saying “he well come back” or “he will never come back”. You don’t know for sure. Just say “I hope I’ll come back” or “I hope he won’t come back”.

    @Drezzl : Yeah, but we’re not paying for AlphaLuna. As far as I know, Leo might be working while doing this comic, so that’s very nice of him to do that for free, just for us. And he seems to have lots of issues in his life, so that might be the reason for this hiatus.

    I used to say the same things that you to everybody here, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  177. Seriously… Stop arguing everyone. Personally i take like 5secs everyday to see if he’s updated. If he hasn’t, well i have a few other webcomics i’m reading. That doesn’t make me write a “he’s not coming back” or a “i hope he comes back soon” comment. It’s just a waste of time for me (this is even my first comment ever on A.L. So what? If you’re angry that Leo hasn’t posted, then go on to your next website on your to-do list. Like i do. Ald stop complaining about it. After all he created it, he can do what he wants with it. I don’t care. I like A.L because it’s a nice manga (i’m not really into werewolves myself). So, anyone arguing, just quit as you’re wasting your time on foolishness. No offence intended. I just despise internet wars.

    Ps: it’s a webcomic, not you tube. So why in the world are there wars here? Maybe that’s what’s not motivating Leo.

  178. These comments are getting out of control. Snickerdoodle,whatever you may have against all this is fine with me but just dont talk crap to everyone and if u dont like A.L. THEN WHY EVEN BE HERE!?!? As for Leo just get back ASAP and bring things back to how they were before all this. Although i dont want to consider this but for all we know he could be dead,in the hospital even jail or Lord knows what hes gone and those who want him to return will just have to wait and see what happens to the site.

  179. @Crescent you seem to understand how this works and for that I salute you. And for those in the up rising too. I usauly don’t talk to people like @snickerdoole but I just got sick of all the complaing, and I sure didn’t help this situation. All this war needed was a little spark. A spark to inginte the flames of hatred. Only God and Leo’s family members would know what true trouble or situaton he is in and is not our place to wage a war towards others and this athour. Besides if we just ignore him he will just fade away like any dark soul or shadow. But if you wolves wish to bark then bark but I will warn you of this. If you so happen to drive a knife in his throut, you will only bride a greater threat. It’s probably best to just let it be… And let him talk. He will get bored and leave. You only will just inspirer him to spit more of his useless words if you talk to him.

  180. Way to go everyone! I think if Leo ever reads these posts he will like the support he is getting. The fact that he gets it is a sign of a good author.

    @snickerdoodle- I understand your point of view but using the tone you convey won’t get you a constructive argument. Unless you are just going for responses then you have done well 😛

  181. I’ve been reading this for only a few days now, and I must say, I’m hooked. Looking forward to more of this beautiful comic in the future.

  182. Fact is Leo does some hiatus from time to time, so if you wanna follow this work that he does on his free time, you’ll have to be extremely patient.

  183. He may have found a better job that takes up more of his time. Maybe he’s still drawing and creating a page little by little, maybe he has some problems with his art like something looks wrong in the picture. But I’m sure of one thing, Leo will eventually come back, when his life will allow him to.

  184. Don’t listen to the haters Loe, you’re great.

    Moja babcia by już kurde szybciej ten komiks narysowała, osiem lat i kurwa trzy numery

  185. Xori, bawi cię narzekanie z myślą że nikt cię nie rozumie? Swoją drogą zazdroszczę babci 😉 I proszę pisz po angielsku całość, bo to z lekka niekulturalne 🙂 Nawet jak masz narzekać to pokaż że masz jaja i rób to odważnie, a nie ukrywasz się za innym językiem ;p
    Sorry everyone for my language.

  186. @Elendu: I do not mind, I like foreign languages.

    Yeah, perhaps Leo is busy with something else at the moment. Will wait calmly for him to return as always. Will be off waiting for CD’s to come in the mail in the time being. 🙂 Also March is Buy Independent Music Month, just to let you know.

  187. Elendu: No bawi mnie bardzo. Od 2007 czytałem ten komiks, cierpliwie czekałem, nie narzekałem, nawet broniłem Leo. Ale to się już zrobiło śmieszne. Właśnie wszedłem na DA i wyobraź sobie że logował się tam 27 minut temu, i ani słowa. Ma nas w dupie po prostu.
    A babci przekażę 🙂

    To everyone else: Leo was on his DA account 27 minutes ago. You wan’t me to believe that he doesn’t even have time to write 2 words on his twitter? No, he’s just unproffesional! And he’s been that way since 2007 – when I started reading his comic. Sure, the art’s great, but it’s on constant hiatus! And to all of you who are gonna start jumping on me and defending him – I haven’t complained once in 5 years, I even defended him myself. But no more

  188. Rather than calling him unproffessional why dont you reach into your pocket and pay for all his living expenses and bills because then you can complain. He owes me, you and anyone else in the community nothing, we dont pay for access to his webcomic and alot of his other art work. Ive been following him on and off for the last 5 years and will continue to do so. Ranting about how hard done by you are due to his absences is pointless

  189. @Aluncas

    Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

    He has other things to do other than to cater to us every single week.

  190. Shit, I knew this would happen. Writing something like “No time for u now. Be back in 3 years” on twitter doesn’t take long. Ok, I’ll even leave the updates alone, because drawing takes time, but it’s the absolute lack of contact that pisses me off.

  191. I can certainly appreciate real life struggles, and am not one to complain about people taking long vacations. “being a doraleous and associates fan”. I just really wish I would get a warning or something. Like, “oh hey yall, not dead, brb 3 years” or something.

  192. well im back for ny monthly check and i can already see leo has not taken a minute to write a single quick comment or anyrhing at all for that matter…be back in q month :I

  193. I would love to donate to him if I was done with college and working like all the other twenty-somethings out there. This here will have to wait until then.

    Through pain you will become stronger.

  194. I agree with Strongspank and Xori.

    I do NOT complain about Leo not update the webcomic. I have lots of issues in my life too. We all have.

    I complain about Leo not updating his twitter or any other account he has like Facebook or DeviantArt. I see him connected on DA, and I’m pretty sure that I read us here.

    I’m also sure that it’s not about having or not the time, it’s about his will. I guess he doesn’t have the will to update the webcomic for more than a few months, and when he goes into a hiatus, he doesn’t face us because he feels ashamed of himself or something like that. To all of that, you add a depression and some health issues.

    Then again, that’s only my take on this whole situation.

    If he does what he did in 2011, we’re good to wait until 2013 for the next update.

  195. (posted my previous message too soon)
    *I do NOT complain about Leo not updating
    *I’m pretty sure that he reads us here.

  196. -sighs- still nothing… Leo should know this is the longest ive been patient in my whole life so dont keep me wondering like this for too long… atleast update twitter/facebook please :/

  197. We can’t say that Leo will continue after the current hiatus, tho. He will most likely continue, but that not 100% sure.

  198. He will return you just gotta be patient. Leo is an artist and artists are usually pretty crazie when it comes to finishing there work or making it better. If there are any artist who think im wrong. Please scream at this post cause thats wat i always heard

  199. sooo… Are we all going to have to wait another 6 months or more for a single page update Leo? I love your art but your never going to become something more then a dead comic strip if your a Slacker

  200. @ mike
    I doubt Leo is a slacker. My guess is he has a great job that takes most of his time and he’s slowly making new pages and trying to upgrade is computer. Maybe he doesn’t even have access to his computer cause it might as well be broken. Only time will tell us when the comic will restart. Another thing, Maybe Leo has some problems with the next page, problem that go like this: ”Somethings not right in there.” I know how that feel cause I’m a writer during my free time.

  201. look this is for everyone, it is hard to write good stories, it ir really hard, and also it is much more harder to make a wereolf story that has more than just a guy (or a girl in this case) transforming, man, and also think about this to, it is really more difficult drawing the story, belive me i was trying to do a werewolf story before i went to this page, but not drawn, and it is really hard


  203. Moonscape, Soriel, lj: “Oh, he’s very busy, brobably working hard an the next site, or maybe his computter is broken, so he can’t speak up.”

    Well, working hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak with your fans. Cause that’s disrespect. Towards you too. It’s all about fans, they read his comic, they donate, and he just doesn’t give a damn.

    And if his computer’s broken, he could always post from his phone, friends computer, or an internet cafe. I mean, come on, Chile is not a third world country, there are plenty of computers.

    His art is awesome, but, I hate to say it, he is an unprofesional slacker. It’s all about fans with an undertakings like this one.

  204. i have no idea what to do but i agree its disrespectful for Leo to say nothing to us or try to make contact with us. im out to…ill be checking in though, just less frequently…

  205. @ Moonscape : Ok, some artists like me have a hard time to finish their work, I’ll give you that, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all like that.

    Plus, if I had some fans on DeviantArt ( ) who don’t just fav something )to have their own little library, which is not the aim of DeviantArt), without letting me a comment, I would totally leave some messages to them.

    We didn’t had any newz from Leo since 2 months… In 2 months, he didn’t had the time to say hello?!…

  206. I read alot of comics, two of which haven’t updated in a while. Just kinda hopin that they get updated. In the mean time, there are plently of good comics on the internet, for me, I guess. Sooo, I will be back again in like what another two weeks or so.

  207. oh, I just realised something. He said that he quit the comic. “March 8” comic is over. that makes me kinda sad. Though I guess that there were a lot of issues going on that last update. I will still be back in a few weeks or so though… Soooo…


    Good luck with your life man, sorry about all the shit that went down. I don’t know what I can do, but I sort of feel obligated to offer my support if you need it. And don’t forget, if stuff in your life ever cools down, that you have a loving community here for you. Peace out yall.

  208. i’d donate if i knew he would be on time, this waiting game is just unprofessional and bad business sense

  209. This is *NOT* Leo, testing an above theory, if this shows up then it was NOT Leo who posted that the comic is over, it was a troll.

  210. I say if the site isnt dead then niether is Leos comic. Obviously somebody is keeping this place up and running. Otherwise the URL would have timed out. He IS probably busy. stop moaning about it and find another comic to read until he updates jeeze. Then if this site ever does shut down then the comic is over simple as that. just wait, watch for updates and if you dont have time for that send me a link to your email and Ill update you on the sites satus myself. i also have a googel plus accout. just follow me under family since none of mine are online and ill also share site status there.

  211. my gmail is
    It takes the funn out of the comic when people drive the artists name into the cyber world mud

    i don’t care if this dude is lazy he’s one of the best lycan artists i seen and ill support him till thesite is gone

  212. 3 questions:
    so does that meen that the comic is still continueing?
    when is the next page of chapter 4 being put on this webpage?
    can i call it a manga?

    i am new to this website and i love the comic its great!!!!!!!!

  213. Great comic/manga, what ever it is.
    I love werewolf mangas. SnowWolf’s got a good question. When is the next page coming online, cause you say your still writting it. aren’t you?

  214. it says i posted this page on the 31 of march but its the 1st of april.
    is this website from a different country to what i’m in?
    i’m in australia.

  215. the page is posted from chile so ya its a different time zone. im not the author srry i just want to help people. and i love werewolf manga too 🙂

  216. Hey Strongspank, that other Leo is a troll. Pay no mind to the attention whore. We do not know any words from him since he last said anything on twitter feed.

    As of lately, nothing new.

    @Waffles: Nice addition to your comic.

    @Autumnwolf, Snowolf, and moonscape: try out

  217. Hey Strongspank, that other Leo is a troll. Pay no mind to the attention whore. We do not know any words from him since he last said anything on twitter feed.

    As of lately, nothing new.

    @Waffles: Nice addition to your comic.

    @Autumnwolf, SnowWolf, and moonscape: try out

  218. ok sure i’ll check it out Adolf Mingan.
    moonscape australia is nice, though i have never been over seas so i can’t compare it with other countrys.
    i’ve googled chile on maps. it looks real far away.

  219. @Autumnwolf, SnowWolf, and moonscape: You are all welcome to share with your friends. Also they are on facebook if you have one. I know I am excited to see what will happen when it gets time to release it on us. That and the creator originally did Gargoyles back in the 90s.

    I am having too much fun looking up random anime movies and shows. Trigun was a lot of fun. Akira is like the start of many things to come for Contemporary Anime and Cartoons. Thinking of getting into Sailor Moon just for fun, remember seeing a few scenes from childhood.

  220. I’m out of Faber Castell Shader inking pens..

    I have to go to Hobby Lobby to get more before Olivia gets mad at me…

    The next AL fancomic is doing good!

  221. hey i’m back.
    one thing. you guys say there is stuff on twitter and facebook. well, sorry but i’ve never been on those things even though they are really popular.
    but i do go onto deviant art.

  222. i’m finding out how many hours america is behind australian time. thats basically why i’m typing this message. the time now is 6:10

  223. i meant to put the pm after that. america is 15 hours behind australian time. that fact might come in handy in geography class.

  224. i estimate that we’ve been waiting for around 5 months for the next page.
    i’m not complaining yet about how long its taking ’cause i only read the whole comic about 2-3 days ago.

  225. hey i just realized i’m having a conversation by myself. but i am talking to mum in the kitchen while doing so. well you get the point.
    i’ll sort of try to keep the conversation on the topic.

  226. Yes, Soriel! I have not forgotten Card Captors either, it’s fun going back and seeing things that did not pop up when being a kid. Wonder if Dragonball Z would be good? Saw some wicked dubbing from England since America is obsessed with keeping things clean/censored. Hahaha!!! Adult humor in kids anime/cartoons is rather funny later on down the road. 🙂

    For those of you fans who are not old enough to have facebook, you can find his last status on here dated Feb. 1

  227. hey there, been busy

    thiscensoring crap is bogus theyve also cesored some of the best animes ive seen and it really gets my tail in a not

    wat ever happened to freedom of speech and less government influence

  228. @moonscape
    You don’t seem to understand the governments. They don’t want kids to say some ”obsenities” (even if there’s none)and brainwash them to make them their fatefull servants. Make them watch a uncensored version of any anime and you have the cure to the brainwash.

  229. @Soriel: Why could no one think of that in the first place?

    I recall hearing about how first season of Pokemon was shortened down to 80 out of 82 that Japan aired.

  230. @Adolf Mingan

    Japan has it easier witht the jokes about nether regions. They also have it easier with the kids cause they know their kids will likely end up with one of the most boring jobs in the world (like being a salary man or a secretary), so they let them have more freedom and fun. If we compare Japan’s culture for raising kids with ours (I’m Canadian, don’t know if it’s the same in the US), we are overprotectives of the childrens while Japan has way to protect children, but don’t see the point in having mass censorship of everything. And yes, the companies that translate the animes in english or french will normally go and butcher what the government don’t see fit for our TV shows, thus leading to mass censorship of some medias. They are controlling what they are showing us to control us better. Especially in the US where they are feed with fear at each news bulletin.

  231. @sgt I hope he dosn’t leave us hanging for a full year, his some of fans are starting to abandon him.

  232. i wonder when the next page will be updated,and my name is Ashley but my friends call me Luna after I showed them the Alpha Luna comic,but my friend named Ashley likes to be called Shiloh

    P.S:keep up the good work

  233. -w- *sigh* its seem like equal trading happen here (good comic = long time drawing ,have a good talent in drawing = didn’t really have time to draw or etc.)

    P.S. -w- its just my guess thou

  234. its been a while hasnt it. i dont know why but i get this feeling he isnt done. but i dont know why

  235. no offense but i cant draw myself to read it…anyway another good webcomic is spinnerette xD…random stuff but it gets updated…

  236. I can’t wait for the eventual update. In the meantime, I’ll have the archives to look through. If I read slowly, it may have an update by the time I’m done! And if not, oh well, it looks like quality

    …Also, I’m glad that I’m such a late comer because damn all the drama O.o

  237. OH Kayyy This is a dead comic…. and just when it was getting good.
    I say it is dead do to it almost being 4 months sense a update.

  238. yea and mainly cause he was discuraged by that jackass of a hacker. who thought he could justify himself by showing it can be done

  239. Leo isn’t the type to give up… He’s been through a lot though hasn’t he?

    I’ve only been following alphaluna this April, so I wasn’t around for all this Dante nonsense. But I’ve read enough comments to know that Leo can’t just stop now. It’s been 4 months, sure, but that’s not too late. This manga is too awesome to stop at this scene.

    I’m not really worried about the manga stopping here and not being able to see what comes next, but about Leo and how he’s doing. Obviously something’s up. But a problems a problem, and someone who can make a manga this good can solve anything.

    I could wait for years for the next post… Just as long as Leo will post it. AlphaLuna can’t die now, the story is left at a suspenseful part, and all the more, he has so many supporters.

    I suggest we try to help Leo out for a sec with some donations, because I know none of us want AL to fie, and I’m sure Leo doesn’t, either.

    Get well soon, Leo… from what is stopping you… Hope you don’t give up. Not for me, but for you.

  240. … hey i’m not saying i want it do die. it is great and i love the manga. i am just tierd of no updates and am feed up comming here cuz it feels like i am waisting my time when i know that there wont be a update any time soon.
    i dont know anything about a hacker… but if it is in any of the 500 (rough # guess) postthat was before i posted than thats why cuz i barely have time to read the page and think about posting, let alone read all of the post.

  241. does no body no him personally. Somebody needs to get to him and kick his butt into gear. I wonder if he even reads these comments

  242. Like I said before, he has a life, a family, a job, and he has to go to colledge.

    C’mon guys, Leo is an artist who puts his life first; not the internet.

    Y’all have to sit tight.

  243. saddly i don’t think i’m as evil as i thought. never mind my evilness. i like the good guys better in any comic anyway so theres no need to panic.


  244. 2nd day of term 2 and i’ve already started a bad habit of drawing in class.

    i’ve got a puppy! actualy i’ve had puppy for a few weeks now. (puppies name is not puppy)
    i’ll shut up now and watch the chat build up even though it does says leave a comment.
    (evil laugh)

  245. Leo come on man sure you have other stuff in your life to take care of but this is just bullshit, if you make this comic ofc people are going to get pissed when you leave us hanging like this!

  246. Man i just saw that you must have picked it up again and got busy man. I got faith in you i cant wait to see more!

  247. … what a shock no update yet
    AHHHHHH no evil comic you cant have my brains there’s barley enough to live with as it is back zombie.
    oh i get to go to college tomorrow but i dont start till July 9th
    *shoots evil zombie comic w/ shot gun* SnowWolf are you Wesker in disguise? cuz this dead comic never tried eating me before.

  248. Hi! I’m the message n°420.

    Seriously, 420 messages and still nothing? That’s more than for the previous hiatus!

  249. Yeah, but waiting 4 months? It would help to at least make ONE page, I don’t think it would take very long, I can wait for more months is only he told us that he will release another one soon, because I’m starting to get worried :/

    Maybe we should donate more…

  250. last time we waited like 8 months so if he doesnt update in the next four months then he is never going to update. I just wish he would tell us whats up

  251. Apparently Dirk Tiede over at Paradigm Shift has had to pick up for Leo on another project. So Leo seems to be kind of dropping off the grid. A shame, cuz this comic was just getting off the ground.

  252. i say david hears luna in agony from transforming, and collie tries desperately to get him away, an altered luna see’s someone “attacking” collie and is about to pounce but then fang jumps in the way and they’re about to fight it out again when the hyenas from the school jump in, get a bit of a stand off, mean while back with ivan….

  253. It’s bad enough that the comic is now over. At least the artist could have been nice enough to tell everyone that it was over.

    I mean really, he can’t take 60 friggin seconds to tell us ‘Oh sorry, I no longer have the time to do this’.

    It is incredibly rude and unprofessional. This is why some artists can not make a living at comics, they just don’t understand work ethics and not treating your customers like shit.

  254. Well wupti freaking do Leo. How about giving us that info 4 months ago instead of ignoring your fan base. Would it have killed you to spend 1 minute to write this in an update.

  255. @Rune, Thats not the real Leo. The real one has a picture of luna as his picture on the top right side of the corner.

  256. Another fake Leo. If the user name was Justin Bieber and the message a little bit different, it would have been believable.

  257. Either he’s just so busy and when he gets the chance he’ll release the next page or he’s gonna surprise us with a truckload of pages.

    The second probably won’t happen though I hope it could.

  258. i can wait for a very long time but i’ve never actually tested how long my patience can hold out. waiting sort of sounds like a test it almost sounds fun if only it weren’t so boreing.

  259. Everyone including fake Leo needs to find something else to do while they wait. Leo will be back but i just wish it’d be soon

  260. @moonscape
    I like to read good things, so I don’t really have a reason to love this webcomic.
    Try doing some meditation exercices. It clears the mind. As for patience, only time can help you.

  261. Okay what’s taking him, he can’t be busy with something for four months straight?! Where’s Leo?!

  262. Two week check up for me. Nothing new other than it is end of another semester for me. Yay!! Been digging Sailor Moon lately, thinking of starting Akira manga soon. Dorohedoro is super fantastic, along with Wolf Guy. Hoping someone gets scanlations continuing for both or picks up the projects that seem to be in limbo at current.

  263. OK. Now if the US Congress do that, they will have spies in every country since most of the webpages are hosted or visited by Americans. I expect protestation from each countries.

  264. Seems like a collapse might be the alternative to really see change come forth, not all this white lie bullshit that they keep telling the public about. Lies never equal the truth. Only those weak will keep running away. I stand still and accept the truth for I am not with the elite weaklings. Use my knowledge to my advantage like other individuals out there. If voting did change anything, the dumbshits who are cancerous would make it illegal seeing that they are in control and want to control the masses for their own damned agendas. That to me is the very definition of hell. The country might be great to some but we got our problems to settle out too. Dystopia my furry arsch will ya!!!!

  265. @kasun: That is a good comic, started reading it before break. Like the humor it contains, and pop culture references.

    @moonscape: Obama or Romney, both sound outdated. We need real change not this hope bogus schmogus. Seems more like a useless emotion for nothing just trying instead of doing.

  266. We found Leo, I already knew the US government was partly roten (they send fear throught the news bulletin to control the masses) and I hope something will teach the US that money is not everything.

  267. its impossible. Money is what makes the world go round at this point. Its wat makes and stops wars. Its wat keeps people alive in hospitals. We live were to live we must have money nothing else to it no matter wat we would like to do.

  268. I do not take sides in this matter. I merely inserted a stereotype that has formed to spark conversation in a dying chat area. I dont really care what Obama is just what he has done and so far most of what he has done is wrong and there needs to be someone else. I dont care right or left as long as it keeps the country alive.

  269. You know it’s been a while when a comments about a wolf girl comic has drifted in politics.

    Politics: We all want the same thing but can agree on the how and this fact has dissolved into childless biking that accomplishes nothing

    As for the comic: we should I go for possible news for the next update?

  270. “the Dow is higher then when he was elected”

    For the moment, and it means “what” to me and other Americans? Why is it every time I go to the store food prices are higher?

    “the Unemployment rate is lower.”

    Ah, that old chestnut, but the unemployment rate that is falling is the one that only measures people looking for work (not those unemployed who’ve given up trying to find it). If you use the measure that actually looks at the people out of work you see that unemployment is higher.

    The Economy has been “recovering” for a long-time now, and why is it when the sales figures come out they are always “unexpectedly” low. No, to be fair there are some that show occasional upticks, that is until they are later revised and they find out that there were”unexpectedly” no upticks at all.

    “remember their (Republicans) brinksmanship last year over the debt ceiling?”

    Yeah, they where trying to curb the runaway spending because, you know, we’ve increased our deficit by about 4.4 Trillion since the last Presidential Election. They assumed that raising the debt ceiling was a prelude to getting further into debt, and they were right.

    “Major industries have returned from near bankruptcy”

    They sure did, Just ask:

    Solyndra, received $535 Million in stimulus money, then filed for bankruptcy.

    Beacon Power Corp, received $43 Million Energy Department load guarantee, then filed for bankruptcy.

    Ener1, received a $118 million grant from the Department of Energy, then filed for bankruptcy.

    Solar Trust of America, received the second largest loan given out by the DOE, a whopping 2.1 billion (with a “B”) conditional loan, then filed for Bankruptcy.

    FACT: I don’t give a crap who’s plan it was originally, Newt’s, Hillary’s, Obama’s, Romney’s or Santa Clause’s, it’s a s*itty law that should be overturned.

    Strange, when it comes to the current President all his troubles to this day are the fault of his predecessor, even though it been more than three years since He has taken office and has had an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress for most of that time. Yet the Republicans get all the blame for just about everything since the last Congressional election despite only being in control of half the Congress.

  271. I know. Fricken Iron is awesome. And i love the guy they got to play hulk. Most amazing thing Ever

  272. @ Toob
    Unemployment is down? Tax breaks? All you pointed out is GOP mistakes and a few of obama’s few successes which shouldn’t count. Maybe you should check out his educational program and why he is screwing all students who are going out of state to try to better themselves.

  273. its weird how much our comments have changed topic lol we went from Christmas to politics…how? Whatever but im just checking in…

  274. checking

    srry for the politics fiasco. My fault. Still waitin for the new update. bored like hell

  275. Thanks for the links Waffles!

    Seeing the Avengers tomorrow with my buds, all I have been hearing this week is how much this movie rocks!

  276. Finished watching all 3 seasons of Being Human UK two days ago. Very good plotline, and keeps you interested. Anyways, checking in…

  277. hey Leo, not complaining or anything (seriously), but whats going on man? its been nearly half a year.

  278. hey guys, sorry I haven’t been showing up, i’ve was busy with a whole lot of things. So hows things been going for u guys.

  279. Half a year+ wait, and then a few pages uploaded… now another half a year+ wait. Being a fan of AL takes dedication ^-^’;;
    I almost wish I didn’t like this comic so much; then the wait wouldn’t get to me so much.

  280. I wish other people could be patient, I mean I’m looking at other comics that update on a good basis, so I can wait till th end of time if I need to for an update. My main worry is for Leo himself, I’d be suitably happy if I knew if he was alright.

  281. @Jason Voorheas
    I totally agree with you but leo could atleast tell us why he hasnt updated in a while cause this is ridiculous

  282. I was ignoring this comic till Leo drop that awesome art by Dirk of Paradigm Shift, became a fan just in time for the long wait 😉

  283. If I remember correctly, Dante is a bastard who hacked Leo’s website to prove a point about web-security. Or something like that.

  284. Ok, I haven’t been commenting here for a while but I just wanted to tell Leo that at least I can wait even longer for the next page cause you have your own life and all so I understand and I’m quite sure others think the same^^

  285. Don’t need to hurry but let us know your still alive 😉 On another relatively new web comic, Zombie Waffe, had a long pause in updates which led to a few post taking bets weather or not the author was still alive (he is but he still hasn’t found time to update out side of Tumblr)

  286. I know Leo has his own life and I definitely want him to live his life. He doesn’t owe us anything cause we don’t own him. What I can’t accept his lack of communication with his fans. This I find disrespectful amateurish behaviour

  287. It happens with web comics more often than you think, it’s more surprising that this page is still getting so many comments per day.
    If your not dead Leo, a forum may be required 😉

  288. Ughhhhhh, Leo are you even alive!! U said next on december 28 2011, its may 17, 2012!!!! There are a million comments here, please respond!

  289. looks like the conversation has gone back to trying to get Leo to respond to the comments.

    maybe something tragic happened in his family life and he’s working out how to get around it.

    is that a possable reason for Leo not to respond?

  290. Never follow Twitter but it does suggest something more important has come up.

    At this point I’m just visiting the page to read the comments, the next update will happen when it happens.

    All jokes aside, hope Leo is doing alright.

  291. Seriously guys if you went on fb or tweet he said he was have computer issues back at the end of janurary and his tech support had fix it. Who knows maybe when he got it back it fried on him and now he’s saving up money for a new computer. Idk I’m just guessing shit like that happens with computers.

  292. Oh boy… another time anyway… if he has com issues, i can help! I hope he can get a new com or fix his old one with out alloting all his money to the com and comic… he should take care of himself

  293. Ten days since last checking in. Hope everything is okay. Will as always be patient for new update.

    @lightwolf: Yes! When AL is over and done, then maybe an anime adaptation can take fold.

    Postscript: Got done watching another anime, this time the last part to the Inuyasha series. Was expecting a better ending. Oh well, it still works. Going to to start reading my fifth manga series, Ranma 1/2 soon. Mostly been reading books/watching anime over break between college semesters.

  294. You are not the real Leo. If you were you would have an avatar next to you post.

    So crawl back under whatever rock you came from and stay their.

  295. @Adolf Mingan
    I read Ranma 1/2. The manga is actually good! Have you read Yuyu Hakusho? It’s another good classic of the manga world.

  296. On manga:
    If you don’t mind over the top Violence and dark, dark story telling, pick up Battle Royal. It makes the Hunger Games seem like a children’s book, beautiful character development and narrative but it is does take you to dark places so be warn, the Parental Advisory is not lip services.

    Looking for something supernatural, Hellsing will always get the first word.

    Also a fan of Oh! Great’s Tenjho Tenge, the US editions have been heavily censored but it doesn’t hamper the art nor the story (and you don’t have to work about reading it in public or around small childern 😉 )

  297. Actually the New Tenjo Tengai are uncensored. Viz bought back the rights and are publishing them in 2 in 1 editions so you get it uncensored, with some colored pages and two volumes in one book for 12 bucks.

  298. Are you people stupid??? That Leo is a fake, I would know so cause Real Leo has a picture to the right (he has an account with Gravatar).

  299. @Soriel: Yuyu Hakusho you say? I will have get around to it sometime. Saw adds online about some DVD release. Thanx!

    Got done with Inuyasha: The Final Act weeks ago. Traveled to the future, 0079 Universal Century, piloting a Gundam and fighting the war with the Principality of Zeon. 😛 Been meaning to get around to Hellsing, probably after Mobile Suit Gundam is over. Since early 2009, I have seen 14 anime, now 15 omitting kids anime from the 90s.

  300. For Gundam anime,
    I’m a fan of 8th MS team, good art and battles.
    0080 War in a Pocket is a great (short) series that takes place at the end of the war. You actually don’t see that much moble suit fighting but when you do, DAMN!
    0083, the story gets a little cheesy here and there (You will never see a soldier cry as much as the main character) but it has great animation and lots of action.
    Zeta Gundam, the first fellow up to the original Gundam is great and you can watch it on Cruntchy Roll for free!

  301. @Adolf Mingan
    The Hellsing anime is good, but maybe the manga is better. I remember a great mecha anime, wich could be considered the god of mecha anime, Sousei no Aquarion if I’m not mistaken. Another good mecha anime is Jinki: Extend (not the best, but since I’m not a huge fan of mecha, it makes a change in a while).

  302. @steelRaven Uh… yeah most ppl

    @ everybody who is not fake leo or spammers
    but anyway guys anybody got contact with leo or something? and also there is a way to stop the fake “LEOS” from posting. the real leo just needs to install name blocker or make every body sign up for an account to post comments so i think ill sign up. i hape it dosent display the message your iphas been suspected for hacking ect or stuff like the last time i tried registering abt a year ago

  303. also y is the google ad choice advert now advertising for hackers.??? … if you refresh it enough it will display HACKERS.. and some other stuff

  304. i’m back guys!

    i’ve actually kept comin back here for a long time without commenting

    seems like Leo’s not posting anything which is unfortunate.
    Leo was probably found out by somebody about this webcomic….or something

    i’ll be coming back and again but meanwhile why don’t you enjoy this pivot video made by me?

  305. @Lakehaven4690: Very good! You from India?

    Watched Perfect Blue over Memorial weekend, curious to see if Black Swan is no different in plot. Have not had time to read Ramna 1/2 yet, back in college now. I will when interested again, in the meantime been engrossed with Gundam. I find it better than Star Wars in my opinion or that it is has more mecha that I like.

  306. wow leo, way to go posting all these comics. I just got back from deployment a few days ago and been reading up on your comics. Take your time on the next few, if i learned anything from this deployment its 1. keep your head down (lol) and 2. be patient. looking forward to the next page, and keep up the great work.

  307. im back 😛 im making my own story on so i don’t need AL for a while…but for the love of all that is good LEO PLEASE LET US KNOW SOMETHING SOON!!!!!

  308. @Crescent
    I’m sure if Leo could update, he would.
    Lets hope it’s just a busted PC or IP trouble and nothing more serous.

  309. do not worry i wont let this comic die,i will continue to help the site…its the least i can do anyway all this waiting actually made me create my own comic of Luna its already completed but i know Leo’s will be better than mine(of course)

  310. Anyway i help Leo…his assistant in the sketching of Lunas details..her body,leos just having problems thinking bout what to do after all the transformation scene…hes prepareing all the pages at once that way it can finally be finished…ingore the fake leos the comic will continue however art takes time if u want to know anything feel free to ask

  311. Forgive me for coming so late but as u can see Alpha luna started in Chile where it has already been completed however to have to draw it again and translate in english is already hard for us and then we were also planning to add color like the spainsh version but it seems me and leo are a little behind but we are trying to make it the best it can be :]

  312. no the comics done…ziggurat there is not enough funds to continue i cant keep going the website is going down june 27th

  313. no…what about the pages that are done already ur going to keep them or what about facebook or deviantart whats going to happen to all that..u wont do it u love luna u wouldnt end her early would u leo?

  314. Anyway i know ur not my friend leo u dont have a luna picture on ur comments and im too smart to be fooled by a hacker like you which is why i am working on a program to stop copies of names and kicks people if they dont come to the website in under a month

  315. If y’all look at the very top of the comments section, Leo has an avatar next to his name. The commentor three comments above is clearly not Leo as he has no avatar near his name.
    Nice try troll.

  316. Ooh…a program so scary anyway even if im not the real leo everyone knows the websites finished no matter what u do its the truth hes been gone for 5 months and u still think hes working on it?

  317. oh yeah im leaving too there nothing here but an uncompleted comic and its only in two colors black and white…boring i feel bad for u ziggurat standing up for your friend leo when u know this website is as good as finished

  318. I don’t understand why anyone needs to troll here. Are you just that board and /or immature. Regardless Leo is once more MIA and people who believe in him will stick around and wait regardless what a troll says. Just leave it all be no one is hurting anyone waiting for Leo to possibly return.

  319. i have returned to bring you this comment the comic is nearly completed give us about another month and we will start adding pages again <ziggurat>

  320. Good news the comic is nearly finished give us about another month and we will start adding pages again thank you for waiting

  321. Excellent SOPA and PIPA have no control over the website due to the fact that this is a comic that was already printed and copyrighted in chile which means now the website is owned by LEO and leo only…the real leo not this fake one so be patient and the comic will come in time

  322. So if Leo was absent, iut’s because he was publishing his comic on paper, selling it and fixing some legal issues. Just to tell, SOPA and PIPA where not accepted, so there is nothing that way. No problems from there. I wonder what is happening with CISPA tought. I’m sure it will be rejected sinse it’s against the private life.

  323. i hope your right Ziggurat if heard leo was helping heliothrope with his comic the lycanthrope club

  324. I hear Leo will began again his work on the web page by the second semester of 2012, I wait the best

  325. I just saw all the comments of expectation and I sure hope Leo will not let us down. And I sure hope that no fake Leo is going to show up and try to kill the good mood. Trolls should have logic bombs droped in their computers.

  326. Carl@ nice comment to all the fake leo’s.

    you guys know about the thing about no copying names they are going to set up, does that mean you have to leave your email every time you make a comment? does anyone put down their emails anyway? i havn’t even touched the email box but thats only because of all those things parents tell us of what people can do with your details though.

  327. Probably best not to leave an email at this time, cause of the tolling.

    Carl@ Nice to see your enthusiasm for this project of Leo’s and your distaste for the fakes, but try to refrain from the “F%^k you all” comments. It will only stir up more trolls. If we as fans can ignore them and let the previous drama simmer down, then it will be a more pleasant area to chat in. But I totally understand your feelings.

  328. …I’ve been following this comic since five pages in to the first run… I still come back every once in a while to check on things. The amount of trolls in here are probably why Leo stopped showing up. He’ll update the comic eventually. Just wait patiently, and shut the fuck up.

  329. Maybe he should make it an obligation to register before posting a comment. Would make it easier to get rid of trolls.

  330. @Adolf Mingan

    yeah but u see i lived in Canada for 6 years now so really i don’t sound indian at all. From birth to grade one i’ve been in Canada. Still anyways are you

  331. my questen is why are the fake leos trying to git ppl from stope cecking up on the web pg if the members of the web pg are wasting there time and not leaving than why are the fakes wasting there’s???

  332. Guise guise im totes not fake dis comic is dun for so stop coming to dis site and LEEEEEEEEEEEEVE alredy

    Leo posers, you could at least correct your grammar and crap. You’re not fooling anyone, so there’s really not a point. If you’re doing it out of boredom, I can’t fathom how much of a life you don’t have. I doubt Ziggurat is legit, too. With all these idiots lurking in the comments, you can’t trust anything these guys are saying. I’m aware that Leo just upped and left, but this site is still up, he might come back. And if he doesn’t, what’s the big deal? Find more comics to read, or make your own.

  333. @Lakehaven4690: Yes I am. Anyways, I thought I would ask, seeing that your profile on youtube said India.

  334. like i promised the comic is up and running again…therefore it is time for me to leave,however if this site is ever in need again contact me at 973-563-3459 and tell me any problems

  335. To all fake leo’s. you say that we are wasting our time waiting for a comic that will never come, yet you are sitting here posing as someone that you are not. WHY? If these people are willing to wait for a comic then let them wait. I am willing to wait for this comic till the end of my days, and even longer. if i have to have my computer buried with me so i can check on the new pages so i can be happy, then so be it. But let me tell you this, an listen good you good for nothing, scum eating, maggot. By saying that we have no life, you are indeed talking about yourself, cause you are here along with us, checking in on these pages, and unlike us, YOU are wasting your life away. Just because you are not happy, you don’t have to ruin it for others. When i first say this comic, it was in the same state is was and then i deployed. I left some words of encouragement for the REAL Leo and went away for year. I come back, and yes, its in the same state i was in a year ago, but there were so many new pages. So i dont care how long it takes for a new page to come up. This shit takes time, and thats what you all need to understand. The world dose not revolve around you little shit heads. People have lives, and they would like to fucking live it. And trust me when i say this. I have a life, and I would love to live it. But i am stuck day after day having to deal with immature little pricks that cant do the right thing the first time. So i have no life to live. Hell i am actually in my office, taking time out of a very busy schedule, to write all this. LET THE AUTHOR LIVE HIS FUCKING LIFE. IF YOU DONT WANT TO WAIT, THE GET THE FUCK OFF THE SITE AND DONT FUCKING COME BACK! IT’S THAT FUCKING SIMPLE.

    To all those that are waiting patently. i thank you, and i wish for the best for all of you. you all are good people, keep posting up words of encouragement. Dr.Ziggurat, great job at being able to tell the difference between a fake Leo and the Real Leo. you take care of yourself in the real world. God speed to you all

  336. I solute u “US Army CPT” for making ur point and making it clear. I could never say something like that all too clear. My anger would get the best of me and my words may or may not make sence… Or even lead to miss spelled words. Do not let the words of others bring u down for there only going to get stronger if u listen. Fighting them back at the trolls changes nothing… There like cockroaches… Never changed.
    and they can’t be crushed… But that does not mean they can’t be deafeted.

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