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Page 20

Just a quick note here (since I’m using same blog entry from previous promo image to update page 20).

Well since I didn’t want to clutter and make every single last page with the same promo image of “Get next page ahead here…” so intrusive, I moved all upcoming pages to a new page, that you can access from The support Menu or just by Clicking the Arrows Forward from latest page.

Also that webpage contain the Schedule information of upcoming pages for Donors and All Audiences Alike ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, this week I uploaded 2 pages to move to a steady peace. Thanks again for your patience and to everybody who’s been supporting me (Even just by reading ^^) ! Thanks.


June 6-2012

As promised here is the New “System”. If don’t understand what is going or what this system is I recommend you to read the last paragraphs from my previous journal (Click Back).

As you read above you can get the latest page clicking on Support Above .
It’s also worth mentioning that donors for buy pages are bigger in size, (1200×1900 pixel vs 610×910 of normal published pages), thus having a better quality image.

I really hope this way of delivering my art works so I can continue doing such. I also decided to add a few other small things for more adult oriented readers here. Both of those pics are the same included with Page 20, but clothe-less. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also included a new Paypal Link for free (no amount restriction) donations. Which will re-direct the donator to a thanks pic that I should be changing time to time in the future.

While Page 20 will be available for all people around Wed June 20, if in the future I get delayed with page 21 and so forth, I may also delay the free page. Because my intention is to always have the upcoming page available for Donators at the support link, without spaces in between.

To stay tuned and know when I’ll be posting a new page, please subscribe to my twitter or FB accounts (Icon/ links to the Right) so can grab the page as early as you can.

As for the image above, its not included in the zip. It’s a preview of one of the upcoming pages, but in rough form. And it may change in the future, so decided to use it as a “logo” for now.

Anyways, that’s it. Keep it howling! And thanks for all the support guys, I appreciate all the people, no matter if you can donate or not. Take care.



66 thoughts on “Page 20

  1. I’ve had a lot of things to do since your resurrection so I’ll have to remember to visit this. Again, nice to see that you’re doing well. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Page looks great Leo, though in all fairness I’d be willing to part with more than two bucks for art of that quality.

  3. So Luna is trying to rise again… and she was in my hands… I thought that I could clame a new comic.
    Ill be back just you wait!

  4. I really liked the donor artwork. Some really nice stuff. ^^

    Is it really going to have to be buying individual pages at a time? I was kind of hoping for a subscription style service but I get why you’re doing it this way seeing as you can’t guarantee the pages will be regular.

  5. Unfortunatly out of cash for this month but I should be making regular payments soon.
    Keep up the good work Leo.
    Guys like you make work more tolarable. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Unfortunately for me, I’m unnemployed, so I can’t donate (wich would help me show you my full support, Leo).

  7. So Bad that i am only 16 years old and i won’t even have a credit card at my age,so it is imposible for me to donate to you,Leo.sorry for talking like this to you.

  8. Couldn’t resist, even if I shouldn’t because I already don’t have enough to live. ^^”
    Can’t wait for the next page. :p

  9. Thanks, I know some of you may feel bad, but dont. You can always help just by checking the page and by spreading the word about Luna … like The FB pages, or writing something about Luna on your blogs, doing a fan-art and such, or just be happy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And thanks to all who’ve donated so far, Thanks.

    @Thee Forsaken One
    No subscription based yet, until I feel I’ve regained people trust after all my disappearances. Also it means extra work and my hands are kind full right now xp.


  10. @Ryann
    I was 12 when I received some papers to ask me if I was interested in a credit card. But if you want one, you can always buy a Visa Gift Card. It’s usefull and is way less bothersome than a normal credit card.

  11. Hey Leo. Id love to buy all the things on your support page. But my only option for it is paypal which is currently only set for general donations. Any way you could get more paypal support? Also and NO I don’t have a credit card. tho my paypal is instant transfer.

  12. Ok I see that those are through paypal. Should prolly put a button or something to stop confutation like I had.

  13. The only down side on my end was that I thought the drawing on this page (with Luna’s face transforming) would be in the pack in some way.

  14. @BH5432
    Hmm I’ll add the paypal logo later, thanks for your feedback.

    I noted clearly that it wasn’t included xp

  15. i told u this website will survive…therefore it is time for me to leave…however if this website is ever in need again just contact me 973-563-3459 and we’ll talk=Dr.Ziggurat

  16. i will make regular donations and art purchase til the end of time if it means it will help keep your amazing talent going with AL and anything else you draw :}

  17. I canโ€™t tell you that I am here from the beginning, but I really like AL. I am writing a bilingual story itself as a personal project translated in 2 different languages, so I know that translate something can take so much time and effort. And your drawing is great. Earn some money for you hard work is fair for me and your idea is really original. I know itโ€™s probably getting old to be complimented, but I just want to tell you what I think.

  18. good to know you will be making some money off this
    ill start donating after i get a job, this comic is definitely worth money

  19. I would love to see the new pages. however I do not own and never will own a credit card. Anyway glad to see get back on track. Will you be able to finish what you have started?

  20. next payment i will help you out Leo. i am in a serious finance crises, but i will help anyway i can

  21. Great idea having the โ€˜Pay as you goโ€™ method to help support your art; however I do have a few comments. For a single page I think that $2US is a little much. Even for HD. The occasional additional picture is a good idea also. You might want to rethink your pricing schedule.

    At $2 each page you would probably find fewer people able to afford the donation, and compared to a full comic which might be 20 pages it is probably unaffordable for most readers. So you may find that 10 – 50 readers might be able to afford (though not every week) for a possible donations of about $20 – $100US/page.

    If you reduced the price slightly to say $0.50US/page you would probably find more people able to afford to donate each week, say 100 โ€“ 300 readers (maybe more) for possible donations of about $50 – $150. I know for one that I could afford 50c/page (Pack of Gum) for a comic I love to read, but not $2/page.

    An alternative would be to charge a higher rate for multiple pages. Say $5 for 10 HD pages, or even use both methods and do $5 for 12 HD pages so that those who pay ahead for pages get effectively 2 pages additional compared to those who pay page to page.

    As with most pricing, the idea is to encourage the maximum number to donate for the price offered. Too much and too few donate, too little and you feel undervalued even though more people are donating. I also know that PayPal takes a percentage for businesses transactions. If you are affected by this it might be an idea to advertize how much of each transaction reaches you.

  22. @Gryphon68

    I know what you mean and I understand your concern and it’s something it’s been on my mind all week. So I’ll be addressing it in some way next week. Thanks for your feedback.

  23. Aha! Bravo! very good new system! I like this one better, since you can make proper money for your work, and finally get some real appreciation.

  24. Dude u make me feel totally useless. I would love to support but i just turned 16 and my rents don’t trust me with a credit card.

  25. I think it’s a file my MacOsx just adds when creating the zip. I’ll try to remove it in the future, I just keep forgetting it.

  26. Odd that someone use my pseudo to answer to me. Anyway, thank you to have answer. I will just remove it then. Have a nice day. ^^

  27. damn looks like i have to wait till the 21st for it. never mind, it still exciting.
    gives me time to catch up on homework and something to look foward to as a reward for my hard work. hee hee. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Went ahead and donated a bit as well as got the new page. Glad to see your drawing skills are as good as always Leo, cant promise I will be able to donate for every page update but will always be glad to contribute and aid whenever the chance is there.

  29. @Leo

    I guess so. The “I” make it obvious. Not a big deal. I just find it very…special. I am impressed that you are reading so many comments so I will tell you something. If you ever want to translate you work in French, I can give it a try for free. It can be very interesting and give me practice. ^^

  30. OMG YOU ARE BACK!!! Sorry I know this is old news for some ppl but this just made my week ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been a longtime fan since the first year and think Leo deserves every dollar for his work. I’m glad you are following your dream Leo ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. wow,@Leo you are so great to make 2 pages a week,it must be very hard for you.don’t strain yourself.It may give harn to your body.

  32. Glad to have ya back, Leo. Sadly, I’ve only recently started a new job and have a bit too many debts to pay for the moment, but if I can get a surplus going I’d gladly donate.

    On the subject of the comic; the lines, shapes, shading all look quite smooth and the style is noticably improved from previous offerings (though I still adore said comics). The long gaps between comics makes for a sort of odd and rather dramatic shift in appearance every few pages, but it’s neat seeing your progression as an artist illustrated (Pun. Har.) in such a way.

  33. Leo, so far new pages look great. I’ll probably give them a better look in a little while but I like what I see.

  34. Leo,

    If you haven’t been to the Choose your own Change website, an interactive entry titled ‘The Fun Begins’ mentions Alpha Luna. The site is currently down due to technical problems when you get a chance, you might want to look at it when it’s back up.

    The URL is

  35. Good to see things slowly back on track Leo. Yea!!! Been away with college and other activities so I am less to get antsy over this. Keep up the good work as always.

  36. Kidnap Colleen? Run away!!! Luna come back and save her friend be it if she can handle her wereform this time around; and last but not least where is Fang?

  37. I’m patient guy, I knew you had some real life stuff you had to take care of. It’s alright though, it’s just cool to see your works in action. And it seems in this page, Collie has a unpleasant surprise coming from behind, and that Teo’s eyes…oh boy. It’s always Main character that ends up in trouble from time to time. Maybe not all the time..

  38. What I meant to say was, It’s alway’s the main characters friend that ends up in trouble sometimes. Sorry about the double post.

  39. @stretchmarks
    Just watch+ me on my gallery at Furaffinity or Transfur for that content, thanks.

    @Leonard Norwood Jr.
    When your friend is a werewolf, yeah that can happen ๐Ÿ˜›

    What’s up with that? Why are you checking that link? o_O

  40. Hey guys long time no hear. Looks like Leo finally made some post and one more thing. Is something wrong with tyhe Alpha Luna Community forum? I can’t seem to go on for some reason.

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