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I don’t get it why after being a vicious werewolf in Skyrim, later still guards will come at you and will recognize your bad actions, doesn’t make any sense!
Anyway, did you know you can have your own avatar when you make a comment here below? You only have to go to and register. Isn’t much of a hassle, believe me.

And, yes… Ivan is well, having a strange teeth issue, I wonder what it is. For those who guessed previously you won …a cookie, horray! 😀
And about Luna… don’t worry we’ll get back with her pretty soon.

Next page should come on Saturday if I everything goes according to plan. Bye!



79 thoughts on “Page 12

  1. to start First!!!

    Yay, I never guess stuff like this. I am happy and hope we get to see more Ivan! Wait he is a Vampire….well F*&^%%^%%^k!!! j/k

    Finally, Skyrim, pfffft, Skyward Sword is where it is at. Though seriously I do need to check out Skyrim

  2. As long as we dont get anotehr twist and he gets killed before fully transforming. I hope not though, I like him and want to see him, Luna and Fang as a pack.

  3. Nice work! Well i don’t still like the idea of Ivan becoming a werewolf and meat Luna and others, but i still love this manga!

  4. AWESOME!!!!! This is gonna get goooood lol. Now im pumped and can hardly wait to see the beating Ivan gives those Animas xD

  5. Hi Leo,

    Welcome back! This is Mike, your official grammar Nazi. Did you get any of my recent e-mails? I noticed my changes weren’t incorporated into your latest pages. As for this page:

    Top panel: He should be saying, “But why did the boy have this?”

    That’s it! Looking forward to the next page.

  6. to Cinderwolf14- I too am excited for the beat down, but he may still have some trouble even as a wolf. Since he is younger and smaller, his wolf form wont be as big, he is still a pup. But I am ready for him to give them a good beating and then make a “strategic withdraw”.

  7. I’m really anxious to see Luna. It would be great if she turns into the anthro form and appered suddenly to help Ivan.


  8. So Ivan was a wuffie, I see – the big guy was just protecting him from harm!


    …Ahem. Sorry about that, slight moment of cognizance there… ^_^;;;

  9. From the second page of this issue, i just found Ivan so cute (I mean like little kid, ‘i just wanna pinch his cheeks’ cute to let you all know XD)!!! He doesn’t compare to Luna or Fang but i hope to see more of him even after this is over

  10. @Kishio

    I don’t think Luna will come to help Ivan, cause it would take time to get to the forest were Ivan is. Plus, i think Luna has some other problems with the other anima what is shown in the cover. I think he is the boy that,Luna almost hit.

  11. I just have to say I had a feeling ivan was a werewolf and what does colie have to do with all this does she develop a relation with characeter you might add later in the comic I must know and a have you ever watched trigun badlands rumble it is a awsome movie even only one of the iriginal voice actors return thats vashs voice actor jonny yong bosh but the people who did wolfwood(jeff nimoy) and merral and mily are all replace im pissed off by that part but still a great movie

  12. @werewolfdude

    Well lets see…on the ground screaming,mouth bleeding,and giant pointed teeth… i think its safe to say he’s a werewolf xD

  13. Why does everyone think that Ivan, a prepubescent (and possibly transforming for the first time) werewolf is going to stand a chance against two full-grown and battle-experienced werecats?

  14. @Wanny:
    i know right. i was suspicious as soon as he like saw the first one and the animal was all like “How did we know we were coming” and all that. yep. i pay close attention x3

    @Rey Fox:
    Idk … who knows. he might scare them or something …

  15. @WolfieLove:
    They do seem worried about the fact that he’s shifting. Perhaps relative strength actually favors the werewolves over the animas. After all, we only know that the werewolves were massacred at the hands of the animas, but we don’t know how. It’s possible that, rather than through brute strength, it was through cunning. Which would make some sense for a cat race.

    Of course, in this little scene that’s playing out, all Boss Anima needs to do is borrow that knife and deeply slit Ivan’s throat as he starts shifting. Shifting is like powering up in Dragonball Z. Unless you’ve got some wonky sense of honor stopping you, just make the move to win the fight and take ’em out *before* they “power up”.

    Of course, for fan service and fun, I doubt that’s what’ll happen. :3

  16. @Wanny Saying “it’s up to me”, it’s like taking away the right to speculate in any way about a fictional work like Alpha Luna. Please don’t say that again, I encourage rational thinking and I appreciate a lot the way any of you perceives the characters and how the story unfolds 🙂

  17. @Eidolon:
    I really doubt that would happen. they may be the bad guys but im sure they have at least a small bit of honor and integrity but you do make a good point

  18. @WolfieLove

    That’s 1 of the reasons everyone likes Leo 🙂

    If animas were so heartless do u think they would have let Ivan live as long as he has during all this?They will hopfully/probably freak out when/if Ivan fully transforms and flee.

  19. I wonder if later on in this chapter we see Luna again because if I recall in the previous chapter, Luna and Colleen were in the night….during a full moon….and you guys should know what happened at the end of Chapter 3 by now! Nice one there Leo!

  20. @Leo:

    Seems that I didn’t say it correctly. What I meant is that we can speculate many things, but in the end you have the ultimate word about it 😛
    It was basically “who knows”.

    And I don’t have anything about speculation. All the contrary.

  21. Have been reading this comic for a while. Love it so far Leo. Take your time with updates. I find the waiting the best part. I suspected Ivan may be a werewolf. I hope he survives long enough to transform and kick ass.

  22. you know … i just went through and i think its page 23, 24, or 25 of the first issue and i think its even forshadowing Ivan there (When his dad was talking to Fang) but i didnt even think of it …

  23. @Cinderwolf14:
    i know. I didnt even realize it the first time i read it but there is some foreshadowing in there 😀

  24. @Bucc-i Oh well , I guess that can’t b helped xP

    @WolfieLove I think most of authors take comments into consideration. Is not that I’m gonna change the future of the story but the way you perceive and respond to the story helps me to put myself in the point of view of the reader. And so, improve my writing 🙂

  25. @Leo:
    Well i kinda realized you had this planned the whole time. YOU ROCK you know that right XD keep up the epic work.

  26. @Finish Girl

    Yeah, I know. I just said that would be great to see two werewolf fighting side to side.

    Hey Leo, how much time has passed since chapter 1?
    ‘Cuz Ivan looked like a 7 years old kid. Now I would give him 12. I Know that is less time than this, maybe two days, but… he looks older.

  27. I personally think he looks the same and still little kid cute XD he does look a little bit more mature in this issue then in the other one but i really dont see a major difference but thats my personal opinion

  28. @Cinderwolf14:
    im 14 too and i just find Ivan little kid cute (not dateing cute. GROSS) but cute like my 12 year old little sister XD

  29. I wonder if this is Ivan’s first transformation, I also wonder if his father knew about him being a werewolf before this.

  30. @WolfieLove

    Well im just joking around and i don’t really agree that Ivan is “pinch his cheeks little kid cute” thats just strange.

  31. @Cinderwolf14:
    Sorey Ivan just reminds me of my little sisters boyfriend (both 12) and i find them so very cute XD (no relation to the comic i guess but whatever)

    Anyway back to the comic, ya, i really think thats what Ivans dad was refering to by a ‘treasure’ to protect :3

  32. @WolfieLove:
    Ya I think that was what he meant. Which leads me to belive that his father at least knew about him being a werewolf. Maybe when was asking Ivan to fight, he meant for him to TF and fight the Animas.

  33. @KingWolf111

    I agree that the “treasure” was probably Ivan cuz he came out for the first time after his father mentioned that.(Irony? maby) And im positive that his dad meant for him to transform aswell but ofcourse Ivan’s just like “WTH IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!”

  34. @Leo
    If you listen to the fans in your writing, then I am on the side of letting Ivan change and survive, he has little kid awesome bad ass potential. Do not kill him!

  35. Sorry for the second post, but is 12 the technical age that werewolves have their first change? Is that the age that Fang had his?

  36. NO! Dont kill Ivan! He’ll totaly woop some ass and hes too cute. I vote keep him.

    Well in many stories, there is no texhnical age. Im writeing a novel about werewolves and the main character chanves for the first time on her 13th birthday but ive read stories where theve changed at 10. Its really writers opinion i guess

  37. People, I didn’t say I’d change the story due comments xD, I said I appreciate the feedback because it makes me be a better writer. About Ivan, just use your feelings well 😉

    About the first change, it will be later explained in the story. But you could figure out by now a few things 🙂

  38. @WolfieLove

    Theres no certain age…ive seen movies/shows where they change at 10,14,19(alphaluna),ect.So yeah its up to the writer what age they change into a werewolf.

  39. So you don’t change the story due to comments Leo. Interesting. Very interesting. But for now , time to kill a man just to watch him die.

  40. Well, that’s an unexpected twist. Kudos to you Leo, that gave me genuine surprise. I do hope we get back to Luna and Collie soon though, I want to see how they’re handing their situation.

  41. The Brazilian werewolf legend says that the first change is at 16. Or 18. I don’t remember very well. Whatever, I want to see Luna ripping off some Animas!!

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