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Well, the Con came and go. While these are small fairs compared to what you may are thinking, we have a great time because it’s all focused onto comics and nothing else, which are great times to promote and share what your work.

Anyway, back to Alpha Luna. You may have noticed I’ve added a few things to the web like the background image which I’m not sure of keep it or not just yet. Also added an “I like alpha luna” button ;). And now my Google+ page is on the links.

My next thing will be to update the top banner with a new drawing, stay tuned.

About the page, I bet you can almost guess what’s coming next πŸ˜‰ , take care.



39 thoughts on “Page 17

  1. Poor Luna landed on her rump xD and I was wondering when Collie would relized Fang would be the same way πŸ˜›

  2. Leo? You talk about a BG image.
    It’s just me that I don’t see it or you removed it already?

    The story is getting interesting, hope Collie finds Fang soon.

  3. @Wanny
    Its just your computer screens size cuz same with my laptop but when i went on my friends laptop with a wider screen it was there.

  4. Very cool. Luna must be running away from residency do to lack of faith that this time she might have control over here transformed body. Fang… are you on the run? Will Collie catch up you? Looking forward to next page.

  5. “I need to get out of here fast-!”

    Slip. Crash. Bam. Fail. /facepalm

    love where this is going, keep up the good work, AND I STILL BELIEVE COLLIE AND ALEX NEED TA BANG!

    Just for the simple reason that it would be so unexpected. (O_o)/

  6. Awesome as always Leo. Sorry donation isn’t here yet, I don’t go shopping much.. I think I’ll get chapter one though, better to start with the first one anyways.

    Is it okay if, after I download it, I edit it? I was going to try to put the English words in place of the Spanish ones.. I won’t post it anywhere or anything, it’d just make it so much easier for me to read it.

    Oh, and am I the only one giddy with excitement to see Luna’s first conscious change? :p

  7. Hmmmm… with the background, I would have better seen Luna than Alex. Still, it’s a great idea.
    And the top banner, I think the wolf-maw of Luna in the middle works fine. I’d keep that. πŸ˜‰

    The page is cool! Can’t wait for the next one! πŸ˜€
    Good luck Leo! πŸ˜‰

  8. Hey Leo, The BG is just great! Well done!

    I have the feeling that Luna isn’t changing because of the moon. Well, maybe I’m wrong, but I think Fang will explain it for Collie, and for us too.

  9. Well, if Luna doesn’t want to be seen by anyone, she’d better hurry – that change is liable to happen quickly.

    The moon might play into Luna’s change, somewhat, but I have a feeling it’s also her body just doing it on its own to prepare for combat.

  10. @TGS Luna is at the right side, can you see her?

    @Anne You’ll realize how much work is to translate edit so many pages.

  11. I only see Luna when it’s loading, after that the comic covers it up.

    Yay, it’s my birthday. :p

    I know. It seems easy to do but I figure it won’t be. But, I have lots of free time and hopefully enough skill so I’ll try to translate anyways.

    And yay. It’s my birthday! Lol. I’m baking a cake later, anyone want some? :p

  12. Hey, Leo, question for ya! I’m noticing that Luna’s build here is much more … well, voluptuous than it was in the earlier chapters. She has *hips*! Is this a side effect of her rebirth, or simply a change in style over the years of the comic? πŸ™‚

  13. Will there be an page update tomorrow(Wednesday) Leo? I wanna know so i can look forward to something amazing πŸ™‚

  14. @Kevin Mann I’d say… both? πŸ˜› Nah, probably the later.

    @Cinderwolf14 Tomorrow night.

    For everybody else, the banner is half done xp. But decided to put it anyway XD , the wolfy part will finished later.

  15. I had already liked AL on facebook before he made that link πŸ˜› and its currently 2:05 am(where i live) why am i even awake…

  16. @ Leo : I only see Alex.
    I guess you made your picture according to you screen, but there’s people (like me) who owns a 24″ screen at a res of 1680×1050.^^
    It wouldn’t be a problem if you could make two separate picture, each anchored to a side of the screen so everybody can see both of the characters.

    The new top-banner looks awesome! Good job!

    Lately, you’ve inspired me with your work, so I’ve started a little artwork about my worgen character (a creature from World of Warcraft, looks a little like a werewolf).

  17. The new background is there, and it includes Luna, but it’s a single image. So it won’t show up on two sides of the screen at all times. Right now it’s aligned all the way left, so Luna is hidden by the page content.

    Another way to get the look you’re going for, Leo, that works at multiple resolutions is to break it up and put those images into elements that you then position in the page. I dunno how much control you have over the actual HTML elements in use on this page, though. It’s a system like WordPress or the like, right?

  18. Still, on the banner, with the color, there’s one thing that shocks me. Luna have no lips. I mean, a girl without a different color for her lips, that looks boy-ish.

  19. @ Cinderwolf : Yeah, I wasn’t talking about lipstick. I’m talking about the natural color of the lips, which don’t look like the skin.

    In a comics, you can do a girl’s lips color, it’s more feminine. For a dude, you don’t : it’s more masculine.

  20. Nice page leo ,and im the newest member of deviantart and im audacianing fir the oct idrisfall hooe I get accepted and win route for me , hey leo you should join to auficanes start on december 20 to feburary 20 see yay

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