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Well, and just like that we’re back with …well Luna! Remember this comic is about her! 😉
Don’t worry, we’ll know more about Ivan’s fate in the future…and then everything will make sense 😉

Anyway, enjoy!
Next page should come next Saturday, take care.



62 thoughts on “Page 13-14

  1. Awesome splash Page Leo! And nice way to turn the story bakc to Luna. But, AWWWWWWwwwwwww I was hopeing for another werewolf transformation scene. LOL

  2. Wow. Nice splash page! I wonder how things will turn out, especially with Collie there. Ahahaha, I hope she doesn’t faint again…

  3. Cool page Leo. I had a hunch you would somehow bring it back to Luna. Love the way you did it. Looks like my hunch about Ivan’s father was right. He did know about Ivan being a werewolf. Can’t wait for Saterday to see what happens to Luna. 🙂

  4. Nice transition and I am really excited for lunas part have you ever read trigun and trigun maximume the characters vash the stampeped and nicoluos d. wolfwood are 100 times more badass in the manga still doing my comic and you are AWSOME

  5. Nice Artwork but i have a question! A very important Question. It could be i have to kill people to get an answere but…pls tell ME!!!

    Who is Luna on to kill?

  6. @ Moregreen
    I think it’s Fang because he didn’t show up did he not?I hope he does come in time to the rescue or something?

  7. It would seem that the wolf’s howl carries quite far. Though how Luna would be able to reach the kid that quickly is beyond me.

  8. @KingWolf111

    Possibly,and maby its because its Ivan’s first time changing and has as little control as Luna did…(1st changes must run on instinct or something)

  9. @Cinderwolf14

    Ya that is what I was thinking. Plus it may be easier to control yourself when you are in the company of other werewolfs. What I mean is before they were close to being wiped out they had villages and stuff so they probably prepared their kids or something,

  10. Awesome splash page, though Ivan seems to be a bit farther in his transformation than Luna. Can’t wait to find out who Luna’s talking about.

  11. @KingWolf111

    Yeah maby

    Maby the boys change faster than girls cuz i remember the last time we saw Fang he was already in anthro form.

  12. @Barricade64

    Maybe it depends on the stress. Because when Luna started transforming she had no idea she was going to. (Talking about the second Tf at the park) Ivan was already in a stressfull situation, his dad was hurt and he was injured as well, so maybe the more stressed you are the faster it goes. Plus maybe once you learn to controle it you can make it go faster(thus Fang)

  13. Err. People broke your site again Leo.. Sorry..? XD

    Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/alphalun/public_html/index.php on line 2

    That’s what pops up for me. But this page works, since it’s in my browser history. It’s just the main page is broken. Odd..

  14. @Annabelle: The same thing happens to me.

    @KingWolf111: That is what I am thinking, or could it be David and his Anima friend who she is after. Perhaps Luna is speaking about Fang, suppose they were to meet somewhere to discuss further plans.

    Anyways, looking forward to finding a connection on Saturday that should hopefully bring things full circle.

  15. Guys, is the comic page loading for all of you? That error prompt when the site went down yesterday, but it was fixed, or so I thought. Please check the site with another browser or refresh the one you use (f5+shift).
    If you still have issues let me know.

    If you can make a Screen Shot of the issue, upload it somewhere or e-mail it to me, I’ll be grateful.

    @Cinderwolf My bad, I fully forgot to draw Ivan’s bracelet so I have to edit and upload a few pages again.

  16. I want to see more!!

    I can’t wait for saturday!!
    I’m also reading Paradigm Shift, but Dirk I. Tiede is taking too much time to upload…

  17. @KingWolf111 That’s a god theory about stress being a factor, though I just thought it was artistic license since the only differences are that Luna has no claws, pointy ears(though they might be that way since her hair covers them up) or fur yet.

  18. Hmm… I think Luna is going to kill that anima what was in the cover, and i might know who he is! I also think that she might attact Fang, but remember him eventuly.

  19. This is getting very interesting and I cant wait for saturday and thank you leo for responding to all of my gesutions

  20. Just great !
    I was wondering what hapened to Luna and Collie since we left them in the park.
    I know transformation is painfull for Luna,but I love her in her werewolf form.

  21. So have you read Bakuman Leo? It is a great manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the creators of Deathnote. It is about two High school students who work to get into Shueisha Inc., the company in charge of Weekly Shonen Jump. Though it is a hard ride in the beginning, the two make it in, but soon hit more turbulence due to illness and Putting their book on hold for a few Months. As a manga writer and after what you have had to go through this far to get Alpha Luna going, I think you would find this both a fun and inspiring series. Also they make cracks on Deathnote and also talk over the politics and trends seen in manga through the years. I was introduced to it through Jake Myler’s work and blog.

  22. @Geo Yes I have, I’ve read a lot of Bakuman this year and it became easily one of my all time favorite mangas. Really inspiring, it touches many thing that we have gone through and it show how difficult it really is to become a mangaka. Good stuff!

  23. It’s working again for me. I hate it when things get glitchy. If your site is HTML coding then that explains it. One misspell, one dash missing and everything falls to pieces.

    Oh, this is Annabelle. I switched to my main email since I plan on making a gravatar sometime this week. Annabelle is just my pen name anyways =P I’ve always liked it better then just “Anne”…

  24. We’re gonna find out eventually.Also,as much as I adore Ivan being a werewolf,when will we get back to Fang!?!? :0

  25. Hey Leo I neer help I have been doing my manga and I have trouble getting the eyes to look the way I eamt them to and I keep making the heads too small or too big they do look good but not what I imagine need help

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