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First of all, If you have noticed there are new ways to support the site. In the link “support” above you know can choose whatever you want to get for a small donation.
You gotta feed the new “Luna pet” you know, it eat like a dinosaur xp.
But clicking on the Luna pets won’t give you anything in return just yet, I need to update those image links, meanwhile donators should use the “support” link.

And yes I’m late, but in the end I prefer take no easy routes and take the time needed to not spoil a page.

Next page should come between next Saturday and Sunday, I’m not sure because here in Santiago I need to attend a comic convention.

Anyway, enjoy the page! Howls!.



24 thoughts on “Page 16

  1. Cool page of course Leo and if i was older i would definitely donate but at only 14 and reading this in secret that unfortunately won’t happen anytime soon 🙁

  2. I would donate but unfortunately, college comes first. Then after all goes my way, you and public radio will see something down the road. Glad the next update should be on the 10th or 11th, early gift for my birthday. Hehehe!!!!‎
    ________________- ____
    _______________/__l /_l
    _____/____—- ______l
    ____/__/_______ ___i
    _l _____ _______)__ ___)

    AWOOOO!!!!!! I am a Lobo.

  3. this is getting too serious. You should have her fall flat on her face as soon as she transforms! xD

    In all seriousness though, love what you’re doing, and I love where it’s going! Keep it up!

    Also, Alex and Collie need to become lovers, just saying. x3

  4. @Rahiros: I think it is between Alex and Luna, Collie is just a friend of the two who is into werewolf lore.

  5. @Leo: I wish I knew how to do the coding to get all these funky looking pictures. I took it from someone’s page on FB. Typed in ASCII, learned something new today. :=-)

  6. Cool page!

    With any chance, Fang and Collie will cross paths. But something tells me Luna will unintentionally try to kill him. ^^”
    Can’t wait for the next pages! Great work Leo! 😉

  7. I think we’re about to see Luna going WILDLY mad at Alex.

    I Love when Luna is enraged! She’s so cute! And Beastly!

  8. Yeah i will wait until next saturday or sunday or even a year or so . Ill be here waiting for the next comic even if u go on hiataus so no rush. Good news is i got my iphone back from my parents!!!! LOL
    ( ((
    ___ `-
    (____)) ( —-
    (____)) _
    (___))____/—- keep up the good work!!!!!!
    I made you a waffle

    But then I was like…

    “I’m hungry…”

    (>^_^)> So I ate it.
    (•*..*. )
    .## /
    V icecream, icecream i scream for icecream!!!!!!!!

  9. I wonder what music the characters like?
    ____I /
    ╔═══╗. /
    ║███║ 6 ♫ 6
    ║(●)║ ♪
    Ipod for Luna

  10. Im pissed I just found out that capcom is no longer doing the mega man games ,mega man is disappearing from capcom ,WHYYYYYYYYY capcom fu

  11. This is the second time in just five mieutns that I’ve seen this particular viewer being used for flickr favorites. How do I find such utility? Lovely favourites by the by.Chris T.’s last blog post..

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