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Late again, I know. But hey, I do my best 😉 – And due time I’ll be putting next comic page on Wednesday. Just one page this week so I can catch up with some commission I have and maybe try out Skyrim now that I’m done with Uncharted 3 story :p

Thanks for the positive feedback I’ve gotten lately and I really appreciate you liked last gift pic I made 🙂 maybe I’ll be tempted to do another one in the future.

Remember you can always help in other ways than donating by spreading the word about Alpha Luna, you may post one or a few of the comic pages (not all xp) at some place and link the web site. And I’ll be grateful 😀 thanks again!



53 thoughts on “Page 11

  1. The blade was poisoned?
    Wait- that’s not all…
    It slices!
    It dices!
    It even makes julienned fries!
    Act now and well throw in a Slap Chop™ for absolutely free!

  2. Oh, is Ivan werewolf? I wish not, maybe he could just die after killing one of those animas. I will make more fan art in deviantart thanks for faving!<3

  3. Are you kidding me?!?! It would be awesome if Ivan changed into a werewolf AND killed all those animas!! I think it would be awesome.(personally)

  4. Yeah, it would be cool, but i would not want him to meat Luna and others. Cause i think it would be better and easier to Fang, so that he wouldn’t need to explain everything to both of them-.-“

  5. @Finnish girl

    I’m just saying cause remember Fang said that they’re faceing extinction so another werewolf could be good

  6. @Finnish girl

    Not really.He looks pretty tough and since im one of the few girls that read this I kinda favor the boy wolves 😀

  7. Heh, only boy werewolf that i will ever like is Fang! And i love Luna x Fang pairing if there ever will be something like that. It’s quite strange that there isn’t many girls here, maybe they just like vampires, like all my friends at school.(I’m only girl in our school who likes werewolves, everyone else likes vampires)

  8. This insane that just wont give up as a 13 year old I tino I would stop but im still routine for him he is oit for reveng but still glade he knew his farhrr my dad died a coupl months after my birth he was shot dead not making it up reall happened so I can rrlate to ivan

  9. @Cinderwolf14

    Heh, samething in our school. I just don’t understand all of those vampire fan girls.Their crazy! (atleast in our school, in finland)

  10. There too? Oh man, i understand. Everyone are always like:’ohhh, Edward is so hot’ or something like that. It’s so annoying! Like why dose everyone like somekind of people who just suck your blood? It’s not cool in anyways, i think wolves are: cool, cute and strong and with some human features and inteligent their perfect! Thats why werewolves rock, expect movie werewolves, their ugly and they don’t have almost any wolf features.

  11. @Finnish girl

    Idk about ALL werewolves cuz Jacob from “Twilight” and the werewolves from “Cursed” look great compared to most fuzzball wolves.Its only because they’re harder to create than dumbass vampires which only need fangs and red eye contacts.

  12. I read that 2nd panel like timesplitters 3, multiplayer when you set someine on fire.

    Also, how does silver work on them in this world, I wonder…

  13. Ivan could be a werewolf, because I gather that his Uncle is the old man who took Luna to her adopted mom and is the old man Fang/Alex refers to. So the blood line could have jumped Ivan’s Dad and gone to him with out them knowing.

  14. I just have to say twilight sucks tayol lautener cant act what is with vampiers these days now they sparkel in the sun not burn to death watch 30days of night that is what vampir really is a coldblooded monster werewolfs are awsome and anime is awsome but the 90s was the hilight of anime in america thee was trigun cowboybebop evangelion outlaw star dragon ball z inyuasha bigO the list goes on todays best anime fma and brotherhood bleach darker than black code geass and gundam 00

  15. @GEo: You make an interesting point there. It could work out to that maybe.

    @Takim: You might be want to check out Guardians of Luna. It’s a werewolf anime movie coming out early next year as far as I know. I would also add in Berserk, Death Note, and Wolf’s Rain too. Watching Black Butler lately, looks intriguing so far.

    Waiting patiently for next page.

  16. @Finnish girl

    yeah i know.Have you watched wolfs rain??It’s a really cool but bloody anime so if not you should check it out.

  17. @Cinderwolf14

    Yeah, i have, and i have one manga book of it too, but i did not really like it. I think it was bit boring manga and anime series.

  18. @Finnish Girl

    I agree it could have been way better and all that talk about “paradise” got on my nerves.Back on Alpha Luna I can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

  19. Same here. I think Alpha Luna might be the best manga series i have ever read and i can’t wait for next page. And for the part were we go pack to where Luna and others are. I just can’t wait what will happen to Luna. Is she going to run on her instics again?

  20. Of course he would feel pain. The blade is not poisoned, it’s just because IT CUT HIS EYE!!! GODDAMNIT!! IT MUST HURT LIKE HELL!!!

  21. @Skyrim

    Yeah, don’t rush Leo, if you really, REALLY like this comic you can wait. Many waited about 8 months for next page so be patient:)

  22. I waited about 4 months since i found this site while searching werewolf pictures on google but i still stick with myself and finnish girl when it comes to waiting on Leo’s updates 🙂

  23. Yeah, well i have waited longer than 7 or 8 months, just for a one page, but it was from another story so i’m quite used to waiting already:)

  24. I’ll wait another 4 months or more just to see an update.(no matter how agenising the wait may be) I remain loyal to Leo and the comic.

  25. Me too. I love this comic and i want to learn to draw manga as good as Leo. And i love the way he draws werewolves and the story on this manga is so great!

  26. Ive been reading this for about a month now and i just had to comment … I ABSOULOUTLY LOVE IT!!! Ive always been in love with wolves and its good to see a story line where the werewolves are actually the good guys. In every other book ive read, if theres even any in it, they are always protrayed at the bad guys and it makes me kinda mad. Anyway the art it EPIC!! Leo you are an amazing artist and writer. Keep up the awesome work 😀

  27. I just read the whole Dialog between Finnish girl and Cinderwolf14 round the comments and i have to say following:

    -Twillight sucks and i made 3 Parodys of it!

    -Leo IS a good drawer

    -Theres no sence to rage on ”Skyrim” xD

    -I’m looking forward to see a nice story paired with nice artworks 😉

    P.s: Rly! Twillight sucks ChupaChups!

  28. @Moregreen

    That’s your opinion but im only 14(hence the 14 in my name) so i like things that u 16 yr olds and up won’t like. 😛

  29. @Moregreen

    Well i think the twilight isn’t so good cause i don’t like vampires. And to everybody to know i’m younger than 14 and Leo is one of the best manga artist that i have ever known.

  30. I just don’t like vampires because they’re not scary. This new generation of vampires sucks. They only say: “I love you, but we can’t stay together because I also love your blood”
    If you want to see vampires like real monster is better forget this twilight crap and watch PRIEST. But no one can say that werewolves aren’t better. This is why I love alphluna and paradigm shift.

  31. @Kishio/

    Ikr? Vampires sparkel now,i mean,WTF!!! Why don’t they burn in the sun like Dracula!?!? And ik twilight’s story is lame but i like the werewolves in it,thats all i have to say on that subject. As always I’ve never seen a better werewolf design/story than AlphaLuna. So see you all when the next update comes.

  32. I just have to say one thing Leo you are awsome your comic is awsome and you must conutine writing I learned you have a litte deppresion it will get better okay litsen to three days grace never too late and working for the weekends by loveboys and I am still doing my comic mit ask for some help and have a good day your AWSOME

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