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And so, we keep returning to familiar faces. I bet most people don’t like him as a character :p, but he has a role to play in here. My brother think I created David after him, ’cause he has the same name. But the truth is that I see the character as a reflection of him when he was young, but now is a whole different person, not so much of a jerk, lol.
The sames goes for my 3 main characters, there are part of me within Luna, Collie and Fang. Aspects of myself than within shyness, cunning or courage to name a few I see reflected as I draw them.

Anyway, about the banner . It’s not finished and it will probably be early next week with the wolf Luna colored and all. About the BG, it’s normal that not everybody see the whole image depending of your screen resolution, that’s how BG are. But I’ll see if I came in with another idea, I’m still testing.

Next page won’t come until next Wednesday. I really need the whole weekend to catch up with a few commissions. Take care.



32 thoughts on “Page 18

  1. Banner looks great Leo and the page looks great too, just I can’t read it and even with the foreign languages I know I ain’t too fluent with them.

  2. I almost forgot that guy! It remebers me something…
    Hey Leo, is David’s friend an Animas?

    I think wolf luna will attack David. I’m almost sure.

  3. (en español noma)

    – Leo, sobre el fondo… a qué tamaño lo tienes? Debería verse, considerando que el sitio es igual de ancho independientemente de la resolución.

    – Sobre la historia… es idea mia o David va a estar en serios problemas en 3…2…1..?

  4. Olvida lo que dije del fondo. Con un CTRL+F5 se arregló.
    Ahora, lo chistoso es que el banner es más ancho que el resto del sitio, por lo que se ve raro…. xD

  5. Cool page Leo.(obviously)
    Yeah Luna will probably attack David.
    Awwwww man i was hoping for Fang to show up T_T but o well

  6. yo cinderwolf i wouldent let my hopes down if i were u he might show becous if u read the last isue it showed fang jumping on roofs to get to luna

  7. @wolf

    Don’t u think i know that xD that’s my point I want to see him again since its been nearly a year of reality time since he was last shown.Also my hopes are nvr down when it comes to AL i was just saying it’d be nice to see Fang in the nxt update but i don’t mind waiting.Its part of why i love AL, only Leo knows whats gonna happen,when its gonna happen,and who’s gonna be in it 🙂

  8. Oh, great. As if Luna didn’t have to worry about harming Collie wasn’t enough, now we have this guy to worry about as well.

    P.S.: I am restraining my Grammar Nazi tendencies unless I am cleared to use them, Leo – from the sound of things, you’ve got enough to worry about already, so I won’t pester you unless you want me to.

  9. Love! Love! Love! Love u and this comic! For a second i thought that it was Fang, but it wasn’t. Hope to see him soon!<3

  10. Ditto with finnish girl lol(well not the “thought that was Fang” part :P)
    Oh and im changing my name to Crescent 🙂

  11. Great return of the fucking DOUCHBAG mind my langueg please but you have to agree im right and next week auditions start for the oct idrisfall rout for me

  12. Hey, great job on the banner so far. Viewing on my laptop right now via Firefox and the background shows up fine. Not so great on my iTouch though, but this isn’t exactly a mobile site ;p

    I’m afraid the PayPal didn’t work with the visa card… Apparently I bought the “vanilla” kind? I don’t even friggin’ know what that is, but apparently it isn’t accepted by PayPal… I’m really sorry Leo.

  13. I was just on youtuhe be listening to the beatles and nearly all the comments were about justin bieber. First of all he cant sing prouducers use him for his looks once he hits puberty no more jb but that could be sooner than we think , the guy did get two girls pregnent and that could ruin his caree , I miss the beatles and john lennon rest in peace

  14. @Takim
    OMG IKR jb sucks i 100% hate him!!! That’s allll my friends talk about,its annoying.Nvr liked him,nvr will and he did hit puberty his voice is off whenhe sings now.

  15. Jb sucks! And when we think the things can’t get worse a brazilian band appears. The name is Restart and it’s almost worse than jb. I hope you never have a chance to see them playing.

  16. hey enjoying the comic so far but would you happen to have multiview drawings of the characters? like with a front view and side view and such?

  17. I noticed that the pages currently look different than in the beginning. Both Collie and David’s hair is supposed to be shaded in, guess you are having problems with the program I take it. Love the sudden twist in the story with the other characters popping back in.

    I am late on Skyrim, the werewolf walkthrough looks amazing, one day I will play it with a future friend with stuff in common.

  18. Well, much time has passed since the first chapter (not in the story, but in real life) so I think that must be hard to draw the characters exactly as in the beginnig.

  19. I have to ask has any of you heard of endzone it was.a.oct and the winner was climber made by unknown person and today was the start for audctions for idrisefall rout for me that I win

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