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Ok. First things first…
If your’e noticing something strange with the continuity of the comic, well you’re just seeing things xp (lies!)
The truth is that I decided back in the previous splash page that Luna was already growing large fangs just for the sake of the scene and probably because there was a lapse we could’ve missed since the last chapter up to this scene.

But making page 15 I realized that Collie should have some kind of reaction to this and this wasn’t written into the scene so in the end I decided to make the fangs a bit of revelation with the last shot of this page. All in for the benefit of the story. So, if you’re still seeing large fangs with Luna in the previous page, you just need to refresh the page and you’ll see it’s been updated.

Anyway, thanks to those who shared a few hours on the Stream session while I did this page. take care!



42 thoughts on “Page 15

  1. Nice work as always Leo. Itching for next page though! I so wanna see what happens to Collie and Luna. Somehow I just don’t think Collie will leave..

    Ha, I haven’t been this into the story in awhile. It sucks though, because now waiting is twice as hard XD Worth it though. (On a side note, were Luna to say, maul Fang a little bit now, she coooould blame it on the shock or whatever XD)

  2. lol i love how she puts the blame on Fang for everything,her being a werewolf,him not mentioning that she would change that night,and so on xD

  3. Another great page. Makes sense what you did with Luna’s fangs with the story. I’m hoping this transformation she doesn’t go berserk though and realizes she can control it.

  4. And I’m hoping she turns into the anthro form. I’ve been waiting for this since I started reading ALPHA LUNA!!

  5. @Kishio I’d love to see Luna in her Anthro form as well but based on this it looks like she’ll be going Lycan again(unless Leo changed his rules)

  6. @Cinderwolf14

    Oh I am sure he had no intention of the outcome that occurred to happen. Still Fang’s brash hotheadedness and impulsive “punch anything that is in my way” still set the stage that has caused both the animosity between him and Luna, as well as caused the tragedy which Ivan and his Dad now are facing.

  7. On a side not, poor Luna is goign to need to start making money so she can replace the clothes she keeps busting out of when she becomes a werewolf.

  8. @Barricade64

    Yeah, I know. But on chapter 1 we see Luna as an anthro on the cover, but she tranforms into lycan form. I hope Leo will do this thing again, but on the reverse order.

    (Sorry for my bad english! I’m Brazilian and I’m still learning.)

  9. I just have you guys a right what happened to ivan and his father is fangs fault he did kill a animas which must have lead them to him ,so fang did put everyone in danger it is a simply rule in anime and manga one person always causes the outcome of the story like what edward did when he was young or when knives caused the seed shipes to crash leaving the humans on planet gunsmoke , and when shinji killed the whole human race

  10. Takim is right, if I’m not wrong, on chapter 1 Fang said that more of “them” would come. I didn’t pay attention, but now I realize that he was talking about the animas!


  11. @Kishio/

    Dude chill out like i said,he didn’t mean for that to happen so that whole “theres a place on hell reserved for people like you” wasn’t really necessary :/
    Think what you want but don’t overreact to silly things like this.

  12. I wasnt saying anything bad about fang , it is just that he should thought things professionaly and try to stay far from inicent people who dont have anything to with this execpt for ivan and hector but you do have to agree

  13. And that whole reserved for hell thing was commmmmmpletly uncalled for and rude im talking to you kishio not cool dude

  14. @Cinderwolf14

    I’m just trying to let my emotions go out.
    My psycologist said that it’s good for me, hehe…

    Sorry if I offended. I didn’t mean to.

  15. @Kishio/

    Don’t say sorry to me say it to Fang lol jk but still it is YOUR opinion so i shouldn’t be one to judge.

  16. Is she turning into a werewolf, or does she just have really bad menstrual cramps? The moon can give you really bad cramps you know!

  17. Now, Luna, you don’t necessarily know that for a fact – plus, you know what’s happening this time. It shouldn’t be unreasonable for you to be fully in control of yourself this time, though it may be difficult at first.

  18. This page is nice, i like Luna’s face at the end, and the entire makes sense. But it’s hard to get tha she wants to kill alex in the previous page unless you’ve read this one.

  19. Hey kishio im not saying anything bad about it is just that you do have to pick your words carefully ,and I need to know is trigun badlands rumble on dvd and is it duded please tell me

  20. Hey Leo, I have a question. I was thinking of donating but I noticed you only have paypal as an option. I don’t have an account and I don’t use credit cards. I was wondering is it possible to use a Visa/American express giftcard as a paypal guest, or do they not accept those? I can’t find anything via google about this so was wondering if you knew.

  21. Oh, finally. I found an answer. Apparently they accept Visa giftcards but not American express, which is fine. I’ll pick one up next time I shop and try to set it up. If it works, I’ll donate as soon as I decide if I want comic one or two XD

  22. Oh, and I forgot to mention my birthday is coming up, on the 13th! So, umm, if you could upload another page that day, that’d be a great present.. *hint-hint* ..Y’know, um, happy birthday Anne, here’s some Luna to read.. XD

  23. @Kyshio Next page comes on Wednesday as usual.

    @Anne Thanks for your support, as the page says it helps me to keep it running.
    Sorry, but it doesn’t matter if god or the king ask me to upload it early, unless you know how to stop time I can’t “print” a page.

  24. Haha, I know, I was just kidding :p I havent quite discovered how to stop time yet either, sorry to say. But yeah, I thought it might help, especially during the holiday season 🙂 I’d like to buy both chapters, but I don’t speak Spanish much, and I can’t read it at all.. So I’ll mostly just be reading off memory. But if you ever color them in English let me know, I’d gladly buy all the chapters ^.^

  25. I’ve got to say, YES, if you color them in english, be sure that I’ll buy it! 😀

    Can’t wait for the next page!

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